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Glee - Complete Discography


Lists of every single existing Glee track! (760 Songs + Other Versions) BONUS - Mister Monotony STUDIO LIVE 1. Don’t Stop Believin’ - Rachel/Finn 2. Dog Days Are Over 3. Chemical Romance - Sing 4. I’m A Slave 4 U 5. Fat Bottomed Girls 6. I Want To Hold Your Hand 7. Ain’t No Way 8. P.Y.T. [Pretty Young Thing] 9. Born This Way 10. Firework 11. Teenage Dream 12. Silly Love Songs 13. Raise Your Glass - Season 2 14. Happy Days Are Here Again / get Happy 15. Lucky 16. River Deep, Mountain High 17. Forget You 18. Don’t Rain On My Parade - Rachel 19. Jessie’s Girl 20. Valerie - Season 2 21. Loser Like Me 22. Safety Dance 23. Queen - Somebody To Love 24. Empire State Of Mind

Lindsey Brainard
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Season 1

1. On My Own (Special)

2. Can’t Fight This Feeling

3. Rehab

4. Leaving On A Jet Plane

5. Gold Digger

6. Push It

7. I Say A Little Prayer

8. Take A Bow

9. Mercy

10. Bust Your Windows

11. I Wanna Sex You Up

12. Taking Chances

13. Maybe This Time

14. Alone

15. Last Name

16. Queen - Somebody To Love

17. It’s My Life / Confessions Part II

18. Halo / Walking On Sunshine

19. Hate On Me

20. No Air

21. You Keep Me Hangin’ On

22. Bust A Move

23. Thong Song

24. Sweet Caroline

25. I Could Have Danced All Night

26. Dancing With Myself

27. Proud Mary

28. Endless Love

29. Don’t Stand So Close To Me / Young Girl

30. Crush

31. [You’re] Having My Baby

32. Lean On Me

33. Bootylicious

34. Don’t Make Me Over

35. Papa Don’t Preach

36. Hair / Crazy In Love

37. Imagine

38. True Colors

39. Charlie Chaplain - Smile

40. Jump

41. Lily Allen - Smile

42. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

43. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

44. My Life Would Suck Without You

45. Hello, I Love You

46. Gives You Hell

47. Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love (Special)

48. Hello

49. Highway To Hell

50. Hello, Goodbye

51. Express Yourself

52. Borderline / Open Your Heart

53. Vogue

54. Like A Virgin

55. 4 Minutes

56. What It Feels Like For A Girl

57. Like A Prayer

58. Burning Up

59. Fire

60. A House Is Not A Home

61. One Less Bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home

62. Beautiful

63. Stephanie Mills - Home

64. Physical

65. Ice Ice Baby

66. U Can’t Touch This

67. Run Joey Run

68. Jessie’s Girl

69. Lady Is A Tramp

70. The Boy Is Mine

71. Rose’s Turn

72. One

73. Dream On

74. Safety Dance

75. I Dreamed A Dream

76. Dream A Little Dream

77. Funny Girl

78. Bad Romance

79. Shout It Out Loud

80. Beth

81. Poker Face

82. Another One Bites The Dust

83. Tell Me Something Good

84. Loser

85. It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

86. Good Vibrations

87. Give Up The Funk

88. Faithfully

89. Any Way You Want It / Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’

90. Bohemian Rhapsody

91. To Sir, With Love

92. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

93. Cellophane

94. Le Freak

95. Pink Houses

96. Poison

97. Respect

98. Ride Wit Me

99. This Is How We Do It

100. For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow

101. What A Girl Wants

102. That’s The Way I Like It / Shake Your Booty

103. Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ The Boat

104. Cabaret

105. Journey To Regionals

106. When You’re Smiling

107. Where Is Love?
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