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DC Paramount


This is the first chapter in the DC Paramount epic sprawling the entire start to end of the this incarnation of the DC Universe. This work is the companion piece holding the written script elements of the performed radio play of this story.

Action / Fantasy
Robert Ruppel
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The universe began with a great burst of energy. Spreading endlessly outward to build a grand and mighty universe.

With time this universe gathered planets and those planets gathered life. This first life was bountiful in the power of the source. They developed quick, harnessed their potential well before their time had come. They grew greedy quick and realized their power would be shared about the universe if the source were to continue to spread onward to eternity.

So, they constructed the Source Wall. They slayed the first great beasts of the universe and cut off the source with an immense wall of their corpses. These creatures who would do such a thing became known as the Gods.

The Gods spread about the universe post the Source Wall’s construction, all in search of planets and peoples to take as their own. Some were just, some were cruel, others were neglectful but the scourge of the God’s power and dominion over the universe spread like a plague.

For many eons the God’s kept to themselves, developing their worlds on their own. That was primed to change thanks to one particularly cruel god known as Mobius.

The first true scientific mind of the universe, Mobius directly creates the idea of technology with his self-produced mechanistic swarms that do his every bidding. He finds himself in control of a system known as Colu where he has a highly intelligent species under his subjugation. He of course pays no credit to their potential outside of one individual. A Coluan Man of Science and Knowledge known as Vril Dox was taken under Mobius’ wing for some odd reason.

Vril served as Mobius’ personal apprentice in all things technomancy. Vril was the second individual to ever learn of technology and modified many of Mobius’ personal designs to a point of heavy improvement. These realities would both infuriate and please Mobius as the two work to produce Mobius’ intergalactic war fleet.

The first of its kind, Mobius holds the bold ambition of being the first God to conquer the others. The fleet is completed at record speeds under Vril’s direction with Mobius’ resources and power. Eventually the day of departure draws near as Mobius and Vril celebrate the night before departure.

The God breaks bread with his only friend as he muses about his ambitions for the war to come. Vril smirks at Mobius’ musings which quickly upsets the inebriated God.

“Who are you to make such a face at the soon to be ruler of the Universe, Dox? Do my aspirations amuse you?” M

Vril raises his hands in a settling motion to his ruler and steps forward.

“My dear lord. I would never do such a thing. I just know that I have learned from you to not count a victory before it occurs.” V

Mobius points at Vril in knowing agreement as he swigs another taste from his drink.

Mobius then puts his hands on the table pushes himself up into standing position. He takes a moment of pause to get his footing. In that moment, he realizes Vril’s hands haven’t lowered. In a moment of fear Mobius ignites his palm with energy extending it forward. As he does a metallic pike spears through his wrist, quickly severing his hand. Another mechanical tentacle appears to his other side, he recognizes the machinery. These are his drones. He extends his hand to beckon them to return to his control. They move to his palm as he calms for but a moment as the swarm gathers at an immense rate and Mobius soon realizes that his control has not returned. He screams out in anger and curses Vril’s name as he is swarmed further. Eventually the swarm fills his mouth bringing the screams to an end.

Mobius comes to as nothing more than a white face in a wall of moving machines. Vril stands before him in wild glee. Vril explains how he knew the easiest way to stop Mobius was to supply him long enough to gain a simple trust that could easily be manipulated. Vril then explains that the Coluans have been set free but the War Machine will still be departing. Mobius snarls at this information.

“What you think you’re going to take my machines off your world and you will be safe from me or the rest of the universe. You are a fool whose grave you will see soon.” M

“You don’t get it Mobius. I didn’t cheat you. I helped you make a fleet fit to destroy and conquer any God you may face. I will still be used for that purpose, just not for your glory, but rather the safety of my people and all peoples. Any God could have the potential to be you so they must be ended.” V

“Ended. You say it likes it’s so easy to stop us. You think this will hold me forever? You think you can kill another God without my power?” M

“No I don’t think I can. That’s why I will be killing you before you can get out and will be taking your power. Goodbye Lord Mobius, without your knowledge and mentorship none of this would have been possible. I will build my throne upon your name and you will be know as my Mobius Chair.” V

“You dar……eckkk…..(snap)” M

The wall of machine contorts and twists and Mobius neck is twisted in circles until death is ensured. His body is then torn in two. As this occurs a burst of energy spews from the torn insides, all of which Vril pulls inward into himself. The mobius machines then swarm around Vril as he begins to grow in height as the machines define his body and grow throughout him.

