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Argo(A Leo Valdez Story)



Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1


I knew from the moment I woke up I am pretty much screwed ,as soon as I woke up. I just knew it,ya know the kinda feeling that makes you feel someone is watching you . I knew something is wrong like I dunno the pegasi were gonna go rabid turn into blood thirsty piranhas and start killing everyone or the sky will start raining fire (not like that would affect me I am fire proof) but oh boy it was something much much more worse. The Moment I got out of my cabin I was greeted by Kevin from the ares cabin and was told that Jason and Percy felt like there will be an attack on Camp Half Blood by the seas and were there all night on the beach keeping watch for any attackers,Then Annabeth came running she said something has happened at the beach and she was going there me and kevin started running towards the beach well why you might ask well I dont know about kevin but I ran because of the fact that the argo II was docked there and I was worried something would happen to it.
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