No one read this Love Triangle


This a story about a girl named Zai in a love triangle with Bakugo and Todoroki, how Zai is in love with both Bakugo and Todoroki.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

First Day of U.A High School (Ep 1)

First day of U.A ( 8:35 am) ,

Zai- *Walking to U.A* It’s my first day of U.A. I’m so excited to go but I’m a little scared too...

*Bumps into someone*

Zai - *Rubs head* ahh that hurt.

Bakugou - Move out the way extra.

Zai - Why are you so mean and I’m not an extra.

Bakugou - Yes you are, just move.

Todoroki- Stop being mean to the new girl Bakugou.

Bakugou- Shut up Icy-hot.

Todoroki- You shut up, hey new girl what’s your name?

Zai - Umm... Zai

Bakugou- *Ignores and starts to walk away*

Todoroki- Sorry he’s an ass.

Zai - I can tell, hey what’s your name?

Todoroki- Oh Todoroki, Shoto Todoroki.

Zai - Well let’s go before we’re late Todoroki.

* Both walks to Class*

* In class (8:50 am)*

Aizawa- Good Morning class.

Everyone- Good Morning!

Aizawa- This is our new student, Zai.

Zai - Good Morning *Says shyly*

Momo - Excuse me mr. Aizawa can Zai sit next to me!?

Aizawa- Sure, and can you show her around the school?

Momo- Ok, Zai over here.

*Zai sits next to Momo*

Aizawa- Ok class be nice to Zai, now let’s start. Each of you will have to pick a team of 3. Now I’m going to sleep. *goes to sleep*

Everyone- Ok

Momo- Zai wanna be with me?

Zai- Sure, umm can we add Todoroki?

Momo- How you know Todoroki?

Zai- We talked before we got in class he’s the one who brought me in class, we also ran into Bakugou? I think that’s how you say his name.

Momo- Oh and yeah that’s his name. *Calls Todoroki over to them*

Todoroki- What Momo?

Momo- Me and Zai were wondering if you wanna join us?

Todoroki- Sure.

*Zai and Momo both yell “Yay” *both smiles**

~Group List~

1. Todoroki, Zai, Momo

2. Asui, Denki, Uraraka

3. Bakugou, Midoriya, Kirishima

4. Mina, Jirou, Tooru

5. Sero, Shouji, Mineta

6. Iida, Ojiro, Togoyami

7. Kouda, Satou, Aoyami

Aizawa- *wakes up* Tell me your group then you may go.

Everyone- Ok * Tells mr. Aizawa there partners*

Aizawa- See you guys tomorrow don’t be late and be with your partner then you come in.

Everyone- Ok! * Everyone leaves*

*In the hall (10:00 am)*

Zai- Hey Momo I’m going to go to the bathroom real quick.

Momo- Ok do you want me to come?

Zai- No, go to lunch I’ll find you.

Momo- Ok.

* Zai runs into the bathroom*

Zai- I’m so sleepy *wets face, uses bathroom. *

*Zai comes out bumps into someone*

Zai- Ahh, sorr- *look who’s it is* oh it’s just you.

Bakugou- Rude, why are you always bumping into me?
Zai- You just have bad timing.

*Bakugou stares at Zai, like shut up*

Zai- What’s with the face?

Bakugou- Nothing, shut up *starts to walk to the lunch room*

Zai- WAIT!

Bakugou- *still walking*

Zai- *Runs to catch up to Bakugou* Why are you so damn mean?

Bakugou- What do you want.

Zai- Umm I don’t know where the lunch room is...

Bakugou- Bruh, oh my god just follow me.

Zai- Thank you, but you don’t need to be mean all the time you know.

Bakugou- Shut up before I change my mind.

Zai- Ok * Says under her breath “Dick”*

Bakugou- What you say?

Zai- Nothing * smiles*

*Both still walks to the lunch room*

* At lunch (10:25 am)*
* Bakugou and Zai walk in together*

Momo- Hey over here Zai!

Zai- Bye dummy *waves bye to Bakugou *

Bakugou- DON- *stares at Zai like I’m going to kill you.* Walks to a table**

Zai - Hey Momo

Momo- When did you can Bakugou get close. *smarks at you*

Zai- We did not get close, I ran into him and I didn’t know where the lunch room was so I ask can he take me he said sure.

Momo- Sure... anyways Zai this is Mina, Uraraka, Jirou, Asui, and Tooru.

Zai- Hi

*All say hi except Momo*

Momo- Hey guys I have an idea how about all of go in my dorm and have a Fun night like a party!?

*All say “Yeah”*

Zai- That sounds like fun.

Mina- Right, the girls are going to have so much fun!

*At the dorms (8:35 pm)*

Zai- This is big. *looks around the main part of the dorms*

Mina- Right I said that the first time I seen it too. *laughs*

Zai- where is my dorm?

Momo and Mina - I’ll show you... * looks at each and starts laughing*

Zai- * Laughs too* well where is your dorm Momo so we can have the “Party”!

Momo- Right, this way.

*All walks with Momo*

Kirishima- Oh my god Denki!!

Denki- What?!?

Kirishima- The girls are having a party in Momo dorm how about all the boys join in too.

Denki - Great idea, let tell the boys.

*Kirishima and Denki go find the boys*

Kirishima- Hey guys, wanna go and play with the girls. They having a party wanna join them? But Mineta can’t come sorry.*Talking to all the boys*

Iida- I’m not going to play I need sleep before school tomorrow.

Kouda- *Shock head no*

Satou and Ojior - I’m good.

Aoyami- I need my beauty sleep.

Shouji and Togoyami - Yeah not my thing.

Kirishima- Oh ok goodnight guys.

*Everyone else except Bakugou- Sure*

Bakugou- I don’t wanna play with y’all extras.

Kirishima- Why don’t you wanna join Bakugou?

Bakugou- Because I don’t wanna especially because Zai is there.

Kirishima- But if we play a game you can beat Zai.

Bakugou- Fine... *Says in head “I’m going to beat her ass.”*

* The boys go in Momo’s room*

Momo- Why are you guys here?

Denki and Kirishima- We wanna join the fun!

Momo - Girls are you fine with that.

Girls- Yay

Mina- The more the better!

Kirishima- Can we play True or Dare?

Mina- I’m down.

Zai- Sure.

*Everyone- Yeah.*

Kirishima- Yes!

Momo- Sit in a circle, The rules are you have to do the dare are you are out and we all have to put 10 dollars in. Who wins gets all of it and can tell everyone what to do for a day, and you have to tell the truth. And who you ask has to go next. And if your out you have to leave the room.

Everyone- Ok

*Everyone gives 10 dollars/ 64.67 Yuan to Momo*

Momo- That’s 130 dollars/ 840.67 Yuan for the winter.

Mina- Ok I’ll go first, Deku Truth or Dare?

Deku- Truth...

Mina- Have you kissed anyone?

Deku- No... Kaachan Truth or Dare?

Bakugou- Dare.

Deku- I Dare you to be nice for the rest of the game. *Smiles big*

Bakugou- I’m going to kill you nerd.

*Everyone except Bakugou laugh*

Bakugou- Todoroki Truth or Dare?

Todoroki- Truth I don’t trust you.

Bakugou- You suck Icy-Hot. Kiss, kill, Marry... Momo, Zai, Asui.

Todoroki- I’ll kiss Momo, kill Asui, and marry Zai.

*Zai looks shocked*

Zai- Why marry me?

Todoroki- I don’t know, Zai Truth or Dare?

Zai- Dare...

Todoroki- I Dare you to kiss everyone here.

Zai- Wait, I don’t know all of you that well tho.

Todoroki- If you don’t your out, and you have to kiss them on the mouth.

