That one mistake- season 2 (Completed)


Arnav cheated Khushi due to his revenge game and ego and make her fall in love. After making her pregnant, he left her. How she will stood up against his power and make him realize his mistakes. Will she make him pay for his deeds. The story is all about. Arshi baby plays a very important role in their love-hate relationship

Fantasy / Romance
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Life taught you many things in the world either it is good or bad. It is filled with plenty of thorns along with red roses . You never know when your heart fall for a person whom you hate mostly. Sometimes you became helpless in the hands of fate and circumstances, that compel you to follow what your hearts denies. You wanted to trash him out of your mind but his memories always haunt you. You feel dirty of his sight but at the same time you have to bear him. You wanted to punish him but his belonging never let you to go against your will. You wanted to live your life without his existence but at the same time you have been tied with him. You wanted to take him out of your mind even knowing it is impossible. You wanted to erase every fiber of his touch out of your body and soul but the pain that remain in your heart can never be forgotten and with time it become more stronger and dangerous to handle.

The room is getting dark. The passion igniting inside the large king size bedroom when a loud moan and groans were echoing in the entire suit. It was a night where everything going to change between two individual as their love going to explode all boundaries. He was biting, pushing and sucking each and every curve of the body and exploring her in every possible way he desire. She was so new and inexperience yet accepted whatever he stored for her. The man which was none other than Arnav singh raizada who was wildly kissing his girl, khushi gupta.

He was getting wild as the time passes and smooching her lips like a hungry lion. She slightly pushed him and turn her back making him crush on the mattress. She became breathless. But he was too fast and once again pull her milky body against his rough one by letting her soft mould crash against his chest. She began hyperventilating due the heat arousing between them. There is only duvet covering their naked body. He remove the hair stand away from her face and look into her hesitant eyes. His eyes flashed dangerous, sending chill run her spine. Her lips quivered and hugged him tight with tears in her eyes. He can sense some uneasiness by her expression. He stare into her eyes intently and she knew what he meant.

''I love you arnav..'' She whispered in his ears and a tiny drop fell on his shoulder. Immediately, he swiftly turned her around to make her face him.

''Khushi you okay?'' The intensity of his voice wobble her heart dangerously. He cupped her cheeks with concern reflecting his face and she gave a small nod absent minded as something else running in her mind currently.

He kissed her cheeks, knowing well the reason of her worries and assure her by sliding his hand on her bare back to make everything alright. He raised her chin hearing her soft sob and sucked her eyelids violently and drank every strain of tears from her eyes and then lean down to bite her neckline. She grabbed his collar tightly and her heart skipped dangerously when he went lower and lower to devour her every curve. Her inside was throbbing in wild pleasure and she could feel how badly she getting wet due to his sinful torture. He hand roaming all over her body with pure seduction and closed his eyes feeling her but suddenly she put her hand on his chest gesturing him to stop.

''Arnav -we need to stop here..i am not ready yet..'' She immediately wrapped sheets on her body and sat on the bed thinking something deeply. Anger rose upon him and he grabbed her arms dejected.

''Don't you trust me khushi? You still think I will ever harm you in any way..'' his voice cracked. He needed answer but her silence said it all.

He jerk her away seeing doubts in her mind. She look into his eyes lovingly and lean down to kiss the corner of his lips. But he throw her in bed in anger and frustration and got up to wear his pants.

''You still unable to trust me fully and if you can, you will surrender yourself to a man you claimed to love...'' his voice shot anger. He got up arrogantly and glance at her again for any response. His demand didn't elicit any response from her side. All he could see was only confusion.

''I am ready for anything and everything but..''

''But not worthy enough to trust me..'' She shook her head in denial. He was demanding something that she was not convinced about. But she also knew her one refusal only make him worse. She didn't want to loose him. Though, her denial and distrust was something he cannot bare. His fist clenched in a tight punch and slammed his hand against the mirror wall which make the blood droplets started shedding from his palm. She get horrified and her heart arched seeing the scene. She immediately ran to stop him for hurting himself.

