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Fitz And Olivia's Scandalous Love.


Olivia Pope Grant struggles with her feelings for Fitz and being First Lady and her pregnancy. Disclaimer the story is mine please don't steal my work. No copyright infringement intended

Romance / Drama
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Get Out Of Jail Proposal.

Olivia and Anthony sat in the hall of the Whitehouse after hearing Cyrus and Fitz's plan.

"Liv,she signed they are divorced what's holding you back?"Anthony asked.

"You know, how cutthroat politics is.his image is going to tank when the public hears the president divorced his wife to make his mistress First lady."Olivia replied.

"I know,but this investigation puts you in a place that could be far worse with the public opinion."Anthony said.

"Liv,If there is one thing I know if you've got a chance to be happy with a man that loves you don't throw that away those people out there aren't living your life."Aunt Lena replied.

"Do you love Fitz?"Anthony asked

"Yes Ant,I do with all my heart and soul."Olivia replied.

"Then go, back in there and tell that man you will marry him."Aunt Janet ordered.

"And Liv,take it from us it's not about the way you get married that matters it's finally being able to get closer to the dream you both share."Lena said.

"Their right Liv, we've had our ups and downs but I don't want this to be a reason of just protecting you I want it to be us finally taking a step toward our dream."Fitz replied.

"Alright Fitz, I will marry you."Olivia said.

"Good now we have a wedding to plan."Cyrus replied.

"We'll help."Lena and Janet said.

"Thank you ladies."Fitz replied.

"Your welcome nephew."Lena said.

"My condition is this no wedding dress,no flowers,no vows,and I'm keeping my name."Olivia replied.

"Okay, whatever you want just as long as I get to call you my wife."Fitz said.

He scooped her up in his arms kissing her with so much passion he would have taken her if not for all the eyes looking at them.

"We can have the wedding in the chapel and when this blows over you two can go on a honeymoon."Cyrus replied.

"Okay."Olivia said.

Olivia felt overwhelmed but at the same time happy for so long she lived her public life thinking about the approval of voters and politicians alike and how it would effect Fitz's chances.

"Livvie, sweetie everything will work out fine."Aunt Lena replied.

"I know I'm fine."Olivia said.

"Alright we're getting a marriage licence and I've let the Reverand know we'll be needing his services."Cyrus replied.

"Come on Liv let's go pick you out a nice dress."Aunt Lena said.

Olivia left with her Aunt's to go figure out a dress.

"Since Liv said she doesn't want a wedding dress I've put in a call to have some dresses brought over that I believe Liv will love."Cyrus replied.

Olivia and her Aunt's walked into the bedroom​ and into her closet seeing the wrack of different styles of white non wedding dress style dresses.

Olivia picked a lovely white knee length dress.

"Oh, your going to look so stunning in that."Aunt Janet gushed.

"Oh,she looks stunning in anything."Aunt Lena replied.

"Thank you."Olivia said.

Meanwhile Cyrus Fitz Anthony and the uncles moved their conversation to the oval office.

"I'm glad Liv agreed to marry you Fitz she and Anthony we're given an example of when marriage's go bad."Broderick said.

"What do you mean?"Fitz asked.

"They presented, the picture of a loving couple helping Ant and Liv with homework all the while going about their jobs but instead of Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez who loved eachother and their kids.they get Mr.and Mrs.Smith for parents constantly doing dangerous things as a twisted form of foreplay."Broderick said.

"We we're lucky we had Aunts and Uncles who loved us who made sure we didn't turn into them.

"Sure they have some of their traits but we use them differently than they did."Anthony replied.

"We have kids of our own but we love Ant and Livvie too."Deacon said.

"My father was no prize either he couldn't make this come true for him so he superimposed his dream onto me."Fitz replied.

"That's the story of a lot of people's lives fitz.Living vicariously through their children."Deacon said.

"You took your Dad's dream and spun it your way which makes you different from him."Broderick replied.

"It wasn't just his it was Mellie's too."Fitz replied.

"She's a non issue now all that matters is to get over this hurdle and get Liv used to being a First Lady and a fixer."Cyrus said.

"He's right come on we have a lot of things to do on our end."Deacon replied.

"I believe we should also arrange for everyone to be issued secure mobiles so that nothing we are doing get's compromised."Cyrus said.

"Thank you."Deacon replied.

"No problem, it protects us all."Cyrus said.

"That's true with this scandal and all we can all use some coverage."Anthony replied.

"This will certainly help."Cyrus said.

Meanwhile back to Olivia and her Aunt's.

"You are going to be a beautiful bride."Aunt Lena said.

"Thank you Aunt Lena."Olivia replied.

"Now,you listen to your Auntie's advice.you can't base your happiness on the masses sugar,what people tend to forget that those we put in office aren't mindless robots their lives to revolve around terrorist threats and decided when and when not to go to war.they want to be happy they want to watch their children go up just like regular people.

Though we except more from them because they are the people who keeps this country going."Janet said.

"But that in no way means you should live your life in consideration of what a voter thinks.

"If we lived our lives, that way we would never know what true free will is."Lena replied.