Zai- So mean. *Kisses everyone on the moth*

Denki- I’m surprised you kiss the girls....Like that...

Zai- Why?

Denki- You looked like you kissed a girl before...

Zai- I have...

Denki- You have!?!

*Everyone looks shocked*

Zai- Why all of you look like that...never mind... umm Kirishima Truth or Dare...?

Kirishima- Dare.

Zai- I dare you to slap Bakugou.

Kirishima- What he’s going to kill me!

Bakugou- Yes I’m going to kill him for slapping me and you for making him.

Zai- Kirishima do it are you out, and Bakugou you have to be nice for this game.

Kirishima - Ok... don’t kill me Bakugou. *Slaps Bakugou*

Bakugou- Damn that actually hurt. I’m still going to kill you Zai nicely... *Says nicely sarcastically*

Zai- Haha you can try.

Kirishima- Uraraka Truth or Dare?

Uraraka - Truth...

Kirishima- Kiss, Kill, Marry... Denki, Deku, me..

Uraraka- I’ll kill Denki sorry, kiss you, and marry Deku.

Kirishima- I thought you would kill me.

*Deku blushing*

Uraraka- You ok Deku..?

Deku- Yes

Uraraka- Umm ok, Zai Truth or Dare?

Zai- Truth.

Uraraka- Who would you kiss or fuck out of everything one.

Zai- Umm... I’ll kiss Deku, Denki, Sero, Mina, Uraraka, Asui, Tooru, and I’ll fuck Kirishima, Todoroki, I guess ill fuck Bakugou, Momo, and Jirou.

Kirishima- I’m supposed you would fuck me and Bakugou.

Zai- I just choose of ho- never mind.

Todoroki- What was you going to say?

Zai- Nothing never mind..., * Says in head “Ok we need people out now”*... Deku Truth or Dare?

Deku- Dare...

Zai- Deku Kiss Bakugou or Todoroki, you get to pick but no the mouth.

Deku- WHAT?! Why then two

Zai- Because you seem close to them and I need people out so I can win Tehe. * Smiles*

Bakugou- Don’t you dare kiss me nerd!

Deku- Ok... * says scaredly *

Todoroki- It’s fine Deku you can kiss me if you don’t wanna be out.

Deku- Ok... * kisses Todoroki on the mouth* ... umm we don’t talk about this ok..

Todoroki- Ok...

Deku- Momo Truth or Dare?

Momo- Dare.

Deku- I dare you to touch someone’s dick...


Zai- Good joy Deku you someone out. Now pick someone to go next Momo.

Momo- You.

Zai- Ok Tooru Truth or Dare?

Tooru- Dare.

Zai- I dare you to take all your clothes off.

Tooru- Why?!

Zai- Because your invisible so no one can see, or you are out.

Tooru- I’m out.

Zai- Ok two out 10 more to go. Umm Bakugou you go.

Bakugou- Fine Zai Truth or Dare.

Zai- Bruh Dare, try your best to get me out Bakugou.

Bakugou- Ok I dare you to take a piece of your clothes off.

Zai- Ok.

Bakugou- What, you not going t-

*Zai takes of shirt*

*Everyone in shocked*

*Zai grabs a blanket from the bed*

Zai- I’m not going to do what...? And you didn’t say I can’t cover up after.


Zai- I’m going to take that as a complement, anyway my turn. Jirou Truth or Dare?

Jirou- Dare.

Zai - I dare you to whisper something dirty in your crush ear.

Jirou- I’m good bye.

Zai- Haha ok bye.

Jirou- Mina you can go next.

Mina- Ok Uraraka Truth or Dare?

Uraraka- Turth

Mina- Who would you fuck Deku, Todoroki, Bakugou.

Uraraka- I’m not answering that.

Mina- Then your OUT!

Deku- Why didn’t you answer it’s not bad like go fuck one of us.

Uraraka- Still I’m good. Zai you can go.

Zai- Todoroki Truth or Dare?

Todoroki- Dare.