The now monstrous and mechanized Vril steps forward to the command center of the fleet’s forward ship. He hails the freed Coluans and tells them of his mission. They seem somber at the news of his departure but sing praises of his victory. Vril promises to return in due time once his quest has ended and Colu is eternally safe. He ends his transmission and sends the fleet outward into the universe.

Vril kept to his word and took to the universe’s God like an antivirus to their plague. Mobius’ information was minor and only mapped world he visited prior to settling on Colu but with them along with free space exploration, Vril found system after system under the rule of Gods and wherever he would go he would kill the God in charge. Mobius’ power and technology as well as Vril’s mind was just far too superior for any single God to face alone. Even the few who gathered together fell under his might.

Eventually word spread about the universe about Vril’s conquest. The greater collective of Gods gathered at their home world of Genesis, the first planet. There they held court on what actions to take against Vril. The strong and violent amongst them opted for war while the caring and simple wanted peace. Majority eventually favored war and an army of the first Gods rose to meet Vril’s now massive and expanded fleet, leaving a small amount of Gods on Genesis who opted not to fight.

The battle of the Gods and Vril’s forces was a short one. It took only a few hours as the strongest warriors in the universe, mad emperors and heroics deities alike, all fell to the might of Vril’s machines. The gods are vaporized and torn to shreds by mechanical appendages. Vril watches the carnage with mild distain as his supposed “grand threats” are slaughtered by his means before his very eyes.

The Massacre at the Middle of the Universe is a story that spreads quick about the universe. It is told in many ways in many languages but the key message is clear, the Gods are done. Any remaining Gods who didn’t attend the war either retreated to Genesis to isolate with the remaining survivors or saw early ends via uprising by their followers or Vril’s final loose ends.

Vril is not satisfied with the Gods defeat in battle as a sure enough victory over the threat they could one day pose. Against new ally advise, Vril followed the remaining Gods to their homeworld of Genesis but not before they were able to channel their powers into a protective field around the planet. For all his might, Vril was unable to destroy the field.

Vril relented after a time and returned to Colu. His stay was not long as he relinquished any responsibility brought on in his leadership in the overthrow of the Gods. He speaks of leaving to search the farthest reaches from the Source Wall for knowledge to help protect the universe from would be rulers.

He departs soon after into the dark cosmos.

Eons pass. Vril is gone a long time.

But no he has returned. He is different. Spiderlike inn nature, more machine than living creature. Multiple eyes that come out of his face. His fleet is no more.

He arrives at Colu in a single ship. The planet is in turmoil. In the millennia that Vril has been gone Colu prospered for a short time but now finds itself in a intense planetary civil war.

Vril arrives at the capital and meets with the present leaders. He proposes both parties meet with him as the negotiator. The myth of Vril Dox was enough to bring it together. Once both sides meet they explain the longwinded disputes with each other and also give a pretty good sense that without the Gods most other planets are not doing so hot. Most in similar conflicts. Vril starts to unnerve the leaders throughout the discussion.

Vril eventually cuts in with view.

“This conflict is small. We used to fight for the universe. The threat to our sovereignty is still out there.”

He gets up extends his creepy legs and starts to walk on the table.

“You’re focus is small. I am so glad that I have returned before you all destroyed yourselves. You see I found what I was looking for in my journeys away. A way to finally defeat the Gods once in for all. I intend to see this fight to the end.” V

He turns with a devious smile as he looks at all the planets leaders.

“To do that I am going to need an army. And once it’s done I will have you all under one mind. One life. Which is no life. The Anti Life. Then there will peace. No need to fight any longer. I thank you for being my first soldiers, (tentacle takeover thing)….its good to be home.” V

Mechanical tendrils evacuate from all parts of Vrils body, shoving their way into the men. Both tearing them to gory pieces and simultaneously making them anew. After a short but horrendous while the room is filled with gore, Vril and a vast group of silent fleshy machines with faces resembling those of the takeover bodies.

One steps forward and asks for commands from Lord Brainiac. Vril chuckles and orders each drone to go assimilate their former families then expand exponentially outward from all militarily viable locations.

It takes about 5 weeks but Colu falls the Brainiac with little to no lose on Brainiac’s end.

Once Colu is finalized Brainiac turns his fleet outward to bring “peace” to the universe. Musing about his similarities to his once mentor and master, Mobius.

“If he could see me now. Stupid motherfucker.”

