The Heart's Fireworks (Bakugou x Fem Reader)


I turn around and start walking towards him, "Don't worry about me." I tell Momo-chan, as I start walking closer to Bakugou. I notice that he has a faint smell of caramel, which seems to conflict with his personality. Maybe I am falling for him after all.

Romance / Drama
Big Weeb
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Hey, It's Vi-chan. There are somethings I wanted to say before I start the actual fanfic.

1- I do not own any of the MHA characters mentioned in this fic. All characters and location credits go to the writers of MHA.

2- The first chapter of this fanfic isn't mine, it is from a fic called Bakugou, You Idiot. The fic was made a pretty long time ago and only one chapter was ever published. The chapter that was published had some promise to it so this is a continuation of it.

3- This is my first fic I have decided to publish... just figured i should let you know so your expectations aren't that high.

4- A friendly guide to abbreviations used in "x reader" fanfics: (Y/N) = Your full name (F/N) = First name (L/N) = Last name (E/C) = Eye color (H/C) = Hair color (H/L) = Hair length

5- My parents are very strict when it comes to me posting stuff online so if they find out about this I will most likely have my devices taken away, so if I go a randomly long time without posting anything that's why and I promise to try and find some way to post new chapters.

5- This fic will not have any NSFW/Smut content. Most of the characters in this fic are minors so that would be completely illegal for me to write. This fic has harsh language and jokes that are geared toward older audiences (14+) though so read at your own risk.

6- Whenever writing the chapters I used my own name in the writing process to get more into the storyline. Whenever I finish the whole chapter I go back and change the names into the "x reader" abbreviations, so if the name violet is ever mentioned in the fic leaving a comment on the chapter would be very helpful so I could go and edit it out.

~Your friendly author, Vi-chan

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