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Clash of Worlds


Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are sent to explore the Wizarding World. They'll meet some people from camp, but also make enemies on the way. What will be the result? Will the have to participate in yet another war? I do not own Percy Jackson (PJO and HOO) or Harry Potter (Wizarding World) If I did, I would probably not be doing this story, but publishing an actual book about this. These series are owned by Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling.

Fantasy / Adventure
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This is not how I planned to meet people who understood us. Not at all. I would've imagined being able to just, find more of us. That wasn't how it turned out.

Right, haven't introduced myself. Sorry. My name is Percy Jackson. I have autocorrect on so that if I make a mistake it'll correct it for me. (Not really, it's my girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, and in reality, she's here so I don't miss any important details that I 'forgot.')
Anyway, you might want to ask, what do you mean by people that understand you? Well, the thing is, we're demigods. No, not the type of demigods you see in Disney movies. We're kids of the Greek Gods.
Just so you know, the Greek Gods are real. I'm not making this up. My imagination isn't big like any normal kid. If it were, I wouldn't be writing this right now. I'd be writing something about how pegasi live when I wouldn't know. Fun fact, I do.
Okay, let's get to the point, my life isn't easy. I have a tough time managing to get people that didn't go through experiences like mine to believe me and then understand me. I don't have many who fully understand me.
We were sitting down in Cabin 3 at Camp Half-Blood (A camp for demigods like us) when we heard a knock on the door. Annabeth (Daughter of Athena and my girlfriend) stood up and opened the door. We saw Nico (Son of Hades) outside. "Dining Pavilion. Now." He informed us.
Annabeth and I looked at each other and then looked at the one other person in the room. Jason Grace, son of Jupiter (Zeus's Roman Form), and decided to all go outside for our own good. We still weren't sure if it was for our own good, but, I mean, we'd faced much worse than paintballs being thrown at us. That was the best that could happen if it was a Stoll's prank. If it wasn't, the best that could happen was blue cookies.
None of those happened. We went to the dining pavilion and found Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Artemis, and Hades. Why were they all together here? Don't ask, I didn't even know before we were teleported out of there to Mount Olympus.
Basically, Zeus told us that we needed to take care of camp more than ever. Never told us why. Do you think that's fair? I didn't and I spoke my mind.
"Why won't you tell us what's happening? Then maybe all the campers won't think the worst thing is happening and they'll know why the Hades we're protecting camp more than ever. Also, I think we earned the knowledge having have had saved the world one or two times."
Annabeth seemed surprised at how I spoke. Probably because I used very good reasoning. All of the gods tensed. Even Hades, but he was already tense because I used his name as a curse word. Nico didn't look so happy either. He rarely did, but he didn't like I used his father's name to curse as well.
"You will not know. In fact Perseus, I'd appreciate it if you didn't use my name to curse. This is the 100th Millionth time I've mentioned it." Hades said.
"Gee, sorry, but what else am I supposed to say? There are kids present here you know." I pointed out.
Everyone stared at me except Athena Artemis, Annabeth and Nico. Annabeth laughed, Artemis rolled her eyes, and Nico just smiled. Wait. Nico was smiling? Well, I couldn't think about it because I noticed Athena staring at me.
"What kids? I don't think you mean yourself." Zeus questioned.
"I meant all of you gods except-" I started and I hesitated to look around deciding who to say wasn't a kid. "-Athena, Artemis, Hestia, Demeter, Hades, Hermes, and Hephaestus."
Athena and Hades looked a bit glad they weren't being considered as kids, but also looked as if they knew they weren't going to be considered as youngsters. However, Hestia, Artemis, Demeter, Hermes, and Hephaestus looked relieved.
Zeus stood up and glared at me, but my dad and Apollo just laughed ignoring the fact they were also considered as children.
Zeus just said, "Shut up, and be quiet."
Annabeth and Athena both looked uncomfortable with what Zeus had said, so I had a feeling it had something to do with the wording. They both decided to tell Zeus what they thought. I thought it was pretty brave since Zeus was Athena's father and was technically Annabeth's grandfather, but I dismissed that thought.
"Be quiet and shut up are the same thing." They both said in unison.
Zeus just looked at them and sighed, "Seriously. Take a break from grammatical and spelling errors you two."
"No thank you." They both retorted.
Zeus looked appalled but then concerned that they were declining to do that.
"Zeus, calm down. They're never going to stop being living spelling, grammar, synonym, and etc. checkers." I sighed.
I don't know what I did but an alarm started sounding and Artemis just said, "Shut up!" and it did.
Then all the gods looked between Artemis and me.
"What!?" I demanded while Artemis just calmly said, "What?"
"Artemis, you're supposed to tell them about it!" Apollo reminded his sister.
"About what?" I asked.
"Oh, well...there are some wizards..and you're supposed to go meet them at a wizarding school.." Artemis said.
"Good grief. Wizards and witches meeting Greek and Roman demigods. That's great. Just great." I sighed.
"Technically you already know some of them, but still, keep your cover. Don't let them find out unless one of you is kidnapped or taken away by someone you don't know." Zeus replied.
I had a feeling that the last part was directed to me.
"So, me and Annabeth are going to go to the wizarding school?" I asked.
"Annabeth and I, not me and Annabeth." Athena corrected me.
"Annabeth and I, are going to that wizarding school? So what does Jason have to do with this?"
"Jason will be serving as a messaging system. Since Iris Messages won't be working, you'll be able to communicate to him through your mind when you want to. Though Jason can't get into yours, but only respond when you contact him." Hermes explained.
"I'm guessing you set it up?" I inferred.
"Correct, and I'm quite proud of it." Hermes grinned.
I tried messaging Jason, and it sure did work.
Hey man! I said.
He looked around trying to figure out who said it.
Percy here! In your mind!
Oh! I thought one of the gods was saying it.
Nope, just me. When Hermes said he was proud, I mean, shouldn't he be? I mean, that communication is worthy of Hephaestus robots.
It is, now listen to Zeus.
"As I was saying Jackson, you will be going to the wizarding school. You will be going by plane. Hecate has told me I need to let you go through my domain if you are to arrive on time. Therefore, you cannot go through the seas, but through the air. You have permission to go, I will not kill you. Might injure you, but definitely not kill you." Zeus told me.
"Umm...Okay?" Was my brilliant response.
"Alright, Seaweed Brain. Let's go to the airport. My mom already packed our things into our suitcases."

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