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Draco is in his last year at Hogwarts. He is currently 17 years old. Draco (in this chapter) is dating Pansy. But that is all going to change when a new student comes to school!! TW!!(Not everything about Draco in this story is true- such as fav lessons and crushes also there is no war etc just a normal year at Hogwarts!!)

"Potions. What a stupid lesson." I mutter under my breath. I mean come on. Its not like I'm going to carry on being a wizard once I leave this horrible school. The fist thing I will do is snap my wand and move away from this retched school. This school has done nothing good for me. Detention after Detention. Honestly I'm not going to learn anything whilst sitting in a room with this old bat. And by bat I mean Snape. He makes me shudder. At least he still has a thing for potter. I mean who doesn't. Obviously ginger ass Ginny doesn't she is madly in love with that Voldemort RAT. "Draco!" Snape slowly walks over to my desk. I don't get it why dose he walk so dramatically? "Draco, I see no physical evidence of ANY work!" Snap hisses at me. I honestly don't give a single fuck what this wrinkly old bastard thinks. " um yeah haven't got anything done, cuz umm Ron. Yes Ron has been distracting me" I chuckle to myself as Snape walks over to Ron and makes him stand outside. I turn around to give Hermonie the look. And the look basically means do not say anything or else I will kill you. Very warm and cosy I know
One detention later Potions is finally over. "Draco. I will pass your detention today."
"What why?" "Not that I'm complaining sir"
"Well Draco there is a new student and We must attend the welcoming"
"What? Is It a girl? Is she pretty?"
"Draco! She's my daughter."
"wait really!?"
"Yes, she's called Kate. And would be very happy if you be nice to her?"
" well I'm sure I can keep my options open."


Pansy come up behind me and grabs my arm "Hey you alright babes. Potions was totally boring am I right?" She smiles at me waiting for me to responded. We started dating Early in the year. Around 8th of September. In all honesty Dating Pansy was a bet. Crabbe and Goyle dared me to go out with her. However she's Definitely not my type. She's to clingy and wants to be over top of me all the time. Fuck her. She's still looking up at me with her shit brown eyes. "Yeah it sucked" I felt like giving her an answer so she would shut up. "Right students settle down settle down. "As you know there is a new student joining us today! Her name is Kate. And yes the rumour's are true, she is Snape's daughter." Dumbeldore preached. The students where all oo and aaaa. What a bunch of twats. "And here she is". For once I was exited to see a mystery person. I was hoping and preying she would be pretty. Anything I would take to leave the devil herself{pansy} The great hall doors open wide. I- I'm speech less. SHES STUNNING. This Kate girl walks down the opening. Her skirt is so short any guy could easily slip into her. She had dirty blonde hair, in a high messy ponytail. I noticed she had crystal clear blue eyes that shinned in the lights. Not to mention the fact her tits where just hanging in her shirt. One wrong turn and those juicy jugs would be jiggling all over the place. Her body is amazing. All the girls look like lucky charms cereal box but Kate, well she looked so fucking pretty. She had the perfect hourglass body And not to mention her thick ass. I could slide my 11 inch dick in between them with pleasure. She better be a slytherin.

sorting hat: "Well must be SLYTHRIN"
All the boys jump out of there seats with excitement. As if they have a chance with her. She's mine and I will make sure of it.

Horny thoughts rush into my head. So many ways to please her. And by her I mean Kate. Pansy can suck some body else's nob. She's such a bitch. I can never get any time alone to myself. A man needs to wank, and pansy gives me no pleasure to do so.
"Right students head on back to your dorm rooms and no dirty rubbish"
Dumbledore can shut up the old fart makes me want to die. That's why I cant wait to leave the horrid school. "Excuses me, um hi" some girl whispered to me. I get a lot of girls come over to me wanting to shag but most of them do anything but turn me on. However to my surprise his girl was pretty. This girl was Kate. "Hi I'm Draco. Want to come to my dorm?"
"Wait. Girls and boys share the same bedroom!" Kate asked me in shock
"Well yeah obvs old fart don't care." I smirk
"Yes, however my dad would" This time when she spoke she seemed scared. Something I wasn't excepting to see in a girl like her. "Fuck it, I mean who cares even the 5 years are having sex" I try and make myself seem tough but not to tough I mean I do have a soft side. But I'm hard for her "Oh ok, well it would be nice to make some friends or Boyfriends". WOW this girl is bold. And I love it. "Yes I love that idea. However I have a girl , but we need to make her jealous before I drop that bitch" and to that Kate pricked right up. "I love that idea" she smiles. Oh how I want to fuck her face

