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Bloody vengeance

Chapter 2: bloody vengeance

He asked me to get him a cup of tea now is my chance I came across some sleeping medications, I simply lied to the person saying I had trouble I had trouble sleeping I put one pill in his drink and I let it dissolve he took one sip of the tea and he complained about feeling extremely drowsy
" you should take a nap if you're feeling tired" I said resting my hand on his shoulder because he had attempted to stand up but he was going to fall
" no I'm fine" he said then he took one more sip of the tea and he was out cold I brought him to my basement I blindfolded him and stuff one of my t-shirts in his mouth and tightened some Victorian era Shackles On To His Hands yes I had converted my basement to a dungeon of a sort there I had a variety of instruments
A shiny pendant( because if he ever tries to escape I can simply make him obey me)
Tight course ropes
And my personal favorite gloves because, I did not want to leave fingerprints what do you think I was a Madman Mad Men leave blood I clean up my messes we are going to have so much fun! This will be the start of a never-ending date
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