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When A wolf meets a star (Jack Avery)


****NOTE: THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE BETWEEN JACK, MC, AND JONAH. ALSO MATURE SETTINGS*** This isn't just a love story, It's a fantasy. What happens when a normal teenage girl met a werewolf and a vampire hybrid? So what you do say? Shall we begin? Magdalena Jacques is not just your typical mean nor nerdy girl. She tried to fit in the crowd because she feels like an outsider even though she worked hard for the best results, she still thinks she's an outsider. But at night, she's different. Her family runs a paranormal business. She is the one who captures the event of the crime. When she saw Jack and uncover the secrets of him, everything changed.

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Chapter 1


This isn’t just a love story, It’s a fantasy. What happens when a normal teenage girl meets a werewolf and a vampire hybrid? So what do you say? Shall we begin?

[Back to the story]

Magdalena Jacques is not just your typical mean nor nerdy girl. She tried to fit in the crowd because she feels like an outsider even though she worked hard for the best results, she still thinks she’s an outsider. But at night, she’s different. Her family runs a paranormal business. She is the one who captures the event of the crime. She had one friend, her name is Miranda Gleen. The two of them love hanging out with each other, especially on movie nights. They would get a movie from the VHS store and go to Magdalena’s house to watch it. But today, it’s different.

At school

“Maddie, Where are you?” Asked Miranda as she impatiently talked to her phone.

“Hold on Miranda, I’m still late for Chemistry, I’ll be right back,” Magdalena said as she quickly pranced to the door. When she’s almost to the door, she stopped and panted for a while. When she opened the door, she accidentally hit someone on the head.

“Oh... My Goodness, Are you okay?” Asked Magdalena as she knelt to help the stranger.

“I’m fine, good thing you didn’t put force into it,” said Jack as he stood up and guided her to her seat.

“Ms. Jacques.” Said Professor Damon “Why are you late for class?”

“I’m sorry Professor, I was busy studying that I overslept.” Said Magdalena as she tried to look away from Jack who was sitting next to her.

“Have you ever considered an alarm clock?” Corbyn jokingly asked.

“Mr. Besson, Don’t you ever mock Jacques!” the professor exclaimed. Corbyn rolled his eyes while Magdalena blushed in embarrassment.

“Alright class, since we have plenty of time. Let us discuss our pair project.” Said Professor Damon as he clapped his hands and opened his desk drawer and took out his clipboard. Everyone groaned and whined because why not, they hate pair projects.

“Class, this is half the grade. Okay? Said the professor as he sat down in his chair.

’Class, you and your partner will make an experiment for the whole school to see.” said the professor. “Due date will be next month.”

The class doesn’t seem thrilled by the idea but they had to do it because it’s worth have the grade. The professor wrote the names of the students and their pairs on the chalkboard. As Magdalena looks to the board, her eyes widened. She cannot believe it.

“Now to be fair, your partners are the people who sat next to you.” Said the professor. Some were thrilled, some were not. but for Magdalena, has mixed feelings.......

[At the school cafeteria]

“Magdalena, I never knew You and Avery are gonna be partners,” Miranda said as she took her phone to check something.

“Miranda, I’m so ashamed of myself,”

“Why?” Miranda asks with a hint of surprise.

“Corbyn just embarrassed me in front of the whole class because I was freaking late,” Magdalena said as she covers her eyes.

“That Besson,” Miranda said as she flicked her hair. “Ignore that bastard, He only did that because he has feelings for you”

Magdalena just rolled her eyes, while the two are bickering, Ivory, One of Magdalena’s hunting allies came to Magdalena’s table and asked.

“Hey Magdalena, Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure,” Magdalena said, She and Ivory left the table and enter a room.

“Magdalena, We have a mission tonight. Werewolves are lashing out and rampaging the innocent civilians.” Ivory said

Magdalena replied. “Werewolves? I thought they were captured or something like that?”

“Well, we don’t know how the werewolves got loose but that’s our mission for tonight,” Ivory said as she checked her paperwork.

[At night time]

“Magdalena, Please be safe. I don’t want to lose another member of our family,” Hailee, Magdalena’s mom said as she kissed her daughter as Magdalena was about to leave for another mission.

“Mom,” Said Magdalena “Do you still felt the pain when dad sacrificed his life for me and Heaven?”

“Magdalena, the reason why your dad sacrificed his life is that he wants the family legacy to live on and prosper,” Hailee said as she wiped the ear on Magdalena”s face

“I miss dad” Magdalena looked away because of that incident, an incident that remains in the minds of the Jacques family.

[November 14, 2013, where Magdalena was 9 and Heaven was 11]

At the height of the paranormal investigation crime, Magdalena’s dad, Oscar was going to investigate a murder mystery that includes a vampire on the loose. At four o’clock in the morning.

“Girls, you better see this” Hailee said as she glanced at the tv. The two girls went to their mom and were shocked as their mom pointed at the television. It was a news article about their dad.

News headline: Local paranormal hunter Oscar Jacques tragically died while finding the culprit of a murder mystery.

Local Paranormal hunter Oscar Jacques, Age 35, died on November 14, 2013, at 3:30 am. He was found dead in front of a bank where the culprit was last seen. Police found a note on one of Jacques’s pockets and it contains.

“If I die today, please tell my wife that I love her and tell my kids Heaven and Magdalena to live the legacy and life of my business” - Oscar Jacques.

[Present day]

Magdalena will never forget that day, she lost a loved one. A role model, a caring father, and the person whom she loved dearly. As she said goodbye to her mom and her older sister. She went out to finish the mission.

[At the forest]

As the team hid behind the bushes to catch the werewolves, then the full moon rose and out of nowhere, their werewolves started to howl to the moon

End of chapter one.

So what do you think?

What do you think Jack is gonna react?

Does Magdalena feel some bond?

Find out in When a wolf meets a star.

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