The Handsome Pirate


Male reader x One Piece Harem (Includes Gender Bends)

Romance / Adventure
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The Origin

(The One Piece series is owned by Eiichiro Oda and all art will have the original artist's name IF FOUND)

(Narrator POV)

Ahhhh the beautiful Jasmine island, Some would say this is the dream of all families. Beautiful green plants, excessive wild life lovely towns people. Its perfect! Well except for some...

(Y/n POV)

Y/n: "STOP IT DAD STOP!" I said while tugging at my fathers white blood and beer stained coat. "Why are you doing this to mom?!" Still tugging at your father trying your best to fend for your mom.

Father: "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE SHIT! IM DOING WHAT I WANT GOT IT!" Now seen beating his wife with a broken bottle as your mom was seen laying on the floor.

Y/n: "WHY DO YOU DO THIS YOU...YOU..." Your dad turns around with a smirk on his face.

Father: "Ohhh what's this?" he said walking to you with a limp. Getting closer to your face he put his hand under your chin to lift up your face. "Are you gonna say something boy?" You started bawling with anger.

Y/n: "You... you are a Terrible father" You said still crying. Thinking you got through to him only to see him start laughing and stab you with the broken bottle he had beaten your mother with. "Why do you always hurt mom... You used to be a decent person but now all i want is to hurt you..."

Father: "Oh dear god... th-this aura... its so powerful..." He said stepping back with a look of fear in his face. Having known this you got up and started to build courage.

Y/n walked closer and closer to his father, Popping his knuckles ready to beat his father with his new found "Aura" when he was stabbed through the cheek with the bottle his dad had been drinking from.

Father:"HAHAHAHAHA! YOU STUPID KID! Ahhhh thanks for the laugh but you and your bitch of a mom have run out of use". Now steeping on your back your dad looks at you and mouthed the words "Goodbye" then... SNAP!

Pain surges through your spine... well half of it. As you scream your "Father" walks out of the house. Closing your eyes you wait for your death until you hear her voice.

Mom: "Y/n.... Don't give up... please. You haven't made your change to the world...."

Y/n: "MOM!!!" Immense pain ran through your body as you gasped.
Your mom just looked at you and smiled. "Look at my little handsome man, Just to think you came from that disgusting man" referring to your father. "I couldn't wait till you got old enough to bring a young woman home. But I dont think ill see that now... I guess its just destiny." She said while cupping her hand on your face and wiping away one of your tears.
Mom: "I love you Y/n. Never forget that..." she said as you heard screaming outside but by then you knew it wouldn't be long before you died.

Y/n wakes up in a strange dark wooden cabin that felt like it was moving. As he tries to get up he
yelps in pain and hears a bunch of people outside the cabin. The door opens for Y/n to see a girl with red hair holding onto a girl with black hair and a stretched out arm. With Y/n in his current state decided it would be best if he didnt talk. All he did was look and think "What the fuck".

The stretchy girl looked at Y/n and got excited for her to finnaly make a friend her age. She ran to the boys side and immedently hugged him as he screamed. She stopped immecently and said "Calm down guy... Its not like i have cooties." she said as she smiled. Something about her wasn’t right, Not only was she “Stretchy” but something else was off but Y/n just couldn’t put his finger on it.

You finnaly decided to power through the pain ask asked the girl a question.
Y/n:”W-where am I. "
"Im Monkey D. Luffy and im gonna be queen of the pirate laimed before seeing you pass out do to the pain.
"Awwww I was just starting to talk to him. He must be SUPER lazy Right Shanks?" Looking over to see the red haired girl leaning on the door.

Shanks: "No Luffy, hes been through alot today. He just needs some rest." She said remembering how she found Y/n

(Shanks POV)

I walked into a house to look for the evil pirate Tatsugi Kojusu... Once she found a house looking like a wreck she decided she should look for survivoirs.

Once she had walked into the house she knocked on the door only for the door to fall over.

Shanks:"Uhhh... Knock Knock?" She said before walking into the house only to imidently cover her mouth to keep from throwning up as the overrwhelming smell of blood consumed her.

Looking inside she found a mom and what seemed to be her son, Taking her hat of as to show a sign of respect for the poor woman and child, until she heard something. She walked around the room to scope out the noise only to get closer to you. “T-This kid is still breathing!” Shanks said in shock.

Red haired girl:"Oh my god... GIRLS WE GOT A LIVE ONE!!!" Soon my Pirate crew carried the boy off to the ship so he wouldn’t die here.

(First chapter done woohoo 857 Words)
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