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old cigarettes | min yoongi

Chapter 2

you pulled open the back door to your shop with great difficulty, the frost of the oncoming winter having practically frozen the door shut. you locked the back door after you heaved your suitcase into the back room of the music shop, brushing yourself off before heading into the main shop floor.

“jin-ae!” you called to your sister as you took your shoes off, leaving them by the door. you weaved your way past the various musical instruments and stands of sheet music to the set of stairs behind the counter. that was where you lived. you and your sister shared a flat on top of your shop, one of the few things your parents had left you.

hearing nothing in reply, you scowled. “jin-ae!” you repeated, louder, up at the flat as you checked the sign on the store door. it was still on the open sign from the front. sighing, you turned it around so the closed sign jin-ae had made ages ago in elegant red script faced the front. you loved your sister with all your heart, but you had to admit, it did feel like lately you were the only one pulling your weight around here.

you stormed up the stairs, not having nearly enough patience to deal with this. your mind had been racing ever since your encounter with yoongi, and all you wanted to do at that moment was sleep. your flat was small, having only a combined kitchen and small living room, and a small hallway that separated into two rooms and a bathroom. one for you, and one for your sister.

you knocked loudly on jin-ae’s door, shouting her name. knowing your sister, she’d probably finished up the shop an hour before closing time and was now on her phone with her headphones on, making the phone bill way more than it needed to be, and way more than you could afford. after there was no answer, you opened the door, your pissed expression clearly showing on your face as your sister fumbled around at the sudden movement at the door.

“you gonna explain yourself?” you said, folding your arms and leaning against the door frame. jin-ae opened and closed her mouth a couple of times, but said nothing. after a while, she hung her head discretely trying to hide her phone and headphones under the covers of her bed.

“don’t bother hiding it,” you scowled and she stopped trying. “did anyone come by today?”

jin-ae nodded slightly. “y-yeah,” she began, getting up from her bed, “that man i was telling you about that plays one of the pianos sometimes. he came in and asked for ‘the girl who plays guitar in the park’ so i had to tell him that you were out.”

“huh.” you nodded to yourself slightly, biting your bottom lip. you still didn’t quite know what to think about the whole yoongi situation.

“that reminds me,” jin-ae said, brushing her brown hair behind her ear, “that was the first time i’d heard his voice before. it sounded familiar and it took me awhile to realize, but,” she leant in close to you, “he totally sounds like suga, the idol from BTS.” jin-ae leant away again, putting a hand over her mouth to hide her excited giggles.

you blinked. “who?” if he was famous, that would explain the bucket hat and mask. but if he was famous, why would he want to take time out of his schedule to see your performances?

your little sister gasped at you. “suga is only apart of the world’s most famous k-pop group, who’s real name is min yoongi and he was born on the 9th of march, 1993-”

“wait, what was his real name?” you said, interrupting her over-obsessed speech.

jin-ae looked at you for a second. “min yoongi. why?”

it hit you like a car. min yoongi, the man you finally met for the first time this afternoon, was in fact the famous idol suga, and was also the man who’d practically been supporting the two of you for a while now. he was apparently also the man your little sister seemed to be obsessed over. you clicked your tongue. “oh.” you dragged the word out, as if it could convey all your answered questions at once.

“come on, let’s make dinner. i’ve got a story for you.” you said, turning out of your sister’s room to dump your coat and to change into more casual night clothes before making dinner. both of you started cooking dinner with little to no conversation after you denied telling your story until you both were sitting at the table.

after about ten minutes, dinner was ready and jin-ae sat opposite you on the floor, her hands hard pressed against the wooden table. you calmly took a sip of your tea as jin-ae stared at you, seeing if she could make you tell her the story via telepathy. taking a deep breath, you relayed what had happened that afternoon. by the time you were finished, jin-ae’s mouth was hanging open.

“i’m so jealous!” she whined, scrunching her hands to her face. “not only is the suga coming to your performances, but you even held his hand!”

you almost choked on the bit of meat you were swallowing. “what? it wasn’t like that.”

“oh, really?” jin-ae wiggled her eyebrows. “are you sure you don’t have any feelings for him?”

“i’m not one of those young adult fiction protagonists who falls in love with the first man she sees, jin-ae,” you took another sip of your tea, burning the roof of your mouth. “so, how’s studying going?” you said, changing the subject hastily. your sister was in her final year of high school. she was bright, but you couldn’t afford to send her to a proper school, instead she had to go to a public school.

“good... it would be better if our parents were here, though, since we’re learning about drugs and the like in physical education.” she said, taking a bite of her meal. maybe it was just you, but you swore there was a hint of malice behind her words.

“you know neither of us could control happened to them.” you said, trying to soften your gaze.

jin-ae sighed. “i know, it’s just... you dried your tears quickly, so now i feel weak.”

“i dried my tears quickly so i could get to work and help us not starve since you know, we were - well, are - technically orphans.” you said, taking another drink. “it’s a shame all their money they left behind went to waste so quickly.”

jin-ae flinched. she knew very well what had happened to all your parents’ money, as she was the one who spent it out partying with her friends. “i’m... going back to my room now,” she said, quietly getting up and placing her plate in the sink before locking herself in her room again.

“don’t use too much time on the phone, and it’s your turn to wash the dishes.” you shouted over your shoulder. you shook your head to yourself. a secret part of you still held a grudge over jin-ae spending all your inheritance. she didn’t even tell you that she did either, you just checked the bank account one day to find it all gone. and when you confronted her about it, she cried. but that didn’t stop you from yelling at her. after all, how could she be so stupid? the both of you had inherited your parents’ money after they’d died in a car crash a little over a year ago. you were in the car with them at the time, but the worst you suffered was a broken leg and arm. it had made you feel incredibly guilty for a long time, but you soon realized you now had to look after jin-ae now that your parents weren’t around, so you repressed it as much as you could and saved your tears.

a knocking on the door downstairs interrupted your thought train. “i’ll get it!” you yelled to your sister as you quickly grabbed your coat and walked down the stairs, even though you didn’t expect her to get it anyway. there was a man silhouetted against the shop door, and you silently prayed it wasn’t a robber. but then again, what kind of robber knocks?

you opened the shop door, pushing your hair behind your ear and began your, “sorry, sir, we’re closed,” spiel before you stopped mid-sentence. you silently gaped. of course.

min yoongi, or better known as suga, was standing in front of you.

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