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nothing can tears apart


린지 or linji has a wall around her . She trusts noone but thats about to change bts comes to her life . She goes though some troubles but at the end bts got her . They protect her

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Chapter 1

Linji pov

there is nothing i like more than sitti g outside whilst hearing music through my odd earphones. Other kids here at the ophanage thinks am cold hearted but its just that i dont like to open up to people who will then hurt me later. am very emotional sometimes but Sister Marisa told me that its okay to let yourself release emotional so am trying to stick to that but i know deep down and weak . As am lost in my thoughts i didnt notice someone siting sitting next to me so i jumped sacred . "am sorry for sacring you i thought you didnt mind" the man spoke out his voice was smooth but he didnt seem to fit here or did he seem interested about this place. "no no its okay its just i didnt see you there" i quickly replied him. "arent you supposed to be inside with other kids " the man asked.
"yes i am to be preparing for some people who are coming to adopt kids here ." i said to the man . He seemed to notice that there was more to it. "and " he said encouraging me to proceed. He also seemed to notice that i didnt want to say anything. "Hey if you dont want to tell me its okay but you should know that sometimes its good to tell someone your thoughts" the man still comforted me even if he didnt know my problem thou he seems that he can see through me as he starred at me. So i decided to tell me. " alright i will tell . "i would love to have a family but what if i dont each there standards. i have a problem of opening up to people because of my past what if the wont like me and send me back here." I was at the blink of crying but i cant let a stranger see me cry. " I was want like you you know when i met my brothers a was so scared of what they could think of me. i distanced myself from them but them being to kind the broke down my walls until now its been seven years while we live together and i love them" he said smiling i guess thinking about his brothers. "oh am Suga by the way." he said smiling a cute smile.
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