The prince of the Ever Isles wouldn't be the one most would first think of when hearing the word, "withdrawn". One evening, the prince finds himself sitting under an old white oak tree and by chance meets a guard on duty. First impressions lead them to hate each other, but over time layers unfold, and their true selves show, uninhibited by those who control them.

Adventure / Romance
𐇵 han 𔓘
Age Rating:


While the White Oak sits in leisure,
under it's leaves lies the reaping
of a common spring day boy with words
of sentiments from his scholarly studies.

Prince Taehyung of the Ever Isles lives by the grace of his parents, the king and queen, who sponsor parties under his name to attract the eyes of royalty from every corner of the world. By the eve of the next full moon, he is meant to marry a princess of his choosing, and his parents' blessing. What becomes of his free will when a trifling new guard comes staggering to his feet, winded and red in the face?

⠀⠀⠀a taegguk fanfiction. y2kook © 2021

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