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Resident Evil: The Fallen Crown


In 2014, Claire Redfield, one of the top TerraSave agents is tasked to London, England to present TerraSave to the UK Government in order to become the first prevention team in the case of a bio-terror event, following the A-Virus outbreak in New York. During this trip, Claire once again becomes embroiled in a hell on earth situation, as the T-Virus is leaked into the regal City of London. Claire has to find the her resilience, survival instincts and strength to once again survive this horror...

Horror / Scifi
Jamie Szabó
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“So, by having your support for our organisation, we can solidify the start of a worldwide wall protecting everybody from the atrocities of bio terrorism. Thank you".

Claire felt like she made an obvious case to the UK government as it is meant for the safety of the public. After all the shit the world has seen, TerraSave has stepped up its presence to not only aid after a bio-terror event but also prevent them, and Claire is a big part in that.

Claire stepped down from the podium to a chorus of applause and was greeted by her assistant Miley. "Good job Claire, think you got through to them" Miley whispered with a smile,

“I think they’re seeing where you’re coming from”.

“Let’s hope hey” Claire smiled. “The UK is very security tight so I can understand why they feel they don’t need us, but bio-terrorism does not discriminate”.

Claire and Miley have been working together for the last year now. Miley initially joined TerraSave as an intern during her second year of political studies and during her placement, she became enthralled with TerraSave’s work. Not only because it was fascinating how a group of people have come together to be albeit, superheroes, but also because of Miley’s internal moral compass kept pointing her in TerraSave’s direction.

Claire tighten her ponytail and took her seat with Miley at her side and picked out her phone from her red handbag. Claire tapped in the code to her iPhone and saw the red numbered dot on her WhatsApp icon. Claire smiled warmly. She instantly knew who it was.

Hey girl. Hope you had a safe flight. Just a reminder that you a are fucking awesome woman and give the UK hell. P.S say hi to the Queen for me! 😊 Will call you later xxx

Moira is the best.

Since the hell they went through on Alex Wesker’s island a few years back, the women formed an unbreakable bond. They were close before, but after that ordeal, they practically became sisters. Claire and Moira worked together several times since the incident, and Claire has learned that in less stressful situations, Moira is as bubbly and sewer mouthed as she was then.

Part of her charm. Could not imagine Moira any other way.

Claire responded to Moira’s text and waited for the secretary of defence to summon her to his office for a more informal one-on-one conversation.

Claire always had a image of the Brits to hold such regal elegance, with a stiff upper lip and articulate themselves like they were all bred from the queen. So far, the government officials that she has come across have done a good job in living up to that stereotype.

“Miss Redfield, Mr Wilson will see you now” Mr Wilson’s assistant Mrs Brown said in the most archaic voice Claire had ever heard. Claire gathered her things and turned to Miley, who was sat next to the left of her looking through a red diary.

Why don’t you grab us a couple of iced ventis or something, keep your legs moving” Claire said softly.

“Sure, you want the vanilla or the gingerbread one?” Miley asked.

“Surprise me” Claire winked, and started towards Mr Wilson’s office with Mrs Brown.

Claire is so fucking cool. She always makes me feel like I am doing okay, even if I feel like I’m doing so crappy.

There was no doubt that Miley idolized Claire. From the day that Miley started, Claire instantly took the young woman under her wing. Besides the fact that she was scared as hell on her first day, she ventured into something she had no idea about. TerraSave was a good basis to understand all the political issues around the world. However, Miley soon learnt, that all the political issues made up a small chunk of TerraSave’s time. There were more ‘pressing’ matters that often stole their time from dealing with these issues, and in some cases, time from their lives. Miley knew about all the incidences that TerraSave have been involved in and certainly the horrible nightmares that Claire has faced countless times. Yet after all that, Claire still came across as so nurturing and well...cool. It really says something about Claire’s resilience and that is exactly why Miley was more than happy to work beside her. That is something Claire always reminded Miley of. Yes, she was Claire’s assistant, but Claire never made her feel beneath her.

Beside, not under, Claire always says.

