May the Sea Be With You

Nothing Makes Sense

A couple days later, just as everyone was really getting into the routine of the summer, Clayton, a satyr, showed up with not one, not two, but three half-bloods. Two of them had to be rushed to the Big House for healing immediately, but the third’s cuts and bruises were superficial, and they were mostly just exhausted. Chiron put the girl on his back and took her to the Big House to sleep on a bed in one of the rooms instead of on the floor of the Hermes cabin.

Everyone had questions for Clayton. “Who are they?” “Parentage?” “Age?”

Clayton didn’t know much, but he told us that he had found one of them in California, one in Utah, and one in Colorado. When he had found the boy in California, it had been by pure luck. They had practically just run into each other, and monsters really hadn’t been an issue. However, they heard a commotion at a train station in Utah, where they met the other boy, who was attempting to fight off an empousa with the contents of his backpack. After that, they had attracted a lot of monsters, and it had only gotten worse when they found the girl in Colorado.

“That girl couldn’t have been older than us,” Nico whispered to me as the crowd dispersed and we went back to our training.”

“I know, she was so small,” I said.

“And the boys didn’t seem that old either.”

I tried to concentrate on spear throwing, but it was so difficult. Clarisse, who was teaching the class, was distracted too, so we all ended up dissolving into gossip.

At dinner, the girl and one of the boys were strong enough to join us. As the girl was being led to the Hermes table by Connor Stoll, a glowing, shimmering, peacock materialized above her head.

Whispers broke out immediately. We had never seen anything like her symbol.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” Percy said to Peyton and I. “A peacock is Hera’s symbol.”

“But Hera isn’t supposed to have any mortal children,” I said. “It goes against everything she stands for.”

Chiron stood and said, “All hail, Kaylina Heras, daughter of Hera.”

We all bowed our heads, and Percy mumbled. “Called it.”

Once the moment of silence had passed, Chiron led Kaylina to the Hera table, which no one had ever sat at, not even when we were free to mingle.

Nico looked at me, shocked, and I shrugged at him. Nothing made sense.

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