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"Maya what the hell are you doing here?" I've heard Harry's voice behind me. Malfoy kept walking and Harry walked over to me. "Malfoy, wait, we aren't supposed to go to our dorms anymore, we have to sleep in the great hall, it's because-" "Because of Sirius Black?" i interrupted him and he nodded. Malfoy turned around and headed to great hall, so did i and Harry.

I sat into my sleeping bag next to Jade and Theo. "How did detention go?" Theo asked me and i sighed. "Well um...Hagrid wanted us to feed this big spider and we just kinda...left?" i mumbled and Jade chuckled. "Woah, Snape is gonna kill you" "Well we had detention with Hagrid" "Well then i guess you'll be fine" Theo added to our conversation and i nodded.

Theo and Jade were already sleeping, like the rest of the students. I just couldn't sleep when i knew that the school could be in danger. I've heard voices from hallway, i got up quietly and i walked over there to check who it is. I leaned my back on wall and i recognized it's McGonagall. Someone covered my mouth and dragged me away. I wanted to scream but that would be a problem because I had no right to be up.

When the person finally let go of me i turned around to see Malfoy. "What the-" i started talking but he covered my mouth again. "Shut up Potter, you're gonna get us in trouble" he hissed and i furrowed my eyebrows.

"What are you even doing here?" he whispered and sighed. "I could ask you the same thing" i scoffed. I've heard someone walking our way so i started going backwards to some door. Malfoy followed me and we ended in a small room filled with brooms. "What is this room?" he asked and i shrugged my shoulders.

"What kf they're gonna catch us?" "They won't if you'll finally shut your mouth" he sighed and i rolled my eyes.

"Should we tell the Potters?...." we've heard McGonagall say behind the doors. "...Black could be dangerous to them" she continued and then walked away so we've heard nothing.

"What is she talking about?" Malfoy looked at me and i stayed quiet. He grabbed my cheek and turned my head so i looked at him. "Stop ignoring me" he whispered and i rolled my eyes. "I don't know" "And i don't believe you" he scoffed and i shook my head. "I don't know, believe me or not" i opened the door when i was sure the hallway is clear.

I walked into great hall and sat in my sleeping back again. I saw Malfoy doing the same thing and then Theo got up. "Why are you not sleeping?" he asked and i looked over to him. "I had a nightmare" i lied and he sighed. "Are you okay?" "Yes, yes I'm okay" i smiled and then he laid back. I laid as well and then i fell asleep.

In the morning, prefects leaded us to our dorms to grab some clothes and stuff we needed. We had to sleep in great hall one more night.

"Harry! I need to talk to you" i catches him in hallway and he smiled. "Hi, Maya" "Last night i was up at night and I've heard McGonagall talk about us. She said that Black could be dangerous to us" "What? Shouldn't she like, warn us if he's dangerous to us?" he asked and i nodded. "Well yeah. I just wanted you to know" "Thanks, be careful okay? And stay in your sleeping bag at night" he chuckled and walked away.

I wanted to spend some time with him, but he probably has something more important to do. He always does honestly.

I headed to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. I sat on floor and rested my head on my knees.

"Maya Potter isn't it?" Myrtle asked me and i nodded. "You look sad" she flew over to me and i nodded again. "What's the problem?"
"It's not important" i wiped of a tear which was running down my cheek. "I think someone is coming, you better go and hide" she whispered and i ran into one of the cabins.

I've heard Snape mumbling something. I couldn't hear what he was saying but i recognized it's him. I opened door a bit so i could hear better, but it made really loud sound.
"Who's there?" he mumbled and walked over to my cabin. he opened door slowly and i looked at him. "What are you doing here Potter?" he said and i stayed quiet. "Follow me" he said and walked away. I followed him and we eneded in his office.

"What were you doing there?" "I needed to be alone for a while" i answered after a while and he sighed. "You know you're not allowed to walk around castle by yourselves" "I know I'm sorry" i mumbled and he sighed again. "Will you punish me or-" "No i won't, just go to the great hall" i nodded and i did what he said.

What the hell was that? He was nice and he didn't give me any punishment, that's weird. He's never nice, he's the type of guy who's rude and mean all the time.

I walked over to Theo who was standing infront of great hall. "Are you okay?" i asked him and he looked at me. "Theo were you...were you crying?" i mumbled and he looked into the ground. I didn't say anything, i just hugged him. "What's wrong?" "Nothing" he mumbled. I just looked at him and he did as well. "Whatever it is, it'll be okay. I'm here if you need anything" "It's okay, thanks Maya" he tried to smile and i smiled too.

We went to great hall to Jade and others. "Well, since the party had to be cancelled, it'll be the first night we'll be able to go to our dorms again" Some slytherin guy said and everyone agreed. I wasn't really listening to them then. I wss just staring at one place and said nothing. "You okay?" Malfoy mumbled and looked at me. "I guess" i answered and he sighed.

This is one of the most random chapters I've ever written lmao, well i needed to write something because I was bored af, i hope you like it ♡︎
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