Miley just got to go all over the world and connect with people on some many levels with someone who just felt like her buddy. That was the best part of her job, and one day she was will be like Claire. She is learning from the best.

Miley ticked off the Government meeting in Claire’s diary, slapped the diary shut, tucked it away and scooped up her bag to go and purchase some iced ventis that would surely be needed after this was over.

“Miss Redfield, surely you can understand. We have a plethora of defence within this country due to the non-bio-terror incidences we have faced in the past, we have never experienced a bio-terror event, and even if we did, we have the BSAA for that, we would be merely throwing money down the toilet…no offence”.

None taken you pompous ass...

“I understand that, but your forces are not armed to deal with bio-terror events, anyone can get hold of any samples that have been released around the world in the last decade. Did you see what happened in New York last year? Spain in 2004? India 2005? These are examples of back street terrorists getting hold of a horrible pathogens and selling them to someone who wants a shot at world domination, it could literally be anyone” Claire said passionately. The BSAA are funded to aid during an event and TerraSave help during the rebuilding stages, but there is no-one in the initial stages to prevent the event from happening in the first place”.

Mr Wilson frowned slightly that made his two bushy eyebrows almost touch and tapped his thumb rapidly on his desk.

“Miss Redfield, I watched your presentation which was very informative, and you came across brilliantly, therefore I invited you to my office. However, I do need to consider the situation by a whole Margaux, as what you are presenting to me, could possibly change the security of England” Mr Wilson informed.

Claire could tell Mr Wilson understood what she is saying, but he has never seen a bio-terror event or even experienced one.

He wants to understand I can see it…

Mr Wilson swivelled in his chair and poured himself a coffee. He looked at Claire with raised eyebrows as if asking her if she would like a coffee.

“Oh no thank you, I have someone grabbing me one” Claire smiled.

Claire wondered where the conversation was going now. She gave Mr Wilson a minute or two to think about what she was saying. In the meantime, she was politely sizing him up. He was a slender man who looked like he had fought a few battles in his time. With all the pressed wrinkles sitting on his forehead. He was very immaculate with his dress sense. He had classic pinstripe grey suit on and a black tie draped under the jacket. He had piercing wet looking blue eyes. They looked as if he was always deep in thought. Claire could tell he was a good man, but he just did not understand something that he has never experienced.

“Claire I can tell you have your heart in the right place and I am trying to understand this scenario that you speak of, however please give me some time to consider your standing and I will endeavour to reconvene with you” Mr Wilson said in a proper manner. Claire felt deflated and looked at the floor. Then sprung her head back up and stuck out her hand.

“Thank you, Mr Wilson, I understand. One thing I failed to mention to you is, I have experienced all these events that we speak of. Take it from me. Better to be safe than sorry” Claire said softly but matter of fact. Claire tightened her grip on Mr Wilson’s hand.

Mr Wilson looked at her and Claire could tell he was taken by what he was reading in her eyes. The horror, the fear and the distain for the people who created these situations. Mr Wilson nodded at Claire and she left.

As Claire walked out of the Houses of Parliament, she grabbed for her phone to call Miley to find out where she was. You would think that Claire would feel alien being in a country that felt completely different to what she was used to, but in fact she was used to it. Just as she grabbed her phone, Miley appeared from the corner carrying a cup holder with two plastic cups in. Claire raised her head and could see the cream on top of one and knew it was hers.

“Thanks sweetie” Claire smiled.

“So, did we get it?” Miley asked in a way that reminded her of Moira.

“Maybe…possibly, I think. If he really heard me then I think we will be definitely talking to him again” Claire said.

“Woo, kudos to you Claire! Maybe we should go and celebrate later, seeing as we now have two days off to enjoy London!” Miley said excitedly.

“Hey, you, you are not even legal yet, don’t you try that one missy!” Claire said poking fun.

“See that’s where you are wrong Claire Redfield because in this country, you have to be eighteen to enjoy the fruits of life and I am twenty” Miley joked, then walked briskly in front of Claire, dropped her left shoulder, flew back her flowing blonde hair, and winked back at Claire.

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