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"Mayaa, you really need to get up now!" Jade yelled at me from bathroom. "Mhmm" i mumbled and continued sleeping."Just get up! It's not that hard!" "No, I'm hibernating" i mumbled again."What? It's not even cold out- and you're not even an animal!" "Well...i could be" "Nevermind...Just get out of the bed!" she yelled again and i started laughing softly. "Mmkay I'm going"

When i was ready, i grabbed some stuff i needed for class and we went to breakfast. We sat with Theo and Malfoy, just like yesterday.

"Why are you here so early?" i mumbled as i was sitting down. "Early? The fact that you're lazy and you sleep all the time doesn't mean 8am is early" Malfoy scoffed and i rolled my eyes. Then i leaned my head on my hand, i wanted to sleep so bad. I have no idea why i was so tired. "Oh and by the way, today is party for slytherins in common room, starting at 9pm. Are you two coming?" Theo asked and Jade immediately nodded.

"Yes we'll be there" she said excitedly and i looked at her. "Do i look like I'm able to go to some party?" i asked her and she checked me. "You'll be good" she smiled at me and i put my head on table.

"Did you literally fall asleep again?" Malfoy burst into the table and i woke up quickly. "What the hell are you doing?" i mumbled angrily and he started laughing. "Shut up" i got up and headed to library.

"Maya! I haven't see you in while, how are you doing?" Harry walked over to me and i smiled. "I'm good, thanks for asking" i answered and he chuckled. "You've maybe heard the rumors already, one guy escaped from Azkaban....Sirius Black...Well there's some speculations that he could be around school so just be careful please" "Okay, well um thanks for telling me, i didn't know that. I gotta go now, see you later" i ran to library because my class was starting in a while.

" Where have you been?" Snape asked me just as i walked through doors to class, 10 minutes late. "I'm sorry, I stayed in the library little longer than i was supposed to" i answered and scanned the class looking for a seat.

"Pst...Potter" I've heard Malfoy voice and i looked at him. He pointed at free seat next to him so i sat there. "Just advice....Don't be late for Snape's class next time, he hates it" "He hates everything, doesn't he?" "Well...yeah that's true" he mumbled and when i wanted to say something, Snape interrupted me.

"Malfoy, Potter, detention tonight" Snape said and i looked at him. "I'm gonna kill you" i sighed and he smirked.

"Detentions with Snape and at night are the worst....Just be careful okay?" Theo said to me when i was getting ready for detention. I was wearing a black hoodie and blue mom jeans. "I'll be okay don't worry" i smiled at him and he nodded. "See you later then" i walked over to Malfoy who was waiting in a hallway and then we headed to Snape's office.

"I don't have time to get you some detention so i asked Hagrid to find some work for you two, so go over to him" he said and then he walked quickly away. He seemed kinda worried. "Detention with Hagrid? Easy" Malfoy scoffed and headed to Hagrid's hut.

"Okay you two, this is Aragogue....." he pointed at the biggest spider I've ever seen and i started going backwards until i bumped into Malfoy. "...I need you to feed him while I'm gonna look for Unicorn mur- i shouldn't even say that to you" "There are unicorn murderers?!" Malfoy asked him scared and Hagrid just walked away. He left some, he calls it food, for that spider....thing.

"Go ahead" Malfoy said to me and i just looked at him. "Hah.....there's no way I'm doing this" i scoffed and he looked around. "Let's get away from here then" "What? You wanna leave?" "Are you going to feed him?" "No" "Then just let's go" he started walking away and i followed him after a while hesitating.

"Do you hate me?" he asked out of nowhere. "I don't hate you, i just....Strongly dislike you" "Bitch..." he mumbled and i gasped. "Seriously? You're an total arse-" i didn't finish my sentence because I've heard really loud noice from the depth of the forest. "Did you-" "Yes I've heard it too" he answerd before and we both started going backwards.

"Take my hand" he said and i looked at him. "Huh? No" "Look, I'm not asking you to marry me, I'm trying to save your life!" he almost screamed because the noise was getting louder. I took his hand and i felt a bit dezorientated. All of sudden we were standing at astronomy tower.

"What the hell?!" i looked around and he chuckled "How did you-" "Don't ask" he shook his head and i just stared at him. "Now let's get to our dorms before someone sees us" he walked down the stairs and i followed him.

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