May the Sea Be With You


You all know my older brother, Percy Jackson. Pretty much everyone has heard his name. And here’s the thing, the series that Rick Riordan, a son of Apollo, wrote about him was nearly all true. Percy and his friends found Zeus’s lightning bolt, recovered the Golden Fleece, fought Atlas and held the sky, fought the Battle of the Labyrinth, and defeated Kronos and his army. Percy and Annabeth were and are definitely a couple, and Clarisse even got together with Chris Rodriguez after she nursed him back to health. I hate to break it to you guys though… Nico DiAngelo is bisesexual.

The part of my brother’s story that isn’t true includes most of what happens in the Heroes of Olympus series, Trials of Apollo series, and any of the crossovers. Sure, he helped “discover” and sort of make friends with Camp Jupiter, but he never lost his memory or actually thought he was Roman or anything. Oh, and Percy definitely isn’t Poseidon’s only child. He may be the oldest one living, but there are a lot more of us than just him.

The rest of us really don’t mind being left out of the narrative. People are a lot less skeptical when I say that my name is Katelyn Calaiver than when Percy says his name is Percy Jackson or when Annabeth says her name is Annabeth Chase… er, Jackson.

Yeah, they got married! Congratulations Percabeth fans, I know it’s exciting.

The real reason that Rick Riordan’s stories got less accurate after the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is because, well, our lives got a lot less “interesting” after that. I’m not saying that Percy and Annabeth getting married is uninteresting, but for people expecting quests and monsters and all that, the story got a little lame… for awhile.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I should really start at the beginning. My beginning.

My name is Katelyn Calaiver. Or Katelyn Russell. It depends on where I am and what kind of form I’m filling out.

I’m a daughter of Poseidon. So yeah, Percy is my big brother. He’s a huge dork, but I love him a lot. After all, we did grow up together. Kind of.

Percy was born in 1988 and I was born in 1998, so there’s a gap there, obviously. And, spoiler alert, I’m not even the second oldest child of Poseidon. That would be my brother Matty. But I was the second child of Poseidon to get to Camp Half Blood. That’s really where my story begins.
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