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You felt the mattress next to you sink and the weight of Seokjin’s body pull you a bit closer to him. He curls in close behind you, his breath against your neck making your hair flutter and tickle against your warm skin. Half asleep you mumble,

“Jinnie, what time is it..” You begin to stir to greet him but his hand on your side, firmly running down your body tells you to relax. He presses you back down and whispers.

“Late, I’m sorry.” You hum your indifference, just happy to feel him tug your naked body back against his.

“I love when you sleep naked,” he sighs, rolling his hips and bulge up against you. You feel him push his sweatpants down over his hips, his hard member nudging against your ass and making your core throb. You knew you were wet already. You had touched yourself before bed, imagining it was your boyfriend, Seokjin and that he wasn’t trapped at rehearsal later than he said.

You shift to turn and face him but he holds you still, his big and confident hand roaming over your side, up and down your body telling you to be still and relax.

“Jinnie..” you mumble, wanting him to give you more but also wanting to sink back into sleep.

“I don’t want to keep you up, Y/N,” he whispers. His hand slips off your hip and you give a quiet whine of protest. He chuckles softly, bringing his hand back over your warm skin, slipping his soft fingers over your thigh and between you two, dragging up slowly until he reaches your pussy, pushing his fingers slowly between your legs until he feels the wetness of your lips, still sensitive from your earlier self-teasing. You feel his cock rub back and forth at the juncture of your thighs and ass. The head nudges further between, touching at the wetness there and soon slipping through the folds of your pussy lips.

“Mmmhhh Seokjin..” you whine softly, arching your back slowly and feeling his cock rub against you.

“Can I?” You hum and nod gently, your hands lightly gripping the pillow next to you, your eyes closed in this dream-like state. His hand slips under your thigh, pushing your legs apart just enough for him to push his cock into you. The familiar stretch has you pushing back to meet his hips with your ass. A shiver runs up your spine as you relax into the feeling, just resting there with him filling you up so good. He groans softly in your ear and wraps an arm around you, pulling you even closer against him.
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