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I turned around to see who's hand it was. "Seriously?" i sighed and he smirked. "What? I wanna read it" Malfoy opened the book and i chuckled. "Uhm you- you're holding it upside down" i doubt he can even read. "Shut up" he said annoyed and threw the book at me. I catched it and went back to Jade.

"The library is closing in a while, we have our books so we can go to common room?" Jade asked and i agreed.

We sat on a leather couch in front of fireplace and i laid my head o her shoulder. "Don't tell me you're tired" she chuckled and i yawned. "Maybe a bit" i mumbled and she slapped her forehead. "It's not even 10pm" "Mhm" i didn't even listen to her, she started reading her book and i fell asleep after a while.

I woke up when someone slammed the door to common room. Jade wasn't there, i looked over to the person who slammed the door. "Go sleep to your dorm, Potter" he hissed and i just rolled my eyes. I got up and i slowly walked to my dorm. "Oh god you're so slow" "Shut up, i just woke up" he disappeared in his dorm and so did i.

"Why you left me there? You should've woke me up" i threw myself on my bed and i buried my head in pillows. "I'm sorry" she chuckled and continued reading her book. I, instead of doing something productive, fell asleep again.

"Maya! Maya get up!" Jade started shaking with me and i sat quickly. "What? Did we oversleep?" "No we didn't, but hurry up, we gotta go to breakfast" she was already in robes and fully woken up.

I went to bathroom where i brushed my teeth and put my hair in messy bun. I didn't even bother to put makeup because it wouldn't help anyway. I changed to robes and then we walked out of our dorm.

"Hey, Theo, do you mind if we sit here?" Jade asked and Theo smiled. "Yeah sure, it's fine" he answered and we sat. I drank some tea and i grabbed an apple. "That's everything you're gonna eat?" Theo stared at me and i nodded. "I'm not hungry" "She's weird" Jade mumbled while eating eggs.

"Move" i heard Malfoy's voice behind me and i turned around. "There's so much space" i pointed next to me where were 3 seats free atleast. He sighed and sat next to me.

He grabbed an apple as well and Theo shook his head. "What?" he said annoyed and Theo chuckled. "You two need some therapy" he joked and i rolled my eyes. Malfoy didn't even bother to react to that, not a surprise. I literally know him one day. Yesterday he was nice, now he's acting like an arogant son of a bitch.

"Are you sure we have the right book?" Theo sighed after we were looking for recipe which Snape said are on page 394. "It has to be there somewhere, maybe we're just blind"
"It's not there!" he threw the book on the table and Snape looked over to us. Jade and Malfoy looked at me from other side of classroom. "Any problem?" Snape came to us and i shook my head. "Yes, we can't find the recipe" Theo pointed at the book and Snape scoffed.

"Maybe you could try this one" he threw another book at him. Theo opened it and after a while searching, he found it. "Thank you professor" i smiled and he walked away. "I was right, as always" Theo said confidently and i chuckled. "Yeah, sure" i said ironically and he furrowed his brows.

We finished our Amortentia potion and we went to Jade and one of her friends.

"Now, every single one of you, will smell the potion and tell your partner what you smell" Snape said without any emotions. "You go first" I said to Theo and he rolled his eyes.

"I smell....Roses...maybe honey? And fresh cutted grass" he said and then i smelled it. "I think i smell books....." you know, like the smell when you open it for the first time "....apples and some flower, i can't tell what flower but yeah, some kind of flower" "So some bookworm attracts you, that's lame" he scoffed and i rolled my eyes. "It's not lame, the fact that you can't read doesn't mean it's lame" "Excuse me?" he pretended he's mad but then he started laughing.

"Maya? Can i ask you something?" Jade sat on my bed and i nodded. "Do you like Theo?" "Whaat? Oh god Jade nooo, he's just really good friend" "Okay, i was just curios" she smiled and i continued reading my book. "Do you like anyone?" i asked her after while and she smiled nervously. "Speak, now!" i sat and she sighed. "Do you know that guy from Hufflepuff, Cedric?" "I don't, but you have to show me who it is!" i jumped at her and she laughed. "Sure, sure, but he can't know anything!" "No worries" i smiled and she did as well.


Ellohaaa, I'm really having fun while I'm writing, so i wrote another chapter! I hope you're enjoying it as far, as i said in previous chapter, feel free to comment advices, suggestions, and stuff ♡︎

Ginny x

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