"I know you're right, I didn't set out to fall in love with him but he just worked his way into my heart inspite of the things he does that makes me angry with him."Olivia said.

"Oh, babygirl love isn't something you plan.It always just happens.

"It's one of the many things in this life we can't control.When I met your Uncle Deacon,"Aunt Lena replied.

"I know."Olivia said.

"Honey when a man tells you that you are more important than being the leader of the free world that's a man you know will always put you first."Aunt Janet replied.

"I know, this has never happened to me before."Olivia said.

"Come sit down."Aunt Lena Ordered.

"Livvie,we love you so much we don't want you to continue to sacrifice yourself on the alter of public opinion."Aunt Janet replied.

"It's just he's a good president I don't want this to ruin his career."Olivia said.

"Oh,sweetie.let's leave this alone for now it's getting late."Aunt Lena replied.

"Well ladies, we've arranged for you to have rooms for you here i've also had some clothes brought over for you as well."Cyrus said.

"Oh,thank you Cyrus."Aunt Janet said.

"No problem ladies your husband's will find clothes for them as well."Cyrus replied.

"Thank you."Aunt's Lena and Janet said in unison.

"Your most welcome."Cyrus replied.

Everyone cleared out leaving Fitz and Olivia alone.

"I'm glad, you agreed I was worried you might change your mind."Fitz said.

"I'm​ nervous, I'm not going to lie and I have a lot going on in my head."Olivia replied.

"Liv i get it you haven't been a wife or First Lady before but that in no way means you won't be a damn good one."Fitz said.

"My Aunt's are right I keep sacrificing myself on the alter of public opinion,I didn't want to be the ammunition that would be fired at your career."Olivia replied.

"Oh Liv, I know that nor do I want to be ammunition to tank your career.

"But the fact is I love you more than any woman I have ever felt anything for.

"When Mellie and I were in the beginning stages of our relationship I loved her but it wasn't a love that was all consuming.

"I never in all my years with her felt like if she left me I would die I couldn't function without her.

"Where as when you've left me I felt like this whole planet could blow up like Alderaan and I wouldn't give a damn because you weren't by my side."Fitz said.

"Wow, what's next gonna go Jedi on me and use the force?"Olivia asked.

"That's in case's of emergencies only Liv."Fitz joked.

"Very funny don't quit your day job."Olivia replied.

Meanwhile Brodrick and Janet are talking.

"They really screwed the pooch when it comes to Ant and Liv."Brodrick said.

"I know we all tried to fix the damage it seems we succeeded with Ant but the scars run deeper with Liv."Janet replied.

"Hopefully with Fitz's help she will heal."Brodrick said.

"Meanwhile in the presidential bedroom.

Liv laid in bed next to the man who had captured her heart and though she felt somewhat overwhelmed but it passed the moment he wrapped his arms around her and she placed her head on his chest listening to the steady beating of his heart.

"You know the real reason why I wanted Cyrus to fire you? in the beginning was because when I first saw you I couldn't breathe it was as if someone took a vicegrip to my heart.

"It was because something I didn't know I had been missing all this time smacked me in the face.

"It was because you are what I had been missing."Fitz said.

"I know when Cyrus, asked me to help I never once thought that I would meet and fall in love with a man who I could picture having a future with."Olivia replied.

"Liv you are a stunningly beautiful woman. And I'm over the moon to be the one who gets to be your husband."Fitz said.

"And I'm happy that I get to be your wife."Olivia replied.

They fell into a peaceful sleep Fitz holding Olivia securely in his arms intending to never let her go.

Mean while Cyrus and Olivia's team worked together in making sure everything was going to be perfect.

They were going to make sure nothing from this new mess would ruin their plans.

The Gladiator's Anthony Cyrus Janet and Lena as well as their husbands were talking at length.

"Anthony are you bringing someone?"Cyrus asked.

"Yes, Sydney is coming with me."Anthony replied.

"That's great Ant."Aunt Janet gushed.

"She'll be along in a few hours she was working."Anthony replied.

Meanwhile everyone gathered for breakfast.

"Uncle Broderick, Uncle Deacon,I was wondering if you'd do me the honour of giving me away."Olivia said.

"Oh,we'd love too Liv."Uncle Deacon replied.

"I'm glad."Olivia said.

"Anthony, I would like to make you my best man."Fitz replied.

"Thank you Fitz."Anthony said.

"Here are the security clearanced phones you requested."The Whitehouse staffer said.

"Thank you."Cyrus replied.

Cyrus handed out the phones giving two to Anthony so he could give his girlfriend one.

"Everyone's numbers have been programmed into these this will prevent anyone unauthorised from eavesdropping on any conversations.

"These are programmed to only ping off of our personally secured tower.allowing for no traces taps or hacks. Olivia your team​ was issued phones as well."Cyrus said.

"Thanks Cyrus."Olivia replied.

"Your welcome Liv."Cyrus said.

"Well come on we still have a lot of work to do."Abby replied.

"She's right."Huck said.

"Cyrus once Liv and I are married I want to make sure that she and her team will have a space to work undisturbed."Fitz replied.

"Sounds like a plan."Quinn said.