''Arnav please don't do are the first and last man whom I trust inspite of everything..why can't you understand what I m going through..'' She hold his hand and blow air on his wounds soothingly to erase his pain. But he pushed her furiously and grabbed his shirt from the floor before exiting. She was about to come near him but his one hand rooted her on the spot. He took few step back clenching his fist more and more and blood started oozing out like ocean. She wanted to reach him and hold him and never let him go.

''Arnav please don't hurt yourself..i can't see you like that..'' Avoiding his protest, She started bandaging him grabbing the first aid box.

''All I want is to love you madly can't you let me love you? How can you claim that you love me when you don't trust me enough to surrender yourself?'' Saying this, he pushed her off and started walking out toward the door. The only thing in her mind that she did love him. She was still holding sheet tightly and shut the door before he disappear from her sight.

''I trust you...i know you can never broke your promise but I was little reluctant due to h..'' She paused within a instant by realizing what she was going to utter. There was genuine love reflecting by every word she wanted to convey and within second she dropped her sheets on the ground. He look into her eyes which was all lost by now.

''I want your love arnav..please don't leave me'' She stated near his awaited lips and touch his neck indicating her submission with her breathe turning erratic.

''I want you too khushi..'' Both slammed their mouth onto each other. He pushed her toward the gliding door and put an incredible pressure on her mouth. Both share a hot and hungry kiss and he grabbed her hands pinning them about her. His hand began stroking her all over. Her eyes welled up overcoming by the love she is receiving and wanted to live her entire life into his raw arms. He picked her completely bare figure up into his arms and claimed her body parts by making a passionate love to her . She was new to all this but yet he didn't argued and make her first experience memorable one. She let out a loud moan and respond to his every touch in an equal way. The passion and hungry began increasing as they was on the verge of reaching the heights of pleasure. His phone began ringing but he was too lost in her. She open her eyes when he was busy in exploring her upper assets. She showed him phone but he was too lost in drugging her and interlocked her both hand to stop her movement.

''Arnav your phone..'' She tried to talk in between her ragged breathe. Ignoring her, he discard his pants and boxer and took her womanly assets in his mouth once again and this time and she open her eyes to see the caller id. Her changed expression make him realize who it could be. And before she could react, he aggressively slammed her mouth and threw the phone somewhere away in the corner.

''Let it be..'' She nodded in agreement and arched her back to let him access her fully. He get wilder by a second by pulling, pumping rolling and ripping her. She was copping with his action and tried to match him in every way. He explore every inch of her delicate skin and within a second, he crushed his manliness inside her. She hissed in sharp pain as his thrust was harsh and rough with passion. His harsh action create a jolt of rhythm inside her. She screamed and they crossed all the barrier of love and passion within couple of seconds. With a breathless gasp, she surrender herself completely to a man who became a most special and precious part of her life. She panted sharply as he threw himself from her. Her moan getting louder and louder and he collapse on her breast after reaching the climax. Their sweat fused together in a blissful way and they once again participated in their passionate kiss. He interlocked his hand and kissed her cheek..He lost the count how many session they actually experienced.

''I love you arnav..'' She hugged him tight and a tear of happiness rolled from her eyes. She had given him her all but she was at peace.

It is not only physical proximity that set them fire but a trust which she had on him so blindly that she cannot think anything beyond it. They keep on making love till morning 6 am and sleep curdling to each other. After sometime arnav open his eyes and look at the lady sleeping peacefully into his arms. He smirked tracing his finger on her face and shift her slightly before taking out the phone which shows more than 98 missed call.

''Hi lavanya!'' A broad smile appear on his face hearing her voice and he answer it with the joy of excitement.

To be continued!

I would be very happy if you read this story as it's my favorite concept i ever pendown. I always love writing this fiction.

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