May the Sea Be With You

Moving On

The plan that Chiron and Mr. D advised required a satyr to be with Kyle at all times and for Kyle to sleep in a room at the Big House, as it was revealed that he had made inappropriate comments to his sister, Keylin, as well, despite the fact that everyone considered flirting or relationships between godly siblings to be incestual.

“Honestly, is anyone really surprised, though?” Peyton asked when she heard about everything. “That kid has given me the creeps since he showed up.”

Matty and Keenan nodded in agreement.

“He’s really disgusting,” I told them. “He picks his nose in class and wipes it on the underside of the tables.”

“Ugh,” Matty said, laying back on his bed. “I never thought this type of thing would happen here, especially to my sister.”

“He barely touched me,” I said, feeling the tingle near my waistband where he had touched me. “It wasn’t like he got far, like he did with Willow.”

Peyton shook her head, and Keenan put an arm around her. “It’s okay. It won’t happen to you.”

“It’s not that,” Peyton said, “I just feel so bad that she went through something like that.”

There were no more incidents with Kyle after the rules were put in place, and after a month, people stopped talking and worrying about it. Christmas break came quickly, and even though my mom told me in letters that she was dying to have me home, Bob wouldn’t allow it.

“Are you sad that you can’t go home for Christmas?” Keenan asked as he, Peyton, and Matty packed up to go home.

“Not that much,” I said, leaning on my hands and swinging my legs. “If I went home this year, I knew that there was no way that I was going to be allowed to bring Nico, so it didn’t really feel worth it.”

“I’ll be back for your birthday,” Peyton promised, kissing my forehead.

“Sorry that we can’t,” Matty said, and Keenan nodded.

“It’s okay,” I promised. “It’s just one day.”

Nico and I escorted my siblings, Emma, Jason, and the triplets to Half-Blood Hill, where Argus helped them pile into a camp van to drive them to the airport and the train station. Nico and I waved as they pulled away, barely able to see them waving back through the windows.

“Sorry you can’t go home,” Nico said as we walked back to our cabins, unsure what to do since the camp was emptying out and there was no mandatory training.

“It’s okay,” I said, taking his hand. “I’m just happy to be with you. Really.”

Nico smiled. “Maybe… Maybe in the future, when we’re married, we can go to your house for Christmas without Bob getting mad.”

I smiled back at him. “I would like that.”

Nico squeezed my hand, blushing, and we sat down outside of my cabin to continue fantasizing about the future.

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