The chaotic life of a FBI agent, which takes a quick turn, in her life as she is assigned her first mission. And then taehyung decided to make an appearance in her life. Y/N is pulled from her FBI training at the Academy by Mr. Choi of the Bureau's Behavioral Science Unit. He assigns her to interview byeong ho, a former psychotherapist and a ( FIND OUT IN THE STORY DUDES) . I don't wanna expose the book through the description, so yh! Read to find out!!! If ya wanna! ________________________ Mystery. Thriller. Action. Romcom______________ .......................................... Taehyung ff #taehyung #btsff Inspired by (the movie)

Thriller / Mystery
Age Rating:

K Fellas. Let's Begin With Ma Ranting!!!(^o^)

"The world is dark and light is so precious.
Come closer dear reader and trust me.
I'm telling ya'll a story."

I might seem psychotic at times but don't worry that's just yar crackhead author.

Lmao, I don't even know why I'm m acting like an expert when this is ma first story! 😂 But I'm a pro reader 😎.

*The conscience who appeared outta nowhere in ma head* : sure, u r a pro. *scoffs* do you even have a plot?

*me * : well actually I don't. But that doesn't mean I can't start it. *pokes out tongue*

* cough *

Anw to everyone reading this book that I brought up just moments ago*sure,as If somebody's gonna read this shit.* stop interrupting me bitch! Please don't mind my careless conscience. *smiles like an idiot * thanks for reading this and accepting this crackhead.

I guess I'll edit after someone reads this lol.
But to every single reader reading my shit thank you so much n may God blechu... 😊 😊 ❤️

This book is about.............. I guess.......
Yh got it.

This book is about........ Lev it

So theoretically speaking ofc.

When you think that you've climbed past all the boulders of highschool education*barely making it out alive from depression*and is qualified, but you've never received a mission to prove If your studies for 18 years is worth it or not.

Lemme elaborate it.

🚨*crackhead alert*🚨

If your wish were to get enrolled for a course to become a FBI agent and you have already climbed across that boulder and is finally happy to be assigned a mission, But you humans aren't right as you think you are.
Well that's one of the reasons I don't have much favor towards humans. Ye I'm an alien 👾. But some humans are sweet. For example my beloved reader who isssss reading my craziness.

Anw, when you think you have everything you've yearned and worked yar ass off and can be a responsible and happy childish adult , namjesus decided to make his appearance and prove you wrong.

Then when you get a mission you've been longing for so bad, yar life takes a rough n tough roughtough turn.
You meet some nice people on your way to complete yar mission and you somehow bumped into a person, in other words, an absolute asshole aka kim taehyung *makes a dramatic appearance*.
Yep he's your beloved, lovely handsome n sesky troublemaker.
*Y/n rolls her eyes n scoff*

Well I cannot assure you if you'll be sane after this or not but I guess the plot is exciting n thrilling.

This book is based on the concepts of:

This is a true story from another nation.

Imagination! My imagination to be precise....
It is illegal to steal something from another nation. So please don't steal ma writings.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery......

Anw I'm sooooooooooooo greatful that you chose ma book and had a great and generous mind to listen to my *well... read ma* crazy Ranting. And I would like to thank myself too for not hitting my head on the wall for cringing, like I did most of the times.
The rest of the story is for me to know and for ya to find out in the upcoming chapters..... 😉😜😉

I'm sooo thankful. No words....

So anw I will give you a candy for reading this!

3 is ma lucky no. So yh take it n munch off like a happy child 😊😊😊*TMI*


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