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Master of the Death(21+)


The men of the Weasley Family have peculiar desires. And Harry's here to fulfil them at the same time try to control the Elder Wand.

Erotica / Romance
Utada Mikaru
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34 years ago

Little Arthur Weasley was only in his second year at Hogwarts. Little Arthur Weasley was not supposed to be up here on the second floor of his ancient family home. Little Arthur Weasley knew he was being incredibly naughty by even stepping on this floor at this particular time of the night – his parents explicitly forbade him from using their floor after curfew.

But he couldn’t help it. The twelve-year-old boy really needed somewhere to pee – and his oldest brother was using the only bathroom downstairs. In desperation, Arthur – “Artie” to his family – had crawled up through the trapdoor and had used his parents’ bathroom, which was just outside their bedroom.

And just as he had finished his business and stepped out of the bathroom, he heard his father moaning. He was slightly concerned. He had never really heard his father moan like that before. He edged towards his parents’ bedroom, the door towering over him in the dark gloom of the night.

His father moaned again. And the strange thing was, he heard nothing from his mother. He pushed at the door, and to his immense surprise, it budged. He had expected it to be locked with a charm, but it was open. He pushed the door ajar ever so slightly so that he could peek in and reassure himself that his father was not sick – merely having a bad dream… or something.

What he saw would leave an after-image that would haunt him for ages. His father was on top of his mother, the sheets were off and lying to the side and their bodies were pressed against each other. His mother’s breasts were squashed against his father’s chest and his father was heaving and grunting on top of her as she lay there with her legs spread out.

Artie was not a naïve boy – he knew what sex was. He was in his second year – he had heard the older years go on and on about fondling and kissing and whatnot. And he knew that he was not supposed to see this… but he couldn’t help it. He was neither turned on nor repulsed – he was fascinated by not his parents’ bodies, but their expressions.

His father’s face was screwed up in pleasure – he could only glimpse the grey-haired Septimus Weasley’s side profile, but even from over here outside the dimly lit room, it was sufficiently clear that his father was delighted by his actions and what he was feeling at that moment. However, what really perturbed and fascinated him was his mother’s face.

She was staring off to the side, towards the door that Arthur peeked through. She was not staring at him, just off at the wall that the door belonged to. He could see her face quite clearly from here. She wasn’t delighted – she was actually bored. She was looking askance at the wall as her husband rutted her from above, absolutely bored and sleepy. The expression on her face screamed, “Get it over with.”

Artie promptly withdrew his head, closed the door softly and descended down the trapdoor. He curled back into his blankets and fell asleep.

He imagined the incident would fade into the back of his mind soon enough.

It did not. He would always remember the indulgent face his mother made when she engaged his father during their nightly romps in bed.


Present Day

“Y’know, Arthur,” Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic remarked, “You are a very, very lucky wizard.”

Arthur looked askance at Kingsley and smiled. The Minister was obviously referring to his wife, who had just left his shared office with the Minister after leaving them both with her famous home-cooked meals.

“Enjoy her food, do you?” Arthur asked jovially.

Kingsley laughed. “You know it,” he said, and hastily added, “Not that Molly hasn’t got any other endearing qualities, of course.”

“Of course,” Arthur said, with a small nod. He knew what Kingsley was getting at – his wife was bossy, and he knew it too. The war had devastated their family, especially with the loss of Fred, and Bill’s condition, but the Weasleys were nothing if not adaptable. And they were soon back to a normal routine. Bill was back on track working for Gringotts and going on assignments that would no doubt make both Molly and his own wife nervous. Charlie was back to taming dragons and was a constant target of Molly’s frequent admonishments – “find a girl and settle down” being the most frequent of them. Percy was a very high-ranking member of the Department of Experimental Spell Damage, and he knew Percy would soon be promoted to a more influential department within the Ministry. Percy was about to be married to a very delightful girl – Audrey – a very tall, blonde girl that modelled for Gladrags. George was doing well and was dating a former teammate on the Quidditch team from back when he was at Hogwarts. Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes were back with a bang; however, Arthur could never tell if George would ever get over his twin’s death.

