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Dancing with the Traitor


A quiet life disturbed by the destiny that was kept away from her.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

“βαρεθεί”. That’s what I wrote on my table. It meant bored. For some reason, I knew how to write in Ancient Greek. I never really questioned it. Maybe I was born a genius. Or whatever. But here I was in class with the teacher who talked impressively slow. With this ADHD, it felt like hours had gone by. My feet and arms were restless, they tapped on the floor and desk rapidly as the lesson went by. I wanted to sprint 5 miles, but we still had half an hour to go. I checked my watch multiple times and finally, the bell rang, I made a beeline toward the door when, “Ms. Carter,” called the teacher.

“Yes, Mr. McCrouter?” I said as I shuffled my way to his desk.

“Ms. Carter I noticed you do not pay attention to my class. I know it is the last day of school, but it’s still as important as any school day. Everything else aside, is there a problem, at home or somewhere? You know the counselor’s door is always open right?”

“No, sir. It’s just I know everything you’ve taught us beforehand. I remember everything I hear.” “I trust you on that, you have always been at the top of your class. I guess there was nothing to worry about. I’m sorry for taking your time.”

“Yeah, no, it’s fine.” I insisted.

I walked out the door and heard snickers. I turned to my left and saw the three wannabe queens. Maddy, Lily, and Amy. The girls wore matching clothes, black crop-tops and pink skirts that were above knee length, and white sneakers. They all look alike, hair tied back with a ribbon, same complexion, and they were consistently thought as sisters [which they despised for some reason]. It was hard to believe they weren’t sisters.

“Get in trouble, dork?” said Amy with her lips lifted into a smirk.

“No, Amy. He just asked a question.” I clarified.

“Tch, don’t give a care.”

“If you don’t give a care, stop talking to me.”

“What’s the fun in that?”

The three girls snickered and that pushed me to my limit. I wanted to humiliate them like they did to me. But no one was around and I can’t get in trouble, my father would give me a lecture that I should be wiser and stay away from doing stupid things, so I muttered a curse in Ancient Greek, then Amy abruptly turned into a crow right before my eyes. My brain did not get to process what just happened. Maddy and Lily screamed louder than Black Canary. The two girls frantically shouted for help.

My eyes turned wide. I ran away, panicked. I felt bad for leaving but I didn’t know what else to do. Mr. McCrouter came out of the classroom, but by the time he did, I was too far gone. As I ran, an impossible thought came across my mind: I turned Amy into a crow. If I somehow turned her into a crow, I won’t know how to do whatever I did. I just got a feeling I did that. How am I so sure it was me?. It could’ve been anyone, albeit I didn’t see anyone around.

Are curses even real? I guess anything was possible with Amy turning into a crow.

I exited the main entrance, letting my feet take wherever it may take me.

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