Zai- I dare you to whisper something dirty to someone.

Todoroki- Ok. * He starts to crawl to Zai*

Zai- ... I’m scared

Todoroki- Why?

Zai- I don’t know.

*Todoroki comes up to Zai’s ear and says...*

Todoroki- Zai you should have also taken off the rest of your clothes, and let my tongue go down your body slowly. I’ll spread you legs as I get closer and closer to your pussy, your getting wetter, as I lick you, you moan louder and louder.

*Zai eyes widen, as she closes the blanket titer*

Todoroki- There that was easy.

Mina- Zai you ok?

Zai- *Shakes head* Mhmm. I’m fine.

Mina- Todoroki you broke her! What did you say?

Todoroki- Nothing don’t worry about it, she’s fine.

Kirishima- Zai...

Zai- I’m fine, I’m just not asking him a truth or Dare.

*Todoroki starts to laugh”

*Everyone looks like when does Todoroki laugh*

Todoroki- Ok Bakugou Truth or Dare?

Bakugou- Truth.

Kirishima- The first time he picks Truth.

Bakugou- Shut up.

Todoroki- Is it true you wanna know what I said to Zai.

Bakugou- Yeah, she looks hypnotize.

Zai- No I don’t... do I look that bad.

Everyone- Yes.
Denki- That he say.

Zai- I can’t repeat that.... just know it was dirty... like really dirty.

Bakugou- Truth or Dare Zai?

Zai- Why me?

Bakugou- Just pick.

Zai- Dare I’m not stupid you were going to tell me to tell all of you what he said I am wrong?

Bakugou- You smarter then you look.

Zai- Ugh, fine I’ll make a deal who wins I’ll tell only them and who wins can tell ether.

Everyone- Ok deal

Bakugou- I dare you to do 10 push ups but you can’t have the blanket .

Zai- Ok. * Does 10 push ups* There.

Bakugou- See easy.

Zai- Suck a butt.

Mina- She’s back to normal. * laughs*

Zai- Shut it, Mina Truth or Dare?

Mina - Dare.

Zai- I dare you, to rub on Kirishima’s dick.

Mina- WHAT NO!

Zai- Then you out.

Mina- That fine. Todoroki.

Todoroki- Ok umm.

Zai- * In head shit don’t say me*

Todoroki- Asui Truth or Dare?

Asui- Dare.

Todoroki- Use you tongue and lick every girls Chest.

Asui- No I’m out. Sero go.

Sero- No I’m out y’all getting to freaky.

Zai- Sero you have to pick who goes next know. Oh shit I’m the only girl...

Sero- Deku.

Deku- Truth or Dare Denki?

Denki- Dare.

Deku- I dare you too kiss Bakugou on the mouth.

Bakugou- No

Denki- I’m not going to do it his going to kill me.

Zai- His not going to kill you.

Bakugou- How do you know How about I kill you.

Zai- What ever Denki is out. Pick someone.

Denki- Deku.

Deku- Zai Truth or Dare?

Zai- Dare.

Deku- Touch everyone’s dick but mine for 2 minutes.

Zai- Deku I’m going to kill you and why 2 minutes.

Deku- Then 5 minutes just kidding 30 seconds or quit and you don’t have too.

Zai- No because I’m not tell no one that he said. Don’t kill me tho. *Goes to Kirishima*

Kirishima- Why me first?!

Zai- Shh! * Go in Kirishima pants*

*Kirishima eye widen*

Zai- This awkward...

Deku- A time is on for 30 seconds.

*Alarm goes off*

Zai- There.

Deku- Who’s next?

Zai- I’ll do Bakugou.

Bakugou- Do me last.

Zai- Shut up.

Bakugou- Dont tel-

*Zai goes in Bakugou pants*

Zai- That shut you up. * Thinks “It’s bigger then I thought”*

Bakugou- ...Is she done?

Zai- I wish but I just put my hand here dumb ass.