Word travels fast through the broken universe of Brainiacs becoming and he slowly takes planets as he expands outward. It becomes known as the horde. Soon all those who can escape flee to Genesis. Hordes of refugee vessels hover around the planet and the Gods still hesitate to drop the barrier.

The Gods are then joined by unique God from the far end of the Universe. She is heavily scarred and brings word of how true of a threat Brainiac is. Worse than his first incursion he has discovered sum buried concept that slipped from behind the source wall hidden by the Far Gods at the dawn of time. He was something different, he had become the first New God.

The Gods fall into chatters of fear and sorrow at their soon to be demise as Gaia yells to quiet the room. She steps on a table and explains how her power from the Source is one of life and creation. She explained that she cultivated her own planet in the farthest and youngest system in the universe. She created New Gods of her own. Her two sons, Nabu and Lazarus.

She explains that Brainiac met her as Vril. Attacked her at first but she calmed him with ideas of peace. He explained his vengeful plans but she tried to show him the beauty of life and explain away the fears of the Gods that did wrong. She shares that she agrees that the Gods that Brainiac felled the first time were cruel and that’s why she escaped them at the Dawn of the Gods. Ran as far as she could so she could make life on her own and raise is safely and kindly. She shows Brainiac her first stages of human life.

Her sons are just boys in their early teens. She teaches them to cultivate the humans, Nabu has a knack for it, Lazarus opts more for adventure. Brainiac stays on her planet for a short time continuously observing Gaia. He eventually thanks her for her time and hospitality before departing. He ambushes her that night. He turns into this spiderlike creature and steals something from her. A part of her powers she refuses to use with only Lazarus being the other to have it. The ability to take life, in its essence, the power itself was death by the retraction of life, anti-life. It immediately festers in Brainiac expanding the already intense dark nesses within him to the utmost degree.

Gaia throws him from atop her as he mutates on the floor into the creature he is now. Gaia goes full power mode and beats the shit out of this changing Brainiac. He retreats off world as he recuperates and grows into his new power.

She finishes her tale and explains he never returned to her home but she still new he was out there. She made it impossible for anyone to find her home and left her boys to come stop him.

The Gods are still fearful after this tale but Gaia insists they come together and share their powers in her and she will create a New God with the strength to face down Brainiac.

They all come together and Gaia does as she promised. She creates her new son, Uxas. His growth is fast, he is a young man in a few weeks’ time. He is trained in his power by his mother, he is trained in how to learn and cultivate his own powers. He is taught how to create.

Eventually Gaia realizes Uxas needs to grow on his own. She rallies the remains Old Gods and charges them with her power. The Old Gods already know the plan and are ready to go. Their time is over but the universe still needs to go on. Gaia tells Uxas to lead them well as she opens the barrier letting all the refugees in to populate Genesis as the Old Gods make their exits in their ships.

Gaia leads the Old Gods to meet Brainiac and his forces once again at the middle of the universe. The battle is fierce and Gaia leads them well but most every god falls. Gaia alone fends off the horde at the end and just before she is swallowed up she lets something in herself go, exploding out in energy. The blast stops Brainiacs forces in its tracks for a time. Brainiac himself shocked into a frozen state. At the cost of her life and the last of the Old Gods, Brainiac has been stopped for a time.

Uxas looks out at the refugee ships landing on Genesis. He feels his mother's life die out. He is filled with rage but focus' himself and begins to prepare for the day Brainiac comes.

Time passes and eventually, Brainiac and his forces regain control and break from Gaia's final magics. His conquest resumes.

Uxas has grown in this time away. He has set about propping up those Genesis and shares in his power, making many a New God. The most significant is his right hand man of Izaya. The defacto leader of the refugees who befriended Uxas early in the rebuilding. Together they have made Genesis into an actual society again.

Uxas has found another kindred spirit in his newly found love, Madam Goodness. A strong woman willing to fight by his side no matter what.

This collective of survivors have banded together and become strong. The New Gods know what is coming and hold no fear because they are ready. Gaia has ensured them that with her sacrifice.

Word eventually comes from the brave few who set out to monitor Brainiac's slumber. At the cost of their lives, the message makes it back to Genesis. The Gods prepare themselves for the fight of their lives and the universe itself.

Uxas powers up and makes his way out of the protection field surrounding Genesis. He will serve as the front line with Goodness and Izaya backing him up.

Eventually the time comes. The dark horde creeps from the depths of space. From the see of death machines and stolen lives, Brainiac makes himself present.

Uxas stares at this corrupted creature. The monster that killed the Old Gods, his mother and if Uxas doesn't do something, soon the entire universe. He feels the power within him, the power of his mother, screaming out to defy the Antilife at all costs.

With the sea of death before him and nothing but Genesis and the Source Wall behind him, Uxas presses forward to face the dark.

The three warriors spearhead themselves into battle, heading directly for Brainiac and it is as if they have fought together for eons. Goodness smashes machines with ease as Izaya creates multiple constructs to keep them protected while bringing similar damage. This clears the path for Uxas to make his play for Brainiac and he does just that.

With a might burst of power Uxas launches himself into the mechanistic overlord, sending the creature back and immense distance. Brainiac cracks his neck and smirks before lunging back in retaliation. Uxas rushes to meet his attack head on and the two titans collide with a sonic boom. They smash their fists into each other with such might that chunks tear off each other as fast they regenerate. Eventually, Izaya and Goodness are merely fending off the drone horde from swarming Uxas and Brainiac so their fight can continue.

This changes when Brainiac realizes his folly and redirects his drones to face attention towards Genesis. They begin to move towards the planet with Uxas demanding Goodness and Izaya follow suit so they can lead the New Gods in their defense. The two agree and depart in chase of the horde.

Once they are far enough away, Brainiac begins to taunt Uxas with words of his friends and planets' awaiting doom. Uxas is unvexed by this but when Brainiac makes mention of him dying like the stupid woman who faced him before, Uxas cuts loose.

His eyes begin to glow as he lets Gaia flow through him as he begins to beat Brainiac back. As he does so, the massive war ship prepared over the decades of Brainiacs slumber rise from Genesis to meet his forces. All the Gods are here to fight for their lives and simple wait for a single battle to decide their fates. Uxas looks at the rising defense and smiles.

"You've already lost."

Uxas; immense power begins to show itself as he begins to pelt Brainiac with a reinvigorated force of blows sending him ricocheting off his own forces. His technology beginning to strip from his body no longer keeping pace with the blows as before. Something is changing, he is losing that which he held onto so dearly severely. Brainiac bubbles in rage at the idea that his power and goals for universe would be stifled by an ant such as Uxas.

In a final burst of Anit-life using the last of his power, he envelops himself in energy and machine, making a massive and demonic rendition of himself. He sends this vessel directly towards Genesis, destroying whole vessels in his wake. Hoping to end this battle in one desperate and colossal move.

Uxas has no time for such foolishness and brings himself to face the monster. He screams with power and conviction which echoes out across the universe. As he does this a light begins to grow from him, a last gift from his dear mother before she left to face Brainiac. Her last true burst of power stored deep in Uxas for this moment. The light surrounds him and makes a figure the size to match Brainiac.

The first two New Gods then face off in a fist fight for the ages, with each blow brings massive explosions of lights and concussive force. Brainiacs drones are incinerated by the millions with the landing of each fist as New God vessels are sent flying out into space from the shock waves.

This brawl eventually dwindles down the two fighters till only their proper forms remain. Brainiac is at his limit, the Antilife drained from him fully. He attempts to fight on but Uxas tells him thats over and he has lost.

"It will never be over, tiny god. It may not be me who brings it but the universe will be under Antilife and then we will all be at peace. To deny it is to deny the inevitable. I was merely trying to help it along but you will never truly defeat me because you will never truly defeat it. Now do your worst. "

Uxas is taken aback by these final words from the dark demogog he had heard so much about. He ponders his words and sees the sadness of what Vril had become from what he once was. He feels the same pity his mother felt for the creature. An unlucky man met by an undeserving and cruel god who became a monster to face him. The time for forgiveness for such a tragedy has gone now but he can at least show him mercy. With that Uxas lands the final blow and the scourge of the universe is finally beaten. Alive but beaten.

As this occurs, all surrounding mechanistic life taken over by the Antilife begins to finally die a proper death and fade away, leaving a very empty universe in its wake.

Uxas does not remember the true closings to the battle as he falls faint after the battle is won but he and Brainiac are retrieved by Izaya and when he does awake, he does so to a grateful people.

Brainiac is imprisoned in post of the battle and the New Gods begin to rebuild. Uxas and his companions gather on Genesis and celebrate in their victory.

The celebration goes for quite sometime but eventually ends as all must and the New Gods turn to rebuilding and repopulating a devastated universe as they begin the process of growing back from the brink. This time under the ideas of Gaia, lead under the steady hand of Uxas, the victor of the Universe.

The gods begin to live again under the light this new day in the universe. Excitedly awaiting its next chapter.

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