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Resident Evil: The Fallen Crown

Character Profiles

Claire Redfield
35-year-old TerraSave member. She is Miley’s mentor and acts like Claire’s little sister. Claire has been through a lot since the Raccoon City incident and this has made her, a well-rounded, down to earth individual who will always fight for what is right. Claire’s brother, Chris currently works with BSAA. They both play their parts in curbing bioterrorism. Claire is once again caught up in a bioterror event, but this time, Claire might have reached the end of the tunnel as she continues to watch the ones she loves, and innocents die because of it. This story will truly test Claire’s emotional stamina and show her what she is made of.

Miley Lovell
20-year-old TerraSave member. She is Claire’s assistant and protégé. Miley looks up to Claire like a big sister, which comes easily to Miley as she does not have any siblings. Miley grew up in a loving home where her parents tended to her every need but taught her to be a good person in life. Miley likes to enjoy life and use every experience to find out more about the world and the people that live in it. She is driven to get to where she wants to in her career, but also likes to let loose and enjoy life, living up to the saying ‘work hard, play hard’.

Alison Courts
42-year-old TerraSave member and Claire’s line manager. Alison is very intense and can lose the sense of humility. This is down to her passion in making the world the way it should be, where people don’t have to fear that a monster will come crashing through their door one day. Alison has a lot of respect for Claire due to her experience and trusts her judgement.

Michael Stepenson
32-year-old bouncer of Bar Soho. Claire comes across Michael while dining out with Miley, while he acts as security of the bar. Claire builds a friendship with Michael as she asks Michael to watch out for Miley while she is drinking with friends. Michael is a very large man with boulder shoulders and towers over any person he comes across. Michael has a very gentle nature in contrast to his size I and looks after people who are more naïve. Claire and Michael clash in this story during the outbreak as they have different views on how terrorists should be handled.

Andy Matthews
19-year-old student at university. Andy is married to Reece. Miley meets them while on a night out in Soho. Andy studies performing arts at university to become a actor in Eastenders. Andy is the boisterous but fiercely loyal person in the couple. He has bravery that would make the Queen knight him. Andy is well known for wearing pink. He wears it as it makes him feel who he is.

Reece Matthews
19-year-old supervisor in a retail store. Reece is married to Andy. Reece is dedicated to becoming a chef, but takes a role as supervisor in a retail store called New Look, as he has worked there since he was 17 and knew the store inside out. Reece practices his cooking skills while at home. One day, he wants to create his own cooking channel on YouTube. Reece is the more laid back of the couple and says that he puts more energy into positive things than negative.

Shawn Burnett
A shady character that no-one knows about. Shawn is the catalyst of the outbreak that London experiences.

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