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• Stolen Innocence •

• Stolen Innocence •

Stolen Innocence •
• You are a pureblood
• Slytherin ⛓🔫

• Your in 4th year of hogwarts 💕

• You had a huge glow up over the summer 😽

• You are friends with the golden / silver Troon and the twins 🤚🤚

• You had grew up with Draco ( the Slytherin kind ) and were best friends but dropped you you in the 2nd year for the sake of his reputation 🙄

• You and Draco have a rivalry and now enemies 🍏

⚠️ tw: abuse ⚠️
• Your mother passed away when you were 6 and your father is abusive and hates you.

• You are princess Nora Williams of England but you still have wizarding parents. ✨

• You have a scar like Harry’s ( ⚡️ ) on the back of your neck. ( Voldy also tried to kill you ).
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