The Heart's Fireworks (Bakugou x Fem Reader)

The Introduction

“I would say good morning to everyone but you guys know I’d rather be sleeping right now. Well this morning we have a new student.” The teacher looks at a clipboard before continuing, ″(Y/N), come to the front and introduce yourself.” The teacher zips himself back into the sleeping bag and lays on the floor, probably sleeping.

“You should probably go up there so that Mr. Aizawa doesn’t get mad,” the green haired kid sitting beside me says. “By the way I’m Izuku Midoriya, but most of my friends call me Deku.”

“Alright.” I stand up and start walking to the front, fidgeting with my ring all the while. On my ay up there I make eye contact with a glaring Bakugou. I try to ignore him hoping that I can make a good impression on everyone else but knowing that with my natural lack of charm that is not going to happen.

When I get to the front of the class I try and smile but it probably ends up looking gross. “Sup. I’m (Y/N).I moved here from the US. It sucked over there so I wouldn’t suggest anyone move over there. Look, Im just going to be straight with you, a lot of people at my old school didn’t like me because I was honest with them. I moved here from the US. Any questions?”

Yaoyorozu smiles at me and asks “Do you have a favorite kind of tea?”

“Actually, I’m a coffee person. All the people I knew back in America that drank tea were stupid snobby rich people.″

Yaoyorozu looks off to the side, “oh, okay.”

Todoroki says “Well than how do you like your coffee.”

“Well, it depe-”

“Look... IcyHot’s being talkative for once.” Bakugou cuts me off and starts laughing. I sneer at him but he doesn’t seem to notice, he’s to busy bullying todoroki. “I always thought you’d end up being gay or something considering you never show any interest in girls.”

That almost makes me go off on Bakugou but Deku beats me to the punch. ’“Kaachan, just because someone doesn’t show interest in girls, that doesn’t mean they’re gay.”

“OH. So now you’re standing up for the half n’ half bastard maybe you’re gay too.”


I look to the other side of the classroom and see Iida standing up and yelling (?) at Bakugou.

I’m surprised Mr. Aizawa can sleep through all this. “SHUT UP!” Everyone looks back at me. “JESUS CHRIST WHAT ARE YOU GUYS ARGUING ABOUT! IF SOMEONE IS GAY THEY’LL TELL YOU, IF SOMEONE WANTS TO NOT SHOW INTEREST IN OTHER PEOPLE THATS OKAY!” I stand there with my arms crossed waiting to see what happens, but that’s when I notice Bakugou won’t make eye contact with me.

“Uhh.... I have a question,” a small boy sitting in the front row speaks up.

“M’kay, go ahead”

“What’s your bra size?”

“WHA- YOU- HE-” I walk over to his desk and slam my hands down. Through clenched teeth, I ask “Did you just ask a lady what her bra size is?”

“Considering how small they are I wouldn’t call you a lady”

I back up and cross my arms around my chest. “Well you might be right about that because a proper Lady wouldn't do this!” I try to punch him in the face, but Mr. Aizawa grabs my arm.

“Please don’t punch each other while in the classroom. you can do it later if you really want to.″

“Did you not hear what he said to me?!”

“That’s why I said you could punch him later if you want to that badly. Mineta you need to stop harassing the girls or I’ll have to kick you out.” Mr Aizawa turns back to me, “Now you go sit back down.”

I walk to the back of the class and sit in my desk.

Deku looks at me as I sit down, “Sorry about Mineta, I would’ve tried to stop him but once he starts the only people who can stop him are Kaminari and Mr. Aizawa. You see though, Kaminari only stops Mineta when he picks on either Jiro or Yaoyorozu.”

“Jiro? Kaminari?”

“Oh yeah, you haven’t met her yet. She’s the girl in the second row with the leather jacket.”

“Mm... now who’s Kaminari?”

“He’s the blond one with the lightning-shaped streak in his hair”

“Oh, I’ve already met him. I’m not very good with names.”

“Alright class we have to get started or Principal Nezu will lecture me,″ Aizawa says as the door is busted down and a very tall, buff man enters the classroom.

“Young Midori-” Blood sprays out of his mouth as he transforms into a scraggly man with sunken eyes. “Midoriya, I need to see you in my office. Take the new student with you.”

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