Black Dream Hole: Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Fan Fiction

Zaira Meets a Mysterious Boy

The Next Morning Zaira was walking on the sidewalk, She was doing some errands, She had her arms full of groceries, She was looking at a List that Duel Monster Champion Yuma's Grandma Haru had made.

"All right I've got ham, chicken, beef, lettuce, Cheese, soda pop, cookies, Cheese, now all I need is to get bread from the Bakery", Zaira said to herself.

She Looked up from the grocery list and was stunned to see a Boy, he was standing in front of the bakery, She thought that it might've been Hart Tenjo, until she walked closer to take a closer look at him, he was dressed in a strange outfit and had light short purple hair on his head, and pointed ears.

Zaira thought that maybe he came from Barian world, She decided to approach the stranger, She started slowly walking closer to him, like a wolf stalking it's prey, waiting for the precise moment to attack.

Until The Boy Looked and Saw Her walking toward him.

"Oh Hello", The Boy said as he looked at her.

"Hi, what are you doing out here?", Zaira asked as she looked at him.

"Oh I'm just looking at these cakes and cookies, they look so beautiful", The Boy answered.

"Well, I've got some business to attend you, why don't you wait here I'll be right back", Zaira said as she went inside the bakery.

The Boy watched as Zaira walked into the Bakery, she told the baker that she wanted a loaf of bread, while the baker's back was turned, The Boy noticed that she was talking to someone, until he saw an invisible someone or something walked over to where the cookies were, and grabbed a cookie and brought it back to Zaira, she quickly put it in her pocket, and got the loaf of bread, she walked out of the Bakery and Motioned to the boy to follow her.

He Followed her, until they were away from the bakery, they were sitting on a grassy bed and was looking at the water, until Zaira took the cookie out of her pocket.

"Here you go, I've got these for you", Zaira said as she gave the boys the cookies.

"Oh Thank You", The Boy replied as he took the cookies from her.

Suddenly Zaira's Duel Monster Partner Cy (Cyclone Beast Wolf a Number card), appeared beside her, and it was in it's Duel Monster Spirit form.

"Mistress, be careful, I can sense something strange with him", Cy said as he talked to Zaira via Telepathy.

"Don't worry Cy, He's Harmless", Zaira replied in telepathy.

"Who are you talking too?", The Boy asked as he looked at her.

Zaira sighed to herself and decided to tell him about herself.

"All Right I have to tell you something, but you have to promise me that you won't tell no-one about it, do you promise me?", Zaira asked as she looked at him.

"I Promise", The Boy answered.

"All Right", Zaira said.

She started telling the boy about herself, while he was listening to her and didn't interrupt her.

"So you're a duel monsters duelist?", The Boy asked.

"Yes, That's Right", Zaira answered.

"Wow", The Boy said.

"Oh No, I'm Late, I'm sorry I've got to go", Zaira replied as she got up and grabbed the grocery bags.

"Hey Wait a Minute, What's your Name?", The Boy asked as he looked at her, until Zaira stopped and turned.

"I'm Zaira Asta Wroom, What's Yours", Zaira answered.

"I'm Peruru", The Boy replied.

"Well Nice to meet you, I hope we meet again", Zaira said as she rushed away.

"Nice to meet you too", Peruru replied.

About an hour later Zaira arrived at Yuma's House, she apologized for being late, another hour later they had dinner, and went to bed, that night Heartland City was quiet, a little too quiet, until a gentle breeze started blowing, a musical instrument was being played,


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