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she [h.s]


"don't you call him what you used to call me."

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“Emma.” I hear a muffled voice as I strain to open my eyes. “Emma Grace.” My mother’s calm voice comes through more clear now. “You have to get up, you have a long day today.”

I smile as I rub my eyes. “It’s concert day.” I sigh groggily. Harry Styles is playing tonight and my parents surprised me with front row tickets and out of complete desperation to get noticed, I’m getting my hair and makeup done before the concert. I’m going by myself, unfortunately. None of my friends love Harry the way I do. They don’t understand that if I didn’t have One Direction, I probably would’ve ended my life when I was fourteen. I know it sounds crazy to say a boyband saved your life, but at fourteen years old I wasn’t allowed to be depressed so I knew how to hide it well. I hid behind fake smiles and enthusiasm for a really long time. The only thing that really made me feel anything at the lowest point in my life was watching the boys’ video diaries and listening to their music.

I throw the comforter off my body and sit up, putting my slippers on as I placed my feet on the ground. I am really going to see Harry today. I don’t think this smile will be erased from my face all day. I walk downstairs to see my mom has made me my favorite breakfast, avocado toast and eggs with an iced coffee. I sit on the barstool at the island and take a sip of my coffee. Nobody makes it better than my mom does.

“Thanks for breakfast mama.” I smile at her as she walks back in the kitchen and she grins back.

“You’re welcome, babygirl.” She kisses the top of my head as she walks past me. “Your dad is going to let you take his car.” My eyes widen and I almost choke on my food. My dad has never let me drive any of his cars.

“Which one?” I ask as I finish my breakfast and sip on my iced coffee.

“He said whichever one you want.” She shrugs as she unloads the dishwasher, her back to me. I actually choke on my coffee this time. My dad is a luxury car collector. I’m usually not allowed in his garage much less allowed to drive one of his cars. I really have to think on this one.

“Whichever one I want?” I ask and my dad surprises me when he walks in the room.

“Except for the McLaren.” He smiles at me and pecks my mom on the cheek as he pours a cup of coffee. He’s already in a designer suit and ready for work. “Maybe not the Veyron either...” He chuckles to himself. “How about I just give you a list of one’s you can take?”

“I’m all ears.” I suck down the last of my iced coffee and my mom takes the cup from me, putting it in the sink.

“You can take the Tesla, one of the Porche’s, the Jaguar, the Quattroporte, or-.”

“The Maserati.” I cut him off. “I’ll take the Quattroporte.” He laughs and takes a sip of his coffee.

“I should’ve led with that one. It’s been your favorite since I bought it.” I smile and nod at him while he’s talking.

“Go get a new outfit while you’re at it.” He pulls out his wallet and slides me his black American Express card.

“Dad, please, I have plenty of clothes.” I slide it back to him. “You’re already doing enough by letting me drive your car.”

“Emma, you deserve it.” He slides the card back to me and opens a drawer, pulling out the keys to the Maserati. I thank him and pick up the card and the car key before walking back to my bedroom to get dressed. I make my way out of the house and into my dad’s garage taking in all of the cars. He has 6 lined on each wall of the garage. I smile as I walk up to the car and unlock the door.

Once inside I plug my phone in to play music and I buckle my seatbelt before making my way out of the garage and down the driveway. My now perfect family wasn’t always this way, it’s only been in the past three or four years when my dad got his new job here in California. I pull into the mall and park the car further back in the parking lot so I risk less chance of it getting dinged up.

I find a pair of dark wash ripped blue jeans and a black long sleeve shirt with laces up the front. I make my way to the front of the store to pay and the woman asks for my ID as I swipe my father’s card. “It’s my father’s card.” I explain and she nods.

“Andrew Kessinger’s daughter.” She smiles and I look up at her from the keypad. “Powerful man.”

I nod and smile politely at her as I internally roll my eyes. “Very.” I know my father is a powerful man, he’s the highest rated criminal defense lawyer in Las Angeles. He’s represented multiple celebrities for various cases. I take my bags and walk out of the store, thanking the cashier for her help. It’s close to 1:30pm and my hair and makeup appointment is at 2 so I decide to leave the mall and head to the salon.

“Emma Kessinger, woman of the hour.” Jackie smiles at me and waves me across the salon to her chair. “What are we doing today?” She asks as I sit down.

“Trying to get noticed by Harry Styles and wasting all of daddy’s money in the meantime.” I laugh and she shakes her head laughing with me. Jackie is the only person who knows about my life before California. “He let me drive the Maserati.”

Her jaw dropped, “Wow, what did he do this time?” She laughed and I shrugged.

“Girl, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. He also gave me his black AmEx to get new clothes.”

“Shut the fuck up.” She laughs again. “So I’ll lighten up your roots again and tone it out like normal?”

“It’s like you read my mind.” I sat back in the chair and let her work her magic.

Two hours later she was done with my hair and adding loose curls to it. “Makeup?”

“I’m wearing ripped jeans and a black shirt, so let’s go light smokey but natural.” I suggest and she nods and starts airbrushing the makeup on my face.

“Are you front row?” She asks as she blends the eyeshadow on my lids.

“You think Andy would have it any other way? Only the best for his baby girl.” I say sarcastically and she laughs.

“It would look bad if Emma Kessinger was in the nosebleeds driving a Maserati.” She chuckled and looked over her work. “What color lip?”

“Just gloss.” I open my eyes and peek at myself in the mirror. I part my lip as she applies the gloss and holds a better mirror in front of my face. “Jaqueline Nelson, you are a miracle worker. I look hot.” I stand up from the chair. “I’m gonna run outside and grab my clothes to change in the tanning room.”

I grab the bag of clothes from my car and make my way to the back of the salon to change in a private room.

I walk out and fluff my curls.

“Jesus, Emma.” Jackie laughs and I do a 360 spin to show her the whole look. She clasps her hands together. “You look good! Your outfit balances out how all out we went for your hair and makeup.”

I smile at her, scrunching my nose. “Let’s just hope I can get noticed by the literal man of my dreams.” We both laugh and I hug Jackie before walking back out to the car.

I get to the arena and take a deep breath. I park in a VIP parking spot since my dad has a permit for this lot and I make my way inside. I let the guard scan my ticket and I stop to buy a bottle of water and a snack before I make my way to my seat. I’m only here an hour early and the arena is almost completely full. I pull my phone out and send a picture to my parents, thanking them again for the seats and let them know I’ll text them as soon as the concert is over.

I scroll through Twitter for a few minutes and immediately put my phone away and stand up, leaning against the barricade as soon as the lights dim. Here we go.

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