Ron would back in school for his final year as Head Boy (he was so proud when Minerva informed him about it) and was dating the delightful and intelligent Hermione Granger, the Head Girl. His youngest was also attending Hogwarts as part of her final year, and was soon on track (according to Molly’s words, at least), to be Mrs Potter, wife to the Slayer of Voldemort himself. Unfortunately, Hogwarts was closed for the year and his two youngest - and Harry - were staying at the Burrow. Which made Molly very happy because the house was so bustling.

Arthur did not know how he felt about his youngest and only daughter though. Oh, he knew Harry was possibly the best son-in-law his family could have, but whenever he was around the boy, he felt this undercurrent of power that he had only felt around Albus Dumbledore himself. The boy was capable of great things – and he knew that powerful men changed once they gained power. Yet, if anyone could resist the allure of power, it would be Harry. And either way, it was not like his little girl was about to declare an engagement anytime soon (or so he hoped – he didn’t think any of them were ready for that); they were still at school, and as such, had plenty of time.

And Molly herself, despite her bossy nature, was still getting back to her old self, and much to his delight (and possibly that of his co-workers), to her old shape. She had always been a gorgeous woman – a trait his little daughter had inherited. Molly Weasley wasn’t exactly a witch that would be on a Gladrags poster, like her daughter-in-law, Audrey – however, she was the sort of witch who would appear on a Playwizard magazine. Massive E-cup breasts that stood firm and proud to this day, a massive ass that it was a delight to worship and a very pleasant face. To him, she was all woman.

Arthur looked around guiltily – he was supposed to be working, not daydreaming about his wife. However, he could not help but feel his wife was like a fine wine – she was only getting more alluring with age.

He would be lying if he said their marriage had not had its ups and downs. Most of those ups and downs, though, had been due to his extremely niche fetish, at least in the Wizarding World.

Arthur was a very submissive man in bed. He had a small penis and had been very insecure about it when he and Molly had first done the deed. In all of their encounters since marriage, he had never managed to build up a resistance to her. She was so sexy with those massive breasts and that supple ass that he had never quite managed to hold off for long when he was inside her.

And the best parts had been when she used to tease him about the size of his pecker while having sex. It turned him on and he finished faster when she humiliated and belittled him and bossed him around.

Then, ten years into marriage and four children later, Arthur started noticing his wife make that face when she had sex with him – that blank, smiling, an indulgent face that just wanted him to get it over with so that she could go back to doing whatever it is she wanted to do.

And that was when a very specific fetish beset Arthur. He wanted to see his wife sated in bed. Even in the Wizarding World though, there weren’t really any potions that enhanced penis sizes or sexual performance – or maybe there were; however, no self-respecting Potions Master would ever go about declaring he had such wares for sale. Sex was not exactly taboo in this world, but the Wizarding World was a lot more conservative when it came to such uncouth discussions.

Arthur had tried wearing a strap-on, but it never really felt… real. He wanted to see his wife satisfied and the thought of another man rutting into her as her face screwed up in pleasure set his loins on fire and his imagination ran wild. Eventually, he had broached the topic with Molly, who promptly proceeded to sock him in the face for suggesting something so audacious.

He had continued to bring it up throughout the next few months before Ron was born and eventually, Molly relented. They had drunk Polyjuice Potion, disguised themselves in the form of random muggles and entered a seedy pub in Knockturn Alley as a very kinky couple. They had solicited a male patron to do the wife for a few Sickles.

And Arthur had never been more turned on in his life than when he saw a stranger take his wife, even in another form. He had made love to himself furiously as the man slammed his hips into his wife’s fleshy ass and had come twice from the experience. And then the man said something derogatory about both Molly and him and Molly had proceeded to hex the living daylights out of the poor stranger.

Eventually, they had to end up obliviating the man. Molly had cursed up a storm afterwards and did not speak to Arthur for a week after the incident. Eventually, Ron was born and Ginny was on her way – Arthur and Molly were back to their bland vanilla sex life.

They had broached the topic again after Ginny went to Hogwarts and Molly had nothing to do at home. And they had taken Polyjuice again, but Molly lost her will just as they were about to make their way to Knockturn Alley.

After that, incidents had spiralled out of their control and they had been busy with the war. There was no time to indulge in distractions.

Now, however, the war was over, and Arthur was beginning to feel the same urges again, especially when his co-workers watched his wife sashay out of the Minister’s office after feeding him lunch, all of their eyes (at least in his head) tracking her fine ass as it swayed hypnotically out of the room. Arthur imagined them taking her holes, one after the other, as she screamed and moaned and gasped in a pleasure that he would never be able to give her.

