The Quiet Boy (Attempt 2)


Eddie is a new kid...he's deaf, Richie is well known, he's a goofball... They are in highschool You'll see....this is the second time I'm trying this so yah

Adventure / Humor
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Eddie woke up in his new bedroom and grabbed his hearing aid case and opened it up, he put his hearing aids on and turned them on sleepily, he got out of bed and opened his door, he rang a small bell to signal to his mother he was awake walking to the bathroom, he used the bathroom, brushed his teeth and fixed his hair. After leaving the restroom and getting dressed he walked downstairs and grabbed a water bottle, he opened a cabinet and took his medicine, he walked to the living room where his mom was and hugged her signing 'goodbye' and 'love you'. Eddie left his house and began walking to school.

"Shut up Richard!" Stanley yelled as he and his best friend Richie walked to school. Richie chuckled softly and threw his arm over Stanley's shoulder "Ya know, I saw you carving some initials up there on the bridge yesterday" he smirked. Stanley turned bright red and punched Richie "Shut up Asshole that Wasnt me!" he groaned. Richie chuckled and turned around walking backward "Oh come on Staniel! I saw you!! It's okay, who's initials?" Richie smirked "Billy Boy?" he raised an eyebrow. "Rich-" Stanley's eyes grew wide as Richie bumped into someone causing him to fall. "Shit!" Richie groaned standing fixing his glasses, he looked down at the other boy he had run into "Shit! Hey, sorry about that" Richie chuckled softly helping the boy up. The boy stood up and smiled nodding 'It's okay' he signed. Richie looked at Stanley slowly and turned back to the boy noticing him wearing hearing aids "Oh, Stan he's Deaf!" Richie chuckled softly. Stanley Punched Richie's arm "Stop being an Asshole!" he rolled his eyes. The boy's eyes watered and he walked away quickly. "Look what you did Asshole!!" Stanley sighed. Richie walked after the boy and caught up quickly "Hey, I'm sorry... I wasn't trying to be rude! It's just cool, um Stan knows sign language!! Im Richie, by the way! Im really sorry...please don't cry" Richie said quickly. The boy stopped and looked at Richie, he grabbed a small notebook that fits in his pocket and wrote Im Eddie, it's nice to meet you. Richie read as he wrote and smiled softly "Cool" he said softly. "Dude we are gonna be late for school," Stanley said as he approached both of them 'Im Stanley, that's Richie! He's an idiot' Stanley signed smiling softly. Eddie smiled softly and looked at his watch ' school!' he signed. "Come on Rich" Stanley sighed and walked with both Richie and Eddie to school.

Richie ran up to his friend Bill and pulled him away from his other friends" I think Stan carved your's and his initials into the kissing bridge!" he smirked. Bill's eyes went wide and he smiled softly "R-Really!?". Richie winked and walked to Eddie almost tripping "Fuck!" he fixed up his glasses and smiled " can hear?" Richie asked. Eddie nodded and smiled softly. Richie nodded and smiled "Do you uh...have a schedule?" he asked walking with Eddie into the school. Eddie nodded and pulled his schedule out from his pocket and smiled "I'll show you around" he said softly. He showed Eddie around quickly and told them what classes they had together and where they sat in lunch. Eddie nodded and smiled, 'Thanks' he mouthed. Richie nodded and left Eddie at his first block "We can no..over, uh You'll see me!" Richie smiled "I'll see you later" he said softly walking to his class. Eddie nodded and walked into the classroom and looked around for an empty seat, he sat down in an empty isolated seat and sighed.

The teacher walked in and looked at everyone "Okay, we have a new student today! can you stand up please?" she looked at Eddie. Eddie stood up nervously and looked down. Everyone turned to look at Eddie waiting for him to say something. "okay...what's your name sweetie?" the teacher asked softly. Eddie sighed and grabbed a piece of paper from his backpack and walked to the front of the class handing the teacher the paper. The teacher read the paper and nodded "Oh, okay I'm sorry" she said softly "Everyone this is Eddie, he has hearing loss, but he does have hearing aid's that help him hear" she said softly. Some of the kids chuckled and joked about it making fun of the sign language. Eddie looked down and took the paper from the teacher walking back to his seat.

A red auburn-haired girl walked into the classroom and sighed sitting in her seat "What's your name?" she asked Eddie, which was who she sat next to. Eddie looked at the girl and handed her the paper he had given to the teacher. Beverly nodded slowly and smiled "Cool," she said softly "Im Beverly, Beverly Marsh" she smiled. Eddie nodded and looked to the front of the classroom.

(Time skip because nobody cares about: x^2+x-42=y...literally nobody)

- After class -

Eddie packed up his things and walked out of the classroom with Beverly who was getting more into depth about herself so that he knew she was a cool ass fucking person. Beverly walked up to Richie and jumped on his back "Can I have your homework for math please?" she smiled. Richie groaned and moved around quickly "Get off me fat ass!" he whined. Beverly chuckled and jumped off of Richie's back and rolled her eyes "Oh! Guys this is Eddie! He has hearing loss but he can still hear, so DON'T be an asshole, Richard!" she sighed. Richie looked at Eddie and smiled softly "I know idiot! I met him before you" Richie he rolled his eyes and looked at Eddie "So, how was math?" he asked pulling his backpack off his shoulders, he unzipped his backpack and pulled out a piece of paper, and handed it to Beverly. Eddie nodded and mouthed 'good'. Richie smiled and threw his arm over Eddie's shoulders gently "Well losers! Me and mah new best friend gotta get to History! Sorry, Satan you lost your place!" Richie smirked at Stanley and walked away with Eddie.

"Hey Fag" Henry Bowers said pushing Richie up against a locker. Richie groaned and looked at Henry bowers "Fuck off Hairy Ballsack!" Richie yelled which was a name he would call Henry. "What did you say?" Henry turned around and raised his eyebrows "I told you not to call me that you fucking faggot!" Henry groaned walking closer to Richie, he looked at Eddie quickly and smirked "You got yourself a fucking boyfriend huh?". Richie stood in front of Eddie and looked at Henry "God your breath smells like your dad's sweaty fucking balls" Richie groaned. Henry groaned and swung to hit Richie. Richie quickly ducked and pushed Eddie out of the way so he wouldn't get hit. "TOZIER! BOWERS! CUT IT OUT" The gym coach yelled after running up to them. Richie smirked and looked at Eddie who had a terrified expression on his face "Hey, it's alright okay? He's an asshole but we're fine okay?" Richie smiled softly and walked with Eddie to his class.

~^^ This chapter is the first...and it's sorta similar to what I had on my first attempt except that was more fanon Reddie...I'm gonna try to keep this super fucking canon...oh did you see that three-letter word? let me just-






There ya go! Anyway...yeah I hope that this is good... it's definitely better than the first version of this book and I have more of an idea of how I want this book to go and how I want things to end when that time comes.

Also, I put a few books on hold because I am extremely stuck on them and hopefully things get better with what's going on but yeah! Thank you guys for all the support and stuff and you guys stay safe love yall^^~

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