Later that night

"Where should I put my things?" Kate stood in the door way holding a huge bag and a pink pearly suitcase on the floor. "You can dump it in my dorm follow me" Pansy scowls at me. "Pansy I'm making her feel welcome you always say I need to be nicer so shut the fuck up". Kate smiled whilst I was shouting at pansy . "Well I love a bad boy" Kate laughs as I drag her suitcase up the stairs. "Now personally I don't bring rocks to school-"
"Don't be silly that's just the weight of all my bras and shoes" I look up and Kate's face was serious. she smiles and continues up to our new dorm. "I don't think your girl likes me very much. Will that be a problem?"
"No of course not like I said I hate her so much. I can't wait for us to make her jealous."
"Oh yeah. How will we do that?"

(3 hours later)
Kate bent over to grab her night clothes. They better be sexy. When Kate bent over I could see her underwear. And by that I mean her red thong. Pansy wears them all the time but on Kate. Well on Kate it looked amazing. Her juicy ass cheeks rubbing together. I get up from the bed. It's like she is drawing me towards her. I must be bold. And hard.
I stand right behind her. Pushing my dick against her. "Now that's a big dick" she whispers. I slowly move my hips grinding against her. She's so wet and I love it. All of a sudden she stands up. Well this better not be it. I have so much more magic juice stored inside me. When she turned around and bet over. Waving her thongs in the air. I snatch them away from her chucking them onto the bed. "Now this is what you really want".
"Yes sir"
ha this girl knows her manners. I grab her ass cheek and swing her around to my direction. "Hold on tight baby girl" she laughs as I pick her up. I crash onto the bed with Kate laid there across my legs. I remove my hand from where I had previously been massaging her kitty. I spank her with my hand leaving red marks on her ass. "HARDER" she moans. I spanked her so hard she screamed, with pleasure. I move her off my lap and plop her onto the bed. She already knows the drill. She crossed her arms and removed the bra. In the mean time i removed my jeans. I stood there holding so much power. I am going to fuck her face of. I grab her hair and twist it around my hand. She leaned her head back and moaned. I arched my eye brow I knew she was into it. I grab my dick and toss it inside her moving back and fourth. In and out. I shove her head into the pillows so I can go deeper. She's getting louder, And my dick is getting ready to squirt. "in you or on you"?
"ON" I remove my dick and spin her onto her back. "Suck it"
"Yes daddy"
She leans forward and spreads apart her legs. I pushed myself towards her. She grabs my cock and shoves it down her throat. Making it so wet. "Now this is how you please a man like myself" I groaned
Kate places her soft hands on her knees while shoving it as far down as possible. I pull away, my dick staring right back at her. Oh how she entices me for more. I lay on the bed waiting for her to ride this bull. Kate clambers onto the bed making it wobble. "Should we put pillows behind the head board?" Kate chuckles to herself whilst inserting me into her vagina. "Of course not let the rest of the kids know that I have the hottest girl in school riding on me".

I turn around to see the sun shining into my dorm. It was a very pretty yellow and red colour. I look to the side, Kate is such a beautiful sleeper laying on her side facing me. With her boobs perfectly resting against the mattress. I move her dirty blonde hair out of her face. Her eyes flutter "Shh baby lets stay in bed a little longer" I moan hoping she would be on board with this idea. "But- we just had sex and you have a girl and everyone will know and-"
"Don't worry about it" I try to reassure her that nobody will care
"But they will talk about it and my father will find out, he would be so mad at me"

"Well good thing we have a private dorm then" I laugh to myself. Honestly had she not noticed that we walked up a completely different stair case? !"Also nobody would know for sure so we can lie and say it's not true" A smile creeped across her face "I Like you Sir Draco Malfoy and would love to shag again?"
"lets go have breakfast then we can skip? I will take you somewhere special where I wanted to take Pansy but she means nothing to me"
"I'm excited to say the least" She walks over to the window giving me a perfect view of her juicy ass.

I hold Kate's hand as we walk down the stair case into the common room. "WHAT THE FUCK DRACO I KNOW YOU SLEPT WITH HER AND IM YOUR GIRL FRIEND!!"
"Fyi he didn't sleep with me, Yes he saw me naked and yes he wanked of in the bed but no we did not lay the pipes" Kate was so good at manipulating people. Best hope she doesn't use that on me.
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