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N/ATale is about a young boy ,Sayakio, he comes across a portal leading the ‘Anti-Sphere’ where he meets his new friends! This story takes up in a small magical world. This tells a story of a group of friends and their adventures they will take.

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Chapter 1 “A white string and small portalway”

Wednesday Nov 1st, 2003
12:40 am, St. Avenue Bus Stop. Winter

As I stand waiting in the snow for the bus to arrive I see glowing white figure. since it was midnight I couldn’t see it all to well but it seemed to be staring back at me. It reminded me of an old friend ,Player, but I ignored it and looked down at my phone still waiting for the bus to come, the white figure I had seen, was gone. I thought nothing if it then, as the bus arrived I started to think “What was that thing”. The bus stops ,waiting for me to get on, though I stand staring back where I had seen the figure, I shook my head grabbed onto the railing and pulled myself onto the bus. As I walk down the aisle to find a seat I see the white figure again outside the window, it’s back where I had saw it but this time I saw it’s bright red eyes staring at me as I sat down in a seat ,I stare at it then look away holding tightly onto phone, as I stare down trying not to be noticed by anyone ,mainly because I have dried blood on my face from when I died- and yes..I died, I'm a walking dead person with dried blood and black eyes but that’s not the point. The bus starts to dive and I start to calm down sitting calmly staring at the seat in front of me. I look down at my phone the time now was ,1:04 am Middle of the night, I look up and stare out the window as we pass buildings ,an hour passed by and I finally arrived home. As I exit the bus and walk toward the entrance of the house I turn to watch the bus as it drives off ,now it’s about 2 or 3 am, I walk to the front of the house and open the door waiting for one of my brothers ,Genocide and Pacifist, to come running up to me telling me some crazy story. It’s only been a year since we all got back together, I got used to coming home and one of them telling me something that happened to them. Since it was the middle of the night I thought they were asleep. I set down my backpack by the door and walk upstairs and down a hall to my bedroom I open the door and set down my phone on a stool by my door. I stand their trying to remember that white figure I saw- but now it was all a blur. I walk over to my bed and sit down. But the only thing I could remember was the way it’s bright red eyes stared at me. I lay down trying to sleep, but the only thing I could think of is what that thing was. Sooner or later I fall asleep and then wake up to Pacifist calling me down for breakfast. I slowing get up and force myself out of bed walking downstairs to see Pacifist and Genocide waiting for me. I sit down beside Paci ,Pacifist, “I saw a figure last night before I came home I can’t really remember much, now it’s all a blur to me” I say hesitantly. “I saw something like that to but I went to bed and thought it was nothing” Genocide says standing up concerned.
I look at paci waiting for a response but he looks down and says nothing, I stand up and walk to the door grabbing my backpack “I could take us to where I saw the figure, it wasn’t far so we can walk.” I say calmly putting my phone into my bag and throwing it over my shoulders. I look back at them for a response, Genocide nods his head and grabs his phone walking to door and opening it, as he does Pacifist gets up and walks over “ok...where did you see this figure” he says nervously. I smile back at him and start walking out the door leading Gen ,Genocide, and Paci ,Pacifist. We walk past the garden and walk along the sidewalk to a small light post, we cross the road quickly to the other side and we walk for about 20 minutes til we got the the other side of the bus stop where I had seen the figure. Though it wasn’t there anymore, but there was a white string leading far out into the woods. Pacifist leans down picking the string up in his hands and holding it, “what is this...?” Pacifist says pushing his hand toward me in confusion. “I guess it was left by the thing I saw last night.” I grab the string from his hands and hold it there looking far out trying to see where it stops. “We could follow to where the string leads.” Genocide says pointing out to the woods where the string was leading. I look at Genocide then to Pacifist waiting for them to say something. I get the courage to lead the way pulling the string as I go threw all the brush and tall grass, Genocide and Pacifist follow slowly behind me threw the brush pushing the tall grass and vines out of the way. We reach the other side, there is a small forest, the white string goes threw the trees and down a small hill, we look at each other and then begin walking again following the string though as I hold it in my hands it starts to feel soft ,like cotton, we reach the bottom of the hill and hear a faint sound of whistling and blowing wind ,although it was clear and sunny out, we slowing walk reaching the end of the string ,the ending is burnt and torn, we look up and see a glowing white circular object- almost like a portal. In fact ,it was a portal, it was glowing white with black circling it. We look into it, we thought the magic from our au had been destroyed after the “100 reset accident.” The 100 reset accident was with our au “N/ATale” it was soon corrupted then destroyed after 100 resets, “reset” is basically resetting time and sending it back but that doesn’t matter right now. As we look at the portal I drop the white string we followed and I walked toward the portal, I stand there looking into it in amazement at the white shimmering glow and black ring around it. I go to touch it but Genocide jerks my arm back holding on so I wouldn’t go threw the portal, “we don’t know where this leads, for all we know this could be dangerous!” He says letting my arm go and looking into the portal. I look at him then I take a step back the portal turning toward Pacifist as he stands there staring at the portal amazed by it as I am. I take a few more steps back and I take a step forward running into the portal with Genocide trying to stop me. As I hit the portal the air feels cool and I’m in some kind of black water. It was cold but soothing, it’s like I’m falling down but slowly ,like water, the white I can see at the top ,the opening to the portal, had started to close and another one opened at the bottom. I felt like I was in a bottomless pit ,but I wasn’t, I was in some kind of water maybe even the corruption from myself, or my deleted au. As I continue falling I start to feel tired, soon I fall asleep, I fell asleep....because I couldn’t breathe.

that’s the end of chapter 1 I will be making part 2 of chapter 1.
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