Bakugou- DONT CAL-

Zai- Dont move!

Deku- Why can’t he move?

Zai- Because if he moves, my hand will rub his stuff.

* Alarm goes off*

Zai- *Takes out hand* There. *Goes in Todoroki pants*

Todoroki- You could have warned me first.

Zai- Yeah, yeah now shut up.

Todoroki- Why so mean?

Zai- ...*Thinks “Oh my god his big too... Shut up Zai”*

* Alarm goes off*

Zai- There I’m done.

Zai- .... Kirishima Truth or Dare?

Kirishima- Dare.


Deku- Wait ple-

Kirishima- *Slaps Deku* Sorry I had to.

Deku- AHHH THAT HURT. No I’m going to get you back Zai, Truth or Dare Todoroki.

Zai- Oh shit, what Deku I’m sorry!

Deku- I’m sorry to late.

Todoroki- I wanna see where this goes dare.

Zai- Please Deku!

Deku- Todoroki I dare you to make out with Zai.


Todoroki- This is going to funny.

Zai- Fine...In the closet tho.

Todoroki- That’s fine.

*Todoroki and Zai go in the closet*

Deku- For 5 Minutes!

Zai- *Yell for the closet “5 MINUTES!?”*

Deku- Yes.

*In the closet *

Todoroki- You sure you fine with this?

Zai- Yeah...

Todoroki- Have you ever been kissed?

Zai- Yes... Just hur-

*Todoroki kisses Zai.*

Todoroki- You ok..

Zai- Y-you c-could have w-warned m-me first.

Todoroki- That pay back why are you stuttering?

Zai- Because that was unexpected.

Todoroki- Shh *Slowly moves hand on Zai’s hip pulls her closer*

Zai- Ahhh...

* Outside the closet*

Deku- I’m out because a after she’s going to kill me bye.

Kirishima- Wait I’m going too..

Bakugou- Rude.

*Deku and Kirishima leave the room*

*Back in the closet *

Zai- There it’s been 5 minutes...

Todoroki- shh I know *moves hand and stop kissing* .

Zai- Then... never mind.

* Both come out*

Zai- Where is Deku and Kirishima?

Bakugou- They left.

Zai- I’m going to go beat his ass!

Bakugou and Todoroki- If you leaver your out.

Zai- Both if you suck a dick.

Todoroki and Bakugou- How about you!?

Zai- Ok don’t say that..

Bakugou- Why?

Zai- Because I’m the only girl and you both are boys... Get it dumb ass.

Bakugou- I’m not a dumb ass!

Zai- Yes you are. But Im getting sleepy.

Todoroki- One more game.

Zai- Fine I don’t give a fuck want you pick but... You have to suck each other’s dick are y’all out.

Bakugou- I’m not sucking his dick.

Zai- Your out!

Todoroki- I’m out too much I’m not sucking a dick.

Zai- I WIN, BOTH IF YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK! I’m going to sleep know we don’t talk about this ok.

Bakugou- Ok bye.

*All leave”

Zai - You can have your room back Momo.

Momo- Ok I’m going to sleep goodnight.

Zai- Goodnight... now where is Deku!?

Denki- Right here. * ponts at Deku*

Zai- Thanks Denki. * You run up to deku and punches in his ribs* That for all your dares.

Deku- Sorry that hurt.

Zai- Now I’m going to sleep goodnight. *walks to her dorm*

* Everyone goes to sleep (12:35 am)*

* (8:00 am) Zai in the bathroom *

*Zai’s takes shower*

Zai- *Singing* I said, certified freak
Seven days a week
Wet-ass pussy
Make that pull-out game weak...

Bakugou- * walking pass* What?

Kirishima- Is she ok Bakugou?

Bakugou- I don’t know.

Zai- *Singing* Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you fucking with some wet-ass pussy
Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy
Give me everything you got for this wet-ass pussy...

Todoroki- I think she’s singing.