"I want it to be understood, she isn't like Mellie content to host parties and attend balls she's going to continue to be a fixer with the duties of a First Lady."Fitz replied.

"Really Fitz?"Olivia asked.

"Yes,I don't want you to have to forfeit what you built."Fitz replied.

"Now that Livvie is a true man."Aunt Lena said.

"What do you mean Aunt Lena?"Olivia asked.

"She means, that you mean so much he wanted to give up his presidency so he could be with you.but since he knows you didn't want that he's not expecting you to give up being a fixer in exchange for being First Lady."Cyrus replied.

"You see love is about comprises and support being partners and that's what you too are."Uncle Deacon said.

"My parents were just like that and as I got older and understood the relationship they had that became something I wanted for myself.

"They sat us down and told us the story about how they fell in love.He and his friends were driving down the street when they noticed a group of girls being cornered by this group of drunk guy's.

"They jumped out of their car, and started beating the guys up.he said they tied them up loaded them in the car got Mama to tell him where she lived and drove them over to their parents house.

"Of course Mama's parents were confused why some guys were knocking on their door when Daddy told them what happened."Aunt Lena replied.

"What happened?"Anthony asked.

"Grandma, and Grandpa, were angry of course called Mama's friends parents and they drove over to Mama's house.

"When the other parents showed up the asked about the guys who did it and that's when Daddy opened the door and told them they were tied up in the car beaten bad."Aunt Lena replied.

"Then what'd they do?"Huck asked.

"Daddy and his friends were instructed to take them to the backyard.they did and the father's went about beating them too."Aunt Lena replied.

"Wow Liv remind us never to piss you off that bad."Harrison said.

"They got arrested and put in jail.As Dad was leaving he told his friends that he had just found the woman who would be his wife."Aunt Lena replied.

"That's really sweet."Quinn said.

"What are you trying to say?"Olivia asked.

"What I'm trying to say is you can live a long time, never knowing you are missing something until you find it and realise you can't go on without it."Aunt Lena said.

"I understand because once I fell in love with Fitz, my life stopped being just mine."Olivia replied.

"That's what love is Livvie, when the feelings you have for the other person totally consume you."Aunt Janet said.

"Thank you Aunt Janet."Olivia replied.

"So were is the church you were talking about?"Brodrick asked.

"Follow me I'll show you the way."Cyrus replied.

The group made their way to the Whitehouse church doors Cyrus opens the doors and the group walks in.

"Oh,this is really nice."Aunt Lena exclaimed.

"Do you want to have the wedding in here or just a little elopement in the Oval?"Harrison asked.

"Liv,if you feel more comfortable we could just marry in the oval."Fitz said.

"Okay."Olivia replied.

"Liv,I want this to be special for​ you."Fitz said.

"I'm gonna become your wife that's special enough."Olivia replied.

"Are you sure Liv?"Anthony asked.

"Yes Ant,I'm positive."Olivia said.

"As long as you're certain."Anthony replied.

A few minutes later Anthony's girlfriend joins them.

"Sorry I'm late traffic was crazy."Sydney said.

"I'm just happy you made it."Anthony replied.

"Yeah I'm glad I could come."Sydney said.

"Oh,here we were given secure phones to use."Anthony replied.

"That's sweetheart."Sydney said.

"It's nice of you to come on short notice."Fitz replied.

"Mr.President, I'm glad I could come when Ant explained the situation to me I didn't want to miss it.Liv is the sister I never had and they welcomed me with open arms.you see I don't have any family left.

"And when Ant introduced me to them they made me apart of their family and I will always be greatful and love them for that."Sydney said.

"You can call me Fitz your going to be family once I marry Liv."Fitz replied.

"I'll bring her up to speed on where we're at."Cyrus said.

Meanwhile Fitz and Olivia the Aunt's​ and Uncles stood to the side watching Anthony and Sydney talking.

"I'm telling you those two are going to be the next to take the plunge."Aunt Lena said.

"How can you tell?"Abby asked.

"Well for starters Fitz and Liv and Anthony and Sydney are like benge watching old romantic movies on TCM. they way they get lost in each other's eyes tells you that they are madly in love."Aunt Lena said.

"She's right."Quinn replied.

"You can see it and feel it."Abby said.

Quinn looked at the couples and it gave her hope that she too would one day have that.

"They are blessed​."Deacon replied.

"Yes,they are."Broderick said.

"They could use all the blessings they can get."Janet replied.

Olivia was lost in thought she didn't notice Fitz wrap his arms around her and whisper in her ear.

"Hey, where did you go?"Fitz asked.

"I was thinking about Vermont."Olivia said.

"What about it?"Fitz asked.

"When we talked about it, I never really visualized the house I just knew we would be in Vermont making Jam and you would run for mayor.

"Being inside that house made it real for me I was able to picture it clearly.

"You know, the reason why I backed out of marrying you before it was because of your marriage to Mellie in part but how hard we worked to get you into the Whitehouse.

"I didn't want you to be vilified because you were in love with your campaign manager."Olivia said.

"I'm​ just glad that's a hurdle we got over."Fitz replied.

"I'm glad too Fitz."Olivia said.
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