Two new members of b squad

Chapter 4 b squad six ranger aka gold ranger

The after day Sophie join the team aka the b squad.
We are in our quarters aka b squad rooms waiting for us aka rangers go on a mission.

Then doggie aka commander of spd aka space patrol delta called b squad in from their quarters and they came run-in (Bernadette, Sky, Bridge, Sophie, Syd), said:" yes, sir, what is it do we have a mission ".
"yes rangers you do," said, commander doggie and " yay what is the mission", said sky.

Then a c squad cadet and, said:" my name is z and I am your six ranger aka gold spd ranger for b squad". ( z powers are like Sophie but in this timeline, she joined the spd academy after the a squad red ranger find her. )

"Wow, we have a six ranger like when I was the six ranger to a squad and I was a purple ranger," said, Bernadette.
We are glad to have a gold ranger on the team and we are so happy that we have our six ranger and it's you z said the other b squad members (sky, bridge, Syd, Sophie ).

"I am glad to have z on this team and I am glad that you are part of the b squad now," said, Bernadette.
"Me too," said z
"Now we are a team of six rangers and we are b squad," said, Bernadette
Then commander doggie said,"rangers of b squad and here is your mission about a guy and girl stealing stuff from the market ".

Yes sir commander said b squad members ( Bernadette, sky, bridge, Sophie, Syd, z) as they left the base.
End of chapter 4
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