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Blind Love


A tragedy shook up his life. But she stood beside him to make his life feel as normal as possible, which rightly proved that 'Love is blind, indeed!'

Sakshi K.
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Blind Love


Life is unpredictable, indeed!

Gauri stood in front of the ICU of the hospital as she saw his body attached with numerous wires and tunes.

Just today morning, he came to pick her up from her house to drop her off to her office. And now, he is sleeping like a lifeless body!

She met Omkara in college and eventually they became very close friends. As they had similar thinking, they gelled up easily with each other and it took no time for love to blossom.

Omkara decided to create his own gallery instead of joining his father's company. Whereas, Gauri got a job as a director at a renowned interior designing company.

There had been many conflicts between Omkara and his father. But Gauri never failed to provide him as much love as possible. She, being an orphan, very well knew that what parents meant. But, looking at Omkara working so hard to achieve his dream of becoming a top artist used to stop her.

She was shocked to the hell when she heard that Oberoi Mansion was on fire due to short circuit.

Unfortunately, Omkara's parents could not be saved. But somehow, Omkara got out of the house but had serious injuries and burns.

Seeing him in such a critical condition made her heart wretch strongly. She kept her hand on the glass door and hoped that he would be fine. Also, she thought what would she tell him about his parents! Will he be able to bear the blow?!

Few hours later, when she saw Omkara opening his eyes, she was on the cloud nine.

Omkara felt someone caressing his forehead and he knew that it is Gauri. He gently held her hand.

"Gauri, why are you sitting in darkness? Switch on the light, baby!"

She panicked!

"Om, light is on!"

"What? But, I am unable to see anything!"

She immediately called the doctor and after checking up, she got to know that the retina and the cornea of his eyes had serious burns.

"I will not be able to see anymore, right Gauri?"

How can she answer him?

"No, Omkara! You'll be fine! I promise, nothing will happen to you!" She held his head close to her chest and cried silently.

After a long silence, she found him sleeping on her and cautiously put his head on the pillow.

She decided to pay a quick visit to his house. But when she entered the main gate of the house, she saw nothing but ash! Not only his entire house but his garden with a small pond, his inspiration also had collapsed into ashes. She kept her hand on her mouth for minifying the sob that escaped her throat.

The first thing Omkara remembered when he woke up was his parents and his house. He tried to get feel of Gauri's hand but found her nowhere.

"Gauri! Gauri, where are you?"

Gauri, who just entered the room heard him calling her and instantly went near him and held his hand in her.

"Gauri, tell me how is Mom and Dad? And our house? My garden and my pond? How's everything there?"

"Omkara..... Just calm down... Actually...ummm....Uncleji and Auntyji are....not.... They left us, Omkara..." She hugged him sobbing.

Hearing no response from him, she looked up at him and found him staring at a single point in front of him.

"They left me alone, Gauri! They left me.... All this happened because of me! If I would have listened my father, he would have been with me now.... God gave me a good punishment for disagreeing to them.... "

"No, Omkara! Nothing happened because of you! What has to happen, happens! We cannot change our destiny... It was an accident... You are not at fault here! Please, don't blame yourself!"

"No, Gauri... My father always used to say that I am of no use... which proved right today! I was unable to save them! I am a curse.... I am a bad omen for everyone! You too go away from me, Gauri! Your life will also get destroyed if you be with me! Go Gauri.... Go! Don't be with a useless creature like me!"

"Omkara... What are you saying? How can you even say me to go away?! You and I, we both know how much we love each other! And stop this nonsense! You are anything but useless! You are my life, Omkara! How will I be alive without you? I have nobody in this world except you! I love you so much, Omkara! And we will together get out of this tragedy! Just promise me that you will never ever talk such nonsense! We'll face this challenge and will be coming out of it winning! I have applied for an eye transplant for you. You get well soon..."

They remained in each others arms for a long time.

The next day, Omkara got discharged. So, as per Omkara's wish, they first went to Omkara's house.

"Is my garden and my pond okay, Gauri?"

"Yes, Omkara! It's absolutely fine... The fire extinguishers saved your garden and fishes in your pond are also fine." She lied, trying to be as normal as possible. She vowed to herself that before Omkara gets well, she'll bring back his garden and turn it into a brand new one.

"Did the rose blossom, Gauri? Yesterday morning, I was going to bring it for you but it had not fully blossomed..."

"Yes, Omkara! All your flowers are looking very beautiful, very fresh, just like they have bloomed now only! Especially, the red rose which you said..."

"And what about the lotuses in the pond?"

"They are too blooming... The fishes are also happily surrounding the blooming lotuses... This white one is just so beautiful."

After about ten minutes, Gauri hired a cab and they made their way to Gauri's house.

Gauri held his hand all the time, providing him the most needed warmth.

"I love you so much, Gauri! Thank you for being with me always! I may tough at times, but I know that for making me happy, you'll go to any extent! And I know, even if I don't get my vision back, you'll be my light for my entire life!"

He hugged her from side and she kept her head on his heart.

"But, there's a thing, Gauri! The roses were of Yellow colour and the lotuses of pink."

𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹

Jotted down this random OS in just two hours!

How was it, guys?

And do you want a happy sequel to this?

Do let me know about your thoughts....

Also, do inline comments 😁


P.s: No proof reading! Sorry for grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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