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Psychotic issues


Our favorite DC couple, Harley Quinn and the Joker How many times Harley felt Like she couldn't live without her puddin' ? But how many time he left her and broke up with her knowing at the end she would return to him again ? At the last they couldn't live without each other and they knew it

Romance / Thriller
Shahy Zidan
Age Rating:

Graduation party

---------------------------Author's Note------------------------

This is events happened in the DC universe, I don't own the characters or any thing.
I just wrote this book in my own way with some extra things.
I wish you like it.

Today I graduated with top grades from the university's prestigious psychology department. Yeah it was because I slept with my professor but at last I did it.
No one, Not a single person from my family came to attend my graduation party
" Where is your family Harleen, or they didn't come as usual. "
One of my colleagues said that.
I didn't want to get angrier so I didn't give a shit.
After the party, I'm just going to Bensonhurst in brooklyn, It's where my family live and where I used to live..
The party ended but I didn't stay untill the evening because they all were talking and taking photos with each other and I didn't have much friends, I didn't have any for real, so it wasn't the perfect party for me.
I left and took the train to brooklyn, When I got into the house I saw a photo of me and my dead brother Barry. Barry Quinnzel. He was the only member of my family that has a positive relationship with me, he was the only one who cared enough for me and If he was here today he would have come to the colleage to celebrate with me my graduation.

" Hello Harleen, What made you come today ? "

This was my mother, Sharon. She didn't even know that today is my graduation day..

" Today.. Today is my graduati..

" Yeah Yeah I forgot about that, so now You're a doctor ? "

"A psychiatrist mum, I'm a psychiatrist"

" What's even the difference ?" Then my mother continued
" So Harleen, I wanted to talk to you about something but I couldn't reach you"

I just wish that she won't talk about that doctor who wants to marry me

" ...he's a good man Harleen, He is a doctor too, and he has an apartment. He is the perfect husband "

I left her and got my bag and went out, she didn't even congrate me, I didn't know where to go but I kept on walking. I remembered my favourite place of all times and went to it.

The bartender recognized me
" Hello !! Harleen, How was your graduation party ?? "

I didn't know how he knew that today was my graduation party but then he told me today is the day of graduation to his daughter too. He asked me about my father but I couldn't find out why untill I knew that he was in prison. Again

" He's in prison Harleen. He got involved with some irishmen, he didn't pay his dept so they put him in prison "

I called my mother at my way to the station and asked her why she didn't tell me

" I actually knew that by this time, you would know "

" You didn't even congrated me or told me anything you just kept talking about that stupid doctor "

Harleen regreted that she just thought that she would have a normal family dinner..

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