Two new members of b squad

Chapter 5 catch the thief

Bernadette and her team are leaving the base aka commander centre of spd because they have a mission to go after two people in market place sector.
Just then sky and me aka Bernadette and z see the guy stealing clothing well the girl is stealing food so bridge and Syd and Sophie go after her.

Me and sky and z went after the guy.
Then we caught them brought them back to base.
Good work rangers, now we need you to fight the alien aka the bad guys said cruger.
So now c squad will take over for there’s aka stealing.
But now rangers you have to focus on saving the earth said cruger.
Agreed said the rangers.

Then the rangers were allowed to go back to their rooms aka their quarter for the rest day.
The next day the rangers got called doggie Cruger and he said rangers we need now because a squad just left to deal with the same bad guys that you will be battle and they left you guys with the spd Megazord.
They took the spd swat Megazord said, Kat.
Wow said the b squad rangers.
Just then a monster came up on the screen and then the rangers morph and go to the scene and fight the monster but the monster grows big and rangers in their Megazord.
Also, they jail the monster in a card.
Just then they went back to base
Good work rangers said cruger.
End of chapter 5
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