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Rejected (YoonