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Haikyuu meets My Hero Academia! The Quirks and art is provided by Kelfrito Art on instagram. The plot is all my own however, and I hope you all enjoy this story!

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Character Profiles

Shoyo Hinata: Hero in training. Quirk: Thermo-Kinetic Conversion. Ability to absorb light energy from the sun and convert it to kinetic and thermal energy, allowing himself to propel himself at high speeds or create short flame bursts. Hero Name: Little Red
Tobio Kageyama: Hero in training. Quirk: "Murder O' Crows." Able to split his body into many crows, while retaining control of each one. Hero Name: King Crow
Kei Tsukishima: Hero in training. Quirk: Salt. By manipulating the salinity in organic materials (including himself), he can rapidly dehydrate, make highly conductive, or even create crystalline structures for defense. Hero Name: Stingyshima
Tadashi Yamaguchi: Hero in training. Quirk: Phantom. His body can become intangible by shifting his molecules between dimensions. While in this form, he can use his ghostly possession ability to manipulate another body and even use their Quirks at their most basic capacity. Hero Name: Spectre
Hitoka Yachi: Hero in training. Quirk: Shrink. By manipulating her own mass and density, she can shrink her body down small enough to fit in the palm of someone's hand. While shrinking, she gains momentary invulnerability. Hero Name: Yacchan
Kenma Kozume: Hero in training. Quirk: Pixel Stream. While naturally able to emit general hard light constructs, the support item on his wrist allows him to shape them to his will and even save them as a quick-select code for convenience. Hero Name: Kodzuken
Kentaro Kyotani: Hero in training. Quirk: Canine. Heightened senses and reflexes matching those of wild dogs. The higher his emotional state, the more dog-like traits manifest on his body. Hero Name: Mad Dog
Asahi Azumane: Hero in training. Quirk: Elongate. Able to make his arms rubber-like and elongate them. By quickly changing their property upon impact, he can strike, or spike, any object at high velocity. Hero Name: Man-Bun
Yu Nishinoya: Hero in training. Quirk: Healing Aura. Has the ability to manifest his own life energy as an aura that can both heal others and grant him great stamina and reflexes. Hero Name: The Guardian
Toru Oikawa: Hero in training. Quirk: Overheat. User can rapidly increase his internal body temperature and emit a steam-like vapor strong enough to melt the strongest steel. The hotter he gets, the tougher his body becomes. Hero Name: Grand King
Kiyoko Shimizu: Hero in training. Quirk: Fortify. She can make any object or person she touches, except herself, as hard as diamond. Effect only lasts as long as she remains within a 20ft radius of the subject. Hero Name: Goddess
Kotaro Bokuto: Hero in training. Quirk: Smoke. Allows him to produce very dense smoke from anywhere on his body. By turning himself into a cloud of smoke, he can also become intangible and glide around low pressure atmospheres. Hero Name: Airhead
Takanobu Aone: Hero in training. Quirk: Ferro-Morph. At will, his body can morph into different variations of weapons and shields with heavy, impenetrable iron properties. He can even detach them and let other use them as well. Hero Name: Iron Wall
Satori Tendo: Hero in training. Quirk: Primate. Agility and strength enhanced, mimicking that of several species of primates. When in danger, he instinctively becomes more feral. Hero Name: Guess Monster
Ryunosuke Tanaka: Hero in training. Quirk: Surging Palm. Channeling his own life force into the palm of his hands allows him to strike powerfully at incredibly high speeds. Prolonged use can drain his vitality and make him more susceptible to damage. Hero Name: Buddha
Koshi Sugawara: Hero in training. Quirk: Healing Water. Manipulating any source of water also allows him to imbue it with healing properties that can both self-heal his body and aid in the quick recovery of others. Hero Name: Mr. Refreshing
Keishin Ukai: Pro Hero. Quirk: Dense Energy. The cannon on his right arm allows him to shoot a high density energy ball. His right eye calculates ballistic trajectory physics, landing perfect shots every time. Hero Name: Top Setter
Wakatoshi Ushijima: Villain. Quirk: Cosmic Psionics. By channeling an other-worldly reserve of energy through his body, he can create energy blasts, enhance his psychokinetic abilities, and even demonstrate signs of telepathy. Villain Name: Miracle Boy
Tetsuro Kuroo: Villain. Quirk: Fowl Play. Along with physical rooster-like traits, his innate fighting spirit grants him nearly endless stamina as his anger rises. Villain Name: Rooster Head
Osamu and Atsumu Miya: Villains. Quirk: Somatic Warp. Using their identical genetic link as a beacon, they can warp through each other's bodies no matter the distance. They are even able to remain partially fused for short periods of time. Villain Name: The Twins
Kiyoomi Sakusa: Villain. Quirk: Toxin. His body can naturally secrete biohazardous fluid that causes nausea and sickly fatigue upon anyone who comes into contact with it. He can also store and wield it within support items found on his suit. Villain Name: Omi-Omi
Korai Hoshiumi: Villain. Quirk: Gorgon Gaze. Being caught in his gaze can completely petrify any living being, At the cost of a vast amount of stamina, he can even turn them into stone. Villain Name: Little Giant
When the creator of these crossover pictures and info things creates more, I'll update this page to include them.
Bye for now!
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