The Voyage Into Black Hole


What if this impossibility turns possible? What could life after surviving a black hole’s gravitational pull be like, The Journey to the Impossible? or The End? What could be the troubles surviving it for an ordinary mankind? Or what if it’s a fantasy? Can he meet the mythical creatures? Come experience this unimaginable fantasy.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Voyage 1

“Tin,” a new notification just pop out. Eliza took her iPhone and read the message.

“What? Wh.. wha...” Eliza’a eyes and chicks turned red. Tear drops started dropping unstoppably. She lost her control and ren down to see her mom.

“Mom!” She screamed her lungs out.

“What dear?” Her mom mrs. Steve asked in anxiety.

“Mom...” Eliza had difficulty breathing.

“Calm down dear, now tell me... what happened?”

“Mom, d.. dad..,” she shared the information to her mom.

Her mom froze for a minute and her face turned red. Eliza gave her some space by moving out of there. Eliza slowly sat on the sofa and thinks back further to a distance time in her past.

1 year back....

Eliza sent his dad a message, “Dad, you’re coming to my birthday this year right? Please don’t give any excuses!”

After a few seconds, she received a message. Eliza was very excited but the message was from NASA. ‘Mr. Steve has accepted our mission to explore space. A group of members are heading towards the space next week. Our mission is expected to be completed in 2 years’.

Eliza was heartbroken for a second, but the moment she realise her dad is about make her family and her country proud, she began to feel happy and proud instead.

“Mr. Steve we’ve informed your family members, you might want to have a moment with them,” said the manager of NASA.

“Sure” Steve replied

Ring... ring...

“Dad, how are you?” Eliza inquired happily.

“I’m fine dear, how are you? and Alice?”

“I’m fine, so is mom,”

“Well, I’m sorry dear I won’t be able to make it up to your birthdays,”

“It’s fine I can understand”

“Sweet, I love you both”

“We love you too dad, bye, take care”

By Kuhan

Let me know what you think I’m the comment section💝

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