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Bloody vengeance


In the story A Christmas Carol if there is something extremely dark going on it all started for Bob when he applied for the job every single day EB the boss would beat him senseless leaving permanent scars but what happens when Bob gets his revenge

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter one: agony feeling me(killing me?!)

The Whip made of soft but extremely loud noise as it hit my backside I let out a loud cry blood dripped down my back
Crack crack crack crack
It left permanent scars I still loved him although from the way he gestured around me he did not feel the same he finally left me alone I returned home my wife was waiting for me
" that boss of yours when I find him I am going to make sure he pays we should sue him" my wife said bandaging my back taking me to the hospital third time this month we told them everything we can get a lawsuit at a time but I would need to find another place of employment and I will make this paycheck last the next day I had to return to work
I had one thing in mind
Vengeance, bloody bloody vengeance and no one can stop me
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