Zai- *Singing* Beat it up, boy, catch a charge
Extra large and extra hard
Put this pussy right in your face
Swipe your nose like a credit card...

Bakugou and Todoroki- So she likes it hard...

Zai- *Singing* Hop on top, I wanna ride
I do a kegel while it's inside
Spit in my mouth, look in my eyes
This pussy is wet, come take a dive...

Kirishima- Damn Zai...

Zai- *Singing* Tie me up like I'm surprised
Let's role play, I'll wear a disguise
I want you to park that big Mack truck
Right in this little garage
Make it cream, make me scream...

Bakugou- *Thinks- “I’ll make you cream and scream”*

Zai- *Singing* Out in public, make a scene
I don't cook, I don't clean
But let me tell you how I got this ring...

Kirishima- I think we should get one of the girls and tell her not to sing that.

Todoroki- Nah u wanna hear the rest.

Zai-*Singing* Gobble me, swallow me, drip down the side of me,
Quick, jump out 'fore you let it get inside of me,
I tell him where to put it, never tell him where I'm 'bout to be
I'll run down on him 'fore I have a man running me ...

Bakugou- Yeah I wanna hear the rest.

Kirishima- Ok.. But I’m out.

Zai- *Singing* Talk your shit, bite your lip
Ask for a car while you ride that dick,
You really ain't never gotta fuck him for a thang
He already made his mind up 'fore he came...

Bakugou - ....

Todoroki- She wild....

Zai- *Singing* Now get your boots and your coat
For this wet-ass pussy
He bought a phone just for pictures
Of this wet-ass pussy
Pay my tuition just to kiss me
On this wet-ass pussy
Now make it rain if you wanna
See some wet-ass pussy....

Bakugou- Yes, yes she is...

Zai-*Singing* Look, I need a hard hitter, I need a deep stroker
I need a Henny drinker, I need a weed smoker
Not a garden snake, I need a king cobra
With a hook in it, hope it lean over...

Deku- What in the world is she saying...

Zai- *Singing* He got some money, then that's where I'm headed
Pussy A1, just like his credit
He got a beard, well, I'm tryna wet it
I let him taste it, now he diabetic...

Bakugou- Don’t worry about it.

Zai- * Singing *I don't wanna spit, I wanna gulp
I wanna gag, I wanna choke
I want you to touch that lil' dangly thing
That swing in the back of my throat...


Todoroki- Zai freaky...

Zai- * Singing *My head game is fire, punani Dasani
It's going in dry and it's coming out soggy
I ride on that thang like the cops is behind me
I spit on his mic and now he tryna sign me, woo
Todoroki- Ok she need to calm down. ..

Zai- * Singing * Your honor, I'm a freak bitch, handcuffs, leashes
Switch my wig, make him feel like he cheating
Put him on his knees, give him something to believe in
Never lost a fight, but I'm looking for a beating (ah)
In the food chain, I'm the one that eat ya
If he ate my ass, he's a bottom feeder
Big D stand for big demeanor
I could make you bust before I ever meet ya
If it don't hang, then he can't bang
You can't hurt my feelings, but I like pain
If he fuck me and ask, "Whose is it?"
When I ride the dick, I'ma spell my name

Bakugou- She like big-....

Zai- * Singing * Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you fucking with some wet-ass pussy
Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy
Give me everything you got for this wet-ass pussy
Now from the top, make it drop
That's some wet-ass pussy
Now get a bucket and a mop
That's some wet-ass pussy
I'm talking WAP, WAP, WAP
That's some wet-ass pussy
Macaroni in a pot
That's some wet-ass pussy, huh?...

* Zai walks out*

Zai- Why you guys looking at me like that...?


Zai- Oh... It was a song. Who else heard me?

Deku- Me, Todoroki, Bakugou...

Bakugou- And Kirishima...

Zai- Dont say a thing ok...

*All say “ok”*

Zai- Now let’s go.

*All go to class (8:20 am)*

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