Two new members of b squad


Bernadette became the red spd ranger of the b squad and who will be the other one aka yellow spd ranger of the b squad. Will b squad get their two new members?

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Chapter 1 leader of b squad

One day in spd there were three members of the b squad so they need two more members who have superpowers like them in 2025.
So They went out to a place where they can find the other two like them.

Then they came across a squad six ranger who was a girl like the colour purple and she wants to be a leader aka red ranger to her team.
Also, her name is Bernadette Winder and she needs to back at the space patrol delta aka spd.
So the commander can promote her to the red ranger to b squad and that why doggie needed her.

He will call b squad back from where they are.
Just the b squad came run-in and said, "why the commander do you need us ".
Commander said, " b squad here is your new leader Bernadette winder. Who were the six ranger of a squad and she is your red spd ranger ."

Now, the b squad has four members.
Syd, sky, bridge said, "I think we saw you early ".
"yes you did," said, Bernadette.
" Also, I was a secret ranger aka purple ranger for a squad," said, Bernadette
end of chapter one
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