May the Sea Be With You

Half-Bloods of the Eldest Gods

Kaylina was the talk of the camp all night. Everyone kept asking her questions, but all she knew was that her dad’s name was Jason Heras and she had known that her mom was Hera since she was little. She even had a little brother, Aker, who was still at home with their dad.

“This is the craziest turn of events since… nevermind,” Annabeth said, sighing and looking into the fire.

“Since Luke became Kronos,” Percy whispered to Nico, Emma, Peyton, and I. We nodded.

“Do you think Hera really fell in love with her dad?” I asked.

“His name is Jason,” Annabeth said. “And his last name is essentially ‘Hera,’ so he was the perfect target, I suppose.”

“Jason like Jason in the old stories. The one Hera favored,” I said.

And Jason Grace,” Percy said.

And Jason Kunwar,” Annabeth said. “The name Zeus uses when he hopes Hera will forgive him.”

“You think Jason Heras is a son of Zeus?” Peyton asked.

“There’s no way,” Percy said. “Very few half-bloods, especially a son of the Big Three, survived from before me.”

“Katelyn’s grandpa,” Nico said. “And my dad and Bianca. And Hazel Levesque. Don’t you think that, if Hades had three kids in the game, Zeus could have had two?”

Percy shrugged. “Makes it sound like Dad had someone.”

“There’s no way,” I said. “Right?”

Annabeth frowned. “I really don’t know. Nico, Bianca, and Hazel were well protected, and so was Katelyn’s grandpa, but at camp instead of--”

“Dead and brain dead,” Percy said.

Annabeth nodded.

“You would think that, if Poseidon had an older kid, he or she would have had to have been at camp. Or his underwater palace or something.” Emma said.

“Amphitrite and Triton would never allow that,” Percy said, scowling. “They could barely resist killing me when I visited.”

I want to go to Dad’s palace,” I said. Peyton nodded. “We could always try to ask him, right? Like when we offer our food. Ask ‘Dad, would you tell us if we have more siblings?’”

“It’s not a bad idea,” Percy admitted. “Dad tends to answer prayers like that. He sure did with Tyson.”

I nodded. “Let’s do it.”

“I will too,” Nico decided, and Emma nodded in agreement.

The boy, Luke David, who had been able to come to dinner and the campfire was claimed as a son of Boreas at the campfire. The next morning at breakfast, after Percy, Peyton, Nico, Emma, and I had prayed to our fathers asking about our siblings for the first time, the third half-blood that Clayton had brought to camp showed up to the dining pavilion and was promptly claimed by Zeus.

I looked over to the Hades table, where Nico and Emma were rolling their eyes at each other. Of course he was Zeus’s kid.

Chiron made us bow to him, and then we went back to normal. The boy, Nikkolei Barardocson, sat down at the Zeus table, alone. Since Emma was eating, Jason was in the nursery with the triplets.

I watched as Emma finished eating quickly, said something to Nico, and then ran off to the nursery to get Jason.

“Zeus really must be showing off,” Percy said. “Sending a son who’s, what, ten? No one even knew about this kid, and here he is, a whole ten years old already.”

“I think he’s younger,” Peyton said. “My age.”

Percy glanced at Nikkolei. “He’s gotta be older.”

“He just got the brooding look from Zeus,” I said. “I’m with Peyton.”

We were all wrong. Nikkolei was nine, and he hadn’t known that he had a godly parent until he had met Clayton and Kaylina. He seemed nice enough, but Percy, Peyton, and I still couldn’t help but be cautious around him. Sure, we knew other children of Zeus, but it hadn’t always been an easy job learning to get along with them, except Jason Kunwar.

“You guys are being ridiculous,” Annabeth said, when she heard us talking about Nikkolei once again. “He’s not your enemy or something. He’s just a clueless kid, like most of us were when we got here. Cut him some slack.” “She’s right,” Percy sighed. “We’re being weird about this. We can’t control the gods, right? So might as well not worry about it.”

Peyton and I agreed.

In June, the most exciting thing that happened was that the Kunwar triplets finally turned one. Since the twins, Tera and Kade, and the quadruplets, Isaiah, Samuel, Kinley, and Hailey had already turned one, they had begun accompanying their parents to the pavilion for meals.

Everyone made a big deal of clapping for Jason, Emma, and the triplets when they arrived for breakfast, and even though Martin cried from the noise, everyone else couldn’t stop smiling.

At the Zeus table, Nikkolei was kind enough to help Jason feed Martin and Kayla, who, together in a new setting, were more than Jason could handle alone. At the Hades table, Nico and Emma handled Colton effortlessly.

“It’s weird that I’m used to seeing babies at camp now,” Percy said, laughing. “When I first got here, no one was under ten except little Nico, and he was definitely an accident.”

“The best accident,” I said, smiling as I watched Nico play with Colton.

“Cece saw it that way for sure,” Percy said, “but not big Nico. He was terrified.”

“That explains why he’s never around,” Peyton said. “Which is dumb, because Nico Jr. is the sweetest.”

“Way easier to understand than his dad,” Percy said, laughing.

“You have it bad for him, huh Katelyn?” Peyton asked.

I blushed, and Percy said, “They’ve had it bad for each other since the moment they met.”

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