But Arthur did not know if they were yet ready to have another go at the whole thing.


Six Hours Later

Arthur was now walking blearily back towards his bedroom. He had tried to initiate sex with Molly, but could not seem to get it up. She offered to help him, but he desisted. She had proceeded to fall asleep. Arthur, however, was feeling peckish, and slightly perturbed at these recurring thoughts of indulging his old desires. So he thought he would distract himself with a nice midnight snack. It was the beginning of the Christmas Holidays. He supposed the holidays didn’t really matter for his youngest kids though, with Hogwarts being closed for a year to rebuild - Ron was at home, although, his youngest son did seem a bit depressed at the fact that Hermione Granger had gone to see her parents in Australia and was taking so long to come back. He had never really broached the subject with Hermione, or Ron, himself, but for some reason, her parents’ movement to Australia (or was it New Zealand?) seemed to be a sore spot for the pleasant girl.

His favourite daughter (“Of course I’m your favourite daughter - I’m your only daughter, Daddy!” Ginny would say when he said so to her) was chirpy though, especially, he suspected because her relationship with Harry Potter was thriving, what with Harry staying at the Burrow as well. Bill, Charlie, Percy and George - who lived separately, of course - promised to attend the Christmas feast along with their significant others (except Charlie, who did say that he would bring a dragon along – Arthur hoped he was joking) on Christmas Day, and that made Arthur very happy.

So he had feasted upon leftovers from a dinner Molly and Harry (surprisingly, the boy had a certain knack for cooking that eluded him – he felt happy for his little girl though – and often helped Molly when it came to cooking dishes; the more exotic the dishes, the merrier Harry seemed to be) had whipped up. And now, sated, he headed towards the Master Bedroom on the fourth floor of the newly refurbished Burrow.

And just as he was about to go up the staircase that would take him to the second floor, still two floors away from his destination, he heard a very familiar sound. It was very, very soft though, and he would never have recognized it if it had not been so quiet.

It was a moan. Only, it was female. And it seemed to be coming from under a failing silencing charm. He also noticed that the origin of the sound was Ginny’s bedroom - only, it sounded exactly like Molly’s voice when she felt extremely happy. Arthur edged towards the bedroom door, which towered over him in the gloomy corridor.

Déjà vu.

He felt a sense of inevitability as he slowly pushed at the door. It did not budge. He pulled out his wand and cast a silent Alohomora upon the door. The door moved and a beam of light splashed through the hairline crack made by the open door. The room was obviously brightly lit from the inside.

He pushed the door ever so slightly, quickly disillusioned himself with his wand, and then peeked.

And his jaw dropped.

His daughter was spread-eagled and facing the door, held aloft in midair, her thighs extended to either side in a straight line. Her perky breasts sported nipples that were rock-hard and her face was radiating bliss. Her eyes were glazed and staring up into space, and a stream of drool was running down from her open mouth. She was screaming, but all he heard was a soft high-pitched muffled sound from under the defunct Silencing Charm.

Her gaping vagina was squirting almost continuously, jets of transparent fluid ejected forcibly almost three feet into the air before they landed on the floor, and there was a steadily growing puddle of juices underneath her. Her back was arched and she was jerking spasmodically under the grip of a pleasure he had never seen on a woman’s face before.

And spearing into her dribbling twat was the largest penis Arthur had ever seen in his life, massive and veiny and ramrod straight with massive, cum-filled balls swinging back and forth right beneath it. His daughter was being held aloft by strong muscular hands that were connected to broad shoulders, which towered intimidatingly over his daughter. And all of these parts belonged to a very handsome man with prominent green eyes framed by messy black hair.

His daughter was being pounded mercilessly by Harry Potter himself. And she was loving every second of it.

And Arthur would never forget the look on Harry’s face. The boy… no, the man… seemed perfectly at ease. His mouth was spread in a faint smile, almost like he owned her, and loved dominating women and bending them to his will.

Arthur Weasley had a very hotwife. Arthur Weasley knew he was not supposed to be here. Arthur Weasley knew he should turn away right now, close the door and snuggle back into bed with his loving wife.

But he was fascinated. And then, it clicked – he needed to speak to his wife very soon. He had found the right candidate to add to their bed and finally sate his peculiar fetish.

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