Two new members of b squad

Chapter 2 other b squad members get their powers

The same day as Bernadette became the red ranger and the commander aka doggie said, "Bridge, Sky, Syd you are getting your morphers and your colour is. Sky you are the blue ranger and Bridge you are the green ranger and Syd you are the pink ranger. "
"Wow yay we are rangers like Bernadette ", said sky and bridge and Syd

"Yup, that right guys", said Bernadette
"Now as your leader let's go to the training room and see you guys morph," said, Bernadette
Then the commander doggie said" dismiss b squad "
"Okay, sir, " said Bernadette, Sky, Bridge, Syd
So B squad went to the training room and sky, Bridge, Syd and even Bernadette into their rangers form
"Wow, this is so epic", said sky and bridge and Syd
The same thing to me when I was the purple ranger aka the sixth ranger to a squad, I said that same thing as you guys just said when the first time morph into a ranger.

"Wow, Bernadette, I didn't know said that when you first morph into the purple ranger with other A squad rangers, " said sky and bridge and Syd
"Yup, I did and I am glad that we a team that we can bring in criminals and fight against evil like Lord Zedd and Rita, master vile, "said Bernadette
"We are glad to have Bernadette and we demorph out our ranger form ", said sky and bridge and Syd
"Wow thanks, guys," said Bernadette

Then we started training with our uniform weapons and we are getting good even we are a team now.
End of chapter two
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