♡︎ Niko’s Midnight Stroll ♡︎


Written by: Niko Hirota Editing Help: Natsuki Sunada The characters in this story are original characters made by me and two of my friends please don’t copy them! 💖

Fantasy / Romance
Niko Hirota
Age Rating:

Chapter 1- midnight stroll

I would lie in bed, staring up at the ceiling. "This is the most peaceful time we've had in a while," I thought to myself. The door to my room suddenly creaked open and I immediately shot up.
"Hey, Niko."
I looked up, noticing it was Noah.
"Ever thought of knocking?" I teased.
"I don't need to knock because you're my sister."
"If my door is shut then yes, yes you do." I told him, rolling my eyes.
"So what do you want?"
"I was wondering, would you like to take a stroll with me outside?"
"But- it's midnight-" I replied, giving him a confused look.
"Come on, you do it all the time." He replied, motioning his hands as to persuade me.
"It's not like it'd be much different this time." He added.
"Okay, I suppose you're not wrong."
I got up and threw my hood over my head as I walked over to him.
"Let's go." I told him.
We then left our dorm and headed outside. I headed into the woods in front of the school, Noah close behind me.
"Are you sure it's safe to be out in the forest?" Noah asked, hesitant to continue walking.
"Yes, I do it all the time." I reassured him.
"Alright... but if we get killed it's your fault."
"Okay, dingus." I said, rolling my eyes.
"But I'm telling you, we'll be fine." I said, then pausing for a moment.
I then kept walking.
“Why did you pause?” Noah asked.
“I just heard something,” I replied thinking nothing of it.
“So… why did you wanna go for a walk?”
“Because I’m bored” Noah replied
“I know you have a reason”
“Ok yes yes I do-“ he replied.
“So what is it?” I said walking over to a tree sitting underneath it.
Noah would sit down next to me.
“So… you ever wonder why there are so many vampires and other kinds of creatures here,”
“Not really,” I replied.
“But aren’t you used to it by now we’ve been around vampires like our whole life, like Damians a vampire, a few of our old friends are vampires.”
“Your right, I just don’t trust them much anymore…” Noah replied
“So, you don’t trust the vampires because of the mistakes our old friends made?” I replied seeming a bit confused.
“Yes, I just don’t find them trust worthy” Noah replied.
“Noah I’ve known these people, you may not trust them but I trust them.”
“Yeah but you trusted your other friends.” He replied
“Doesn’t mean my friends now are the same,” I said.
“Plus our old friends would tell people out secrets and we knew that but didn’t do anything about it, so why are you worried now?” I said.
“Ok you have a point…” he replied.
“Well wanna go back now?” Noah asked.
We both began to walk back to the school. I was about to swipe my key card Damian then stoping us.
“What do you want?” Noah asked.
“Just wanna know, why are you two out so late?” Damian asked.
“Thats none of your business,” I say glaring at him.
Noah was glaring at him too.
“You two seem to hate me still,” Damian said looking at both of us.
“No duh” Noah said.

I don’t feel anything for Damian anymore…
he’s just another person in this world.
I pretend like he doesn’t exist and if I can’t do that I pretend he’s just a person I don’t even know, it’s hard when he won’t stop trying to talk to me.
I manage though, it’s hard knowing that he knows almost everything about me and could tell everybody any minute now. I don’t trust anybody with everything about me anymore.

“Oh come on,” Damian replied
I rolled my eyes looking away.
“Just trust me again guys,”
“We have many reasons not too, you lied, cheated on Niko, told people things we trusted you with, oh I could go on forever,” Noah replied.
I looked back over crossing my arms.
“You guys realize that it’s unsa-“
“I know I know it’s unsafe to be out here this late, but we were fine.” I said interrupting him.
I then slide my keycard and walk into the school.
Natsuki and Himari were standing near by.
“hey guys!” Natsuki said noticing us
Himari then turned his attention to us.
“hey” I said walking over to them Noah followed behind me
“What are you two up too this late?” Himari asked us.
“Just taking a walk...” Noah said seeming distracted.
I nudged Noah trying to get his attention.
“You guys ok?” Natsuki asked us noticing.

“We‘re fine.” I assured her.
Natsuki nodded.

“So what are you guys doing?” I asked them.

“Nothing much. We are just getting food from the cafe then we were planning on going back to our dorm.” Himari replied.

I nodded

“Well we should get going.” Natsuki said

Noah and I nodded.

They both then left.
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