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Blood Moon: Rising Shadows

By GraceKat

Mystery / Fantasy


Dewkit is a normal ThunderClan cat. Born to Blizzardpeak and Silvermist, her life seems perfect, until the day she becomes an apprentice. Her apprenticeship is turned upside-down when she got hit on the Thunderpath. Now she turns to the other direction, the direction of blood, the direction of the blazing moon that awaits her...




Leader: Hazelstar—small gray-and-white she-cat with a lean, whippy tail

Deputy: Blizzardpeak—off-white tom with faint tabby stripes

Medicine Cat: Leafwing—pretty tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat


Oakshade—mottled brown tom with a black tail-tip and ear-tips

Apprentice, Fogpaw

Nightfeather—thin-furred black tom with a pale gray muzzle

Lionstrike—golden-brown tabby tom with thick fur around his neck

Cherryfrost—red-ginger she-cat with frosty blue eyes and a white muzzle and paws

Mistyshadow—pale blue-gray she-cat with brilliant blue eyes

Goldenclaw–dark chocolate-brown tom with wheat-yellow paws

Apprentice, Foxpaw

Emberstorm—orange tom with big dark ginger paws

Smoketail—long-haired sleek black tom with a long, fluffy tail

Apprentice, Wolfpaw

Petalflight—rose-cream furred she-cat with faded blue eyes

Apprentice, Splashpaw

Brackenstep—golden-brown tabby tom with a graying muzzle

Sunstream—golden tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws

Cloverfang—calico she-cat with green eyes and a long tail

Squirreltuft—flame-colored dark ginger she-cat with a plumy tail

Snowpetal—pure white she-cat with aqua blue eyes

Darkscar—black tom with shiny silver tabby stripes and a scarred pelt

Rosedust—pale pinkish-gray she-cat with glittering blue eyes

Juniperstrike—small black tabby she-cat with a short fluffy tail


Splashpaw—brown, golden, and black flecked she-cat with warm brown eyes

Foxpaw—handsome russet tom with a white tail-tip

Fogpaw—pale gray she-cat with bold, broad black stripes

Wolfpaw—pale gray tom with a white underbelly


Sparkfur—orange tabby (mother to Emberstorm’s kits: Flamekit, fiery ginger tabby tom-kit, Blazekit, pale ginger tom-kit with one black paw, and Copperkit, light brown-and-dark ginger she-kit)

Silvermist—light silver coat (mother to Blizzardpeak’s kits: Dewkit, slender silver-and-black tabby she-kit, and Swankit, sleek white she-kit with silver markings)


Frostwhisker—big white tom with long, drooping whiskers

Poppystem—tortoiseshell she-cat with a once-beautiful dappled coat

Mothwind—frail dusty brown she-cat with long legs


Leader: Pebblestar—dark gray tabby tom with a white mark on his chest

Deputy: Crowtalon—jet-black tom with unusually long front claws

Medicine Cat: Marshfoot—dark brown tabby tom with a twisted paw

Apprentice: Briarleaf: misty gray she-cat


Ravenfeather—feathery-furred black tom

Jaggedtail—black-and-white tom with a spiky-furred tail

Apprentice, Cedarpaw: dark gray tabby tom

Falconwing—brown-and-white tom

Russetdawn—ginger tabby she-cat with pale ginger swirls

Nutfall—brown tom

Badgerface—black-and-white tom with a striped face

Rowanflame—dark ginger tom with a scar on his face


Leader: Swiftstar—swift dark gray-black tom with a long tail

Deputy: Willowfrost—very pale gray she-cat

Medicine Cat: Slatestone—dark blue-gray tom with a ringed tail


Kestrelwind—dappled cinnamon she-cat

Sedgewing—pale, marbled cream-furred tom

Sleetsong—pale gray she-cat with blue-gray patches

Tawnypetal—mottled pale tortoiseshell she-cat

Crowshadow—short-tailed black tom

Hareleap—pale gray-and-white tom

Gorsespots—thin gray tom with smudgy brown spots


Leader: Reedstar—slick, dark brown tom with golden markings

Deputy: Ottercreek—slender light brown tabby she-cat with a torn ear

Apprentice, Finchpaw: reddish-brown she-cat

Medicine Cat: Troutshine—patchy she-cat with different shades of gray on her pelt

Apprentice, Lakepaw: silver-and-white she-cat


Stormwhisker—gray tabby tom

Apprentice, Salmonpaw: pinkish-gray tom

Minnowstream—small smoky black she-cat

Shimmerwing—shimmery silver she-cat 

Pikeclaw—long-haired silver-gray tom with white chest fur

Apprentice, Ripplepaw: handsome oily silver-and-black tom

Feathershine—glossy snow-white she-cat

Dustwillow—pale ginger tom with fur that gets darker on the sides

Blacktail—white tom with a pitch-black tail and dark silver flecked eyes

Apprentice, Skypaw: pale blue-gray she-cat

Spottedfern—white she-cat with ginger patches

Leopardstripe—young golden tabby tom with tawny stripes

Shellfur—pale gray tom with thin white flecks


The moon shone brightly in the sky, giving off beams of silvery light. A light silver tabby leaned into the shoulder of her mate, purrs racking her body. “I have something very special to tell you, my love,” she meowed, glancing at her slightly swollen stomach. She hesitated for a moment, before plunging right in. “Blizzardpeak, I’m expecting your kits.”

