Well, I found out that these dogs are from Supernatural.I still can't believe it

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I Meet Them

I was walking through the woods as usual trying to get back home. Listening to classic rock with my headphones. Then all of a sudden I see this dog blocking my path. it was a Doberman and German Shepherd(it also kinda looked like a wolf)mix with these beautiful green eyes. It barked at me. Then I saw these two other dogs. A great dane with brown fur(it kinda looked like a moose)with these hazel eyes. Then I saw this husky. With black and white fur and blue eyes(he looked like an angel). Then I heard a bark then a meow. I take a look behind I see a dog and a cat. A golden retriever with these golden-brown eyes and gold fur. The cat had black fur with these reddish-brown eyes."You guys must be hungry".they all barked back at me. I take my backpack off my shoulders and unzip it. I take out the lunch that I didn't finish from school. I take off the lid and put it on the ground. They all run to it. I sit on the ground waiting for them to finish. Then the husky comes up to me." oh hey buddy!".he sits on my lap. Then he takes his paw and puts it on my head. I get this flashback. I see Sam and Dean Winchester with Cass, Jack, and Crowley. I see that they get turned into animals. I open my eyes. I was freaked out."YOUR CASTIEL!!".Cass nods. I get up. Cass jumps off of me. I was thinking about how this would have happened." so we should get going and you know what I'm gonna call you all Team Free Will 3.0" they all barked back at me. I pick up my backpack ad zip it back up and put it on my shoulders. I start walking on the trail to get home and I was thinking about how to hide the animals. As I was walking I see this old abandoned farmhouse. And I get an idea. I see this other trail leading up to that farm. The farm was also a few blocks away from my house. I walk to the other trail.TFW 3.0 was following me. I see a gate leading to the farm and I start running up to it.TFW catches up to me. I see the lock for the gate and I open it." That was pretty easy".I run in with TFW 3.0 following me."ok you guys are gonna stay here".I open the door to the farmhouse and I see some stables. i open the stables and put some hay in them. I take out 2 bowls from my backpack. I had some dog food leftover from my friend's house and a bottle of water. I pour the dog food into one of the bowls and I do the same for the water bowl. I put both bowls in one of the stables and i get a blanket from my backpack. I leave the blanket with the food bowls." I have to leave you guys here but I promise I will come back".I leave the stable and i close the door.I run back home.

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