May the Sea Be With You

Matty and Keenan

On the Fourth of July, the whole camp woke up to a commotion coming from the border of camp. Percy, Nico, Clarisse, and I were the first on the scene, where Clarke, Clayton’s brother, and two boys, who were clearly half-bloods, as they stepped in and out of the camp border, fought off some karpoi.

Once me and my friends arrived, we drove them off pretty quickly, and Clarke thanked us by pulling Percy and Clarisse into a hug, which they both pulled away from immediately.

“Hey, we have a problem over here,” the older new boy said, crouching in front of the other kid, who held his shoulder, blood seeping between his fingers.

“Medic!” Nico and I yelled, spotting a few figures sprinting to us from the cabins.

“I think that’s Maddox,” Nico said, pointing at the one in the lead.

“And that’s Peyton,” I said, pointing to the second to last one.

The older new boy helped keep pressure on the younger one’s shoulder until Maddox arrived with his med kit and got to work.

“Hey, you okay?” Percy asked the older boy, who wobbled as he stood up.

“Just really tired. And hungry,” he said, allowing Percy to wrap and arm around him and support him.

“We could get him food,” I offered.

“Yeah, let’s take him to the dining hall,” Percy agreed.

Nico went to the boy’s other side, and I smiled at the boy reassuringly, my heart rate increasing when I saw his bright green eyes.

The boy’s name was Matty Burgess, and he looked like he could be Peyton’s older brother. He had dirty blond hair, bright green eyes, and was taller than all of us, even Percy, despite the fact that Percy was older.

“Where are you from?” Percy asked.

“Oklahoma,” Matty said, digging into his eggs. “Been living in Wisconsin, though.”

“With family?” I asked.

“Just me and my mom,” Matty said, nodding.

Nico, Percy, and I looked at each other knowingly.

“You know much about the other guy?” Percy asked.

“He’s from Missouri. He’s part Native American and Mexican, I think. Said something about his grandpa. He just lives with his mom, too.”

“What color are his eyes?” I blurted.

Matty looked at me quizzically. “Green.”

“Shit,” Percy mumbled. Of course, green didn’t mean Poseidon for sure, but generally only children of Aphrodite, Hermes, or Poseidon had green eyes, and the kid only had a mom, so the odds were pretty high that we had two new brothers.

Sure enough, that day during lunch, both Matty and Keenan, whose shoulder was heavily bandaged, were both claimed by Poseidon. If the whispers following Kaylina and Nikkolei had been intense, then the whispers following two children of Poseidon on the same day were overwhelming.

“Chiron seems worried,” Annabeth told us as we walked to the beach. Since it was a holiday, training had only been in the morning, and we hadn’t accomplished much with the gossip about the new arrivals.

“Why’s that?” Jason asked.

“Last time children of the Big Three started showing up, it was the lead up to two big prophecies,” Percy said, and Annabeth nodded.

“But we haven’t heard anything about that stuff,” I said.

“Yeah,” Kit agreed. “If there was a huge prophecy looming, don’t you think we’d know about it by now? Like, we passed the summer solstice without so much as a threat of the world ending. I’d say it’s been a pretty quiet year.”

“Kit’s right, the gods are just fulfilling their duty of claiming their children like they promised,” Chris Rodriguez said.

“We did pray to Dad and ask that he reveal our siblings,” Peyton said, and Percy, Nico, and I nodded.

“At least your dad listens to that kind of stuff,” Jason said bitterly. “I prayed for a sibling to share a cabin with for years, and I got kids from Hera that belonged in my cabin before my dad bothered sending Nikkolei to camp.”

“Maybe Zeus thought he was too young,” Chris said sympathetically.

“Katelyn was, like, two. That new kid, Keenan, is Katelyn and Nico’s age. Emma and I were younger than Nikkolei, and our parents didn’t seem to have a problem letting us be taken here. Zeus just doesn’t care.”

“Zeus is kinda…” Percy spun his finger by his ear, and Annabeth punched his shoulder.

“Nah, Percy’s right,” Jason said. “Dad is…” he switched to a whisper. “... a little off. I mean, before Nikkolei, I was convinced that he was going to name every one of his sons from now on ‘Jason.’”

We all laughed.

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