“That’s wonderful, Silvermist!” the off-white tom exclaimed, nuzzling his mate’s cheek. “Our kits will be perfect, beautiful and clever like you, strong and handsome like me...” Blizzardpeak puffed out his chest. “I can’t believe I’m going to be a father! Ever since Oakshade and Nightfeather said I would never have kits, I always believed them.” He cracked a smile. “But it turns out they’re wrong. Oakshade and Nightfeather are the ones who don’t have kits.” Blizzardpeak chuckled softly, before raising his head to lap at Silvermist’s ears. The warm, strong rasps of his tongue moved quickly down the silver warrior’s back, cleaning her pelt thoroughly. “Do you know when the kits are due?”

“In about a moon,” Silvermist answered, her voice almost a murmur. She wrapped her tail around her paws and bent down to press her nose to her stomach. “Hear me, little kits? I am your mother, and with the power of a mother’s love, I will promise to love you, forever and always.” Her paws ached with such love that she thought she might burst with the deep feeling. With Blizzardpeak by her side, she felt as if she could handle anything, and that was how she felt about her kitting, only moments of heartwarming love.

"Leafwing!" Cherryfrost hurried into the medicine den, tripping over the medicine cat's fluffy tortoiseshell-and-white tail. "Silvermist's kits are coming! She's feeling pains and we need your help!" Leafwing awoke at once, her pelt ruffled. She got up and shook the sleep out of her fur, snatched up a few herbs on her way, and dashed out of the medicine den at a surprisingly fast speed.

 The two cats pushed their way into the nursery, which was protected by a wall of a brambles. A milky smell and a dim, warm atmosphere greeted them as they stepped into the den. A weak wail of pain came from the back of the nursery, followed by soothing murmurs. Silvermist lay in a deep nest of moss and heather, lined with a couple fern leaves. Her wails of pain, pierced Leafwing's heart, and the medicine cat pawed a strong stick toward the queen. Silvermist blinked at it blearily for a moment, before stretching her head forward and grabbing the stick in her jaws. It creaked, but didn't splinter, much to Leafwing's relief. 
"Is she going to be okay?" Blizzardpeak asked anxiously, lapping frantically at Silvermist's heaving flank. The off-white tabby tom curled up next to his mate, lifting his chin defiantly. "And if you tell me to leave, I just want you to know, I never will." His eyes softened as he gazed down at Silvermist. "I'll never leave her. She'll always be by side." 
Leafwing's gaze would've melted by then, if she knew that her duty as a medicine cat was to make sure Silvermist's kits were perfectly fine, and that wouldn't happen with Blizzardpeak so close to her. "Leave," Leafwing ordered, her voice hinting a growl. "If you want your kits to be 'perfect,' then do what I said, or one of them might come out the wrong way. Blizzardpeak let out a sigh through gritted teeth, and padded out of the den, casting a last, longing glance at Silvermist. 
When the deputy had exited the den, Leafwing pressed her paws to the silver queen's flank as it convulsed, causing Silvermist to shudder, sinking deeply into the moss of her nest. The ThunderClan medicine cat waited until another contraction gripped the queen, watching with pity as the silver tabby's eyes rolled with pain. With a grunt of exertion and a high-pitched screech from Silvermist, Leafwing thrust down on the spot where the spasms had gripped her. A tiny kit slid onto the nest, mewling pitifully, its front paws churning. It latched onto Silvermist's belly and began to suckle. The silver queen watched her first kit lovingly, her eyes shining like the bright stars in the night sky. Then another spasm gripped her, causing Silvermist to growl with pain. A yowl of joy came from Leafwing as another little life was brought into the world. The medicine cat watched the two kittens suckle for a moment, before heading out of the nursery, satisfied with a job well done. 
"Blizzardpeak!" Leafwing called as she squeezed out of the entrance in the bramble walls. "Come see your kits!" The tabby tom looked up from his furious pacing; he had been distraught with the painful wails of his mate. With a quick nod of thanks, Blizzardpeak made his way into the nursery. The scent of milk touched his nose, and gasping with delight, he bounded toward Silvermist, sniffing his kits. It was the most perfect scent in the world. 
His firstborn was a sleek white she-kit. Her ears were flattened against her head and she had silver markings on her pelt that looked as if they had been colored by StarClan itself. The second kit was slightly smaller, with a finely shaped head and a silver-and-black pelt. Her tiny little paws were rested under her chin and her plumy tail was sticking straight up in the air. Blizzardpeak let out a drowsy purr. "What shall we name them?"
Silvermist gazed down at her kits, her eyes full of emotion. "Our firstborn is named Swankit," she breathed, nuzzling the little she-kit. "Her white coat looks just like a swan's, the color of fresh snow falling to the ground."
"What about the silver-and-black one?" Blizzardpeak flicked his snow-colored tail-tip over the second she-kit. "I was thinking of Silverkit, so she can have your name." He stared thoughtfully at his second-born kit. "Or maybe Featherkit...?"
"I want all of our kits to be their own cat," Silvermist murmured. "What about Mistykit or Shimmerkit? They're a bit more RiverClan, though, and I don't think we want that. How about—"
"I know!" Blizzardpeak suddenly meowed. "We can name her Dewkit! That's the perfect name!" He licked the two she-kit's heads. "This is what we've always wanted: a perfect family..." As the dawn sky began to make way for the rising sun, a pale beam of sunlight shone into the nursery, directly on Dewkit, which caused the she-kit to mewl, clawing at the air. Blizzardpeak touched his cheek to Silvermist's, relaxing as he felt her warm breath wreathing around him. He didn't even lift his head as an ominous tone mewed from above.
"They may appear to be perfect and beautiful, but one will turn its paws to another direction, to the blood of the sky..."
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