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Hunter Argent

Meeting Jackson and lydia

I sat beside Allison at school, we sat on a bench waiting for the vice principal. Allison's phone rang and she answered it.

"Mom, three calls on my first day is a little overdoing it"she said, looking at me and I shrugged.

"Everything except a pen. Oh, my God, I didn't actually forget a pen. Okay, okay. I gotta go. Love ya"she then ended the call.

"you actually forgot a pen? Unbelievable"i said shaking my head, she pushed me making the both of us laugh. The vice principal finally showed up.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. So you were saying San Francisco isn't where you grew up?"he asked us as we followed him inside.

"No, but we lived there for more than a year, which is unusual in my family"she said,.he looks at me.

"i moved around a lot"i said nodding.

"Well, hopefully Beacon Hills will be your last stop for a while"he said, we entered a classroom.

"Class, this is our new student, Allison and hunter Argent. Please do your best to make them feel welcome"he said and I nodded. Me and Allison took our seat behind two boys, the boy in front of her turned around and gave her a pen.

"Thanks"she said, they smile and he turns back around.

"well that was weird"i whispered to her.

"no it was sweet, maybe a little weird but still sweet"she said smiling, i rolled my eyes today will be dreadful.

"We'll begin with Kafka's Metamorphosis, on page 133"


"That jacket is absolutely killer"i heard someone say as Allison and I stood at her locker. She was previously making googly eyes and smiley faces with the weird guy from our class.

"Where'd you get it?"the redhead girl asked.

"My mom was a buyer for a boutique back in San Francisco"Allison said.

"And you are my new best friend....You too"she said, looking me up and down before some guy caught her attention.

"Hey, Jackson"she said, I'm guessing it was her boyfriend because they started kissing right on the spot. I made a gagging noise which caused Allison to hit my arm.

"be nice"she scolds me.

"what was that?"the redhead asked us, i looked at her.

"nothing"i said, shaking my head.

"So, this weekend, there's a party"the girl said. oh no I don't do parties

"A party?"Allison asked, obviously not wanting to go either.

"Yeah - Friday night. You both should come"Jackson said.

"Uh, I can't. It's family night this Friday. Thanks for asking"Allison covered for us thank god.

"You sure? Everyone's going after the scrimmage"Jackson said.

"yeah pretty sure...."Allison hit my arm once again.

"You mean like football?"she asked.

"Football's a joke in Beacon. The sport here is lacrosse. We've won the state championship for the past three years"Jackson explained.

"Because of a certain team captain"the redhead said, she makes me cringe so bad.

"Well, we have practice in a few minutes. That is, if you don't have anywhere else....."Allison cuts him off.

"Well, we were going to-"the girl cuts Allison off.

"Perfect - You're coming"she said grabbing Allison's wrist Allison grabbed mine as lydia dragged us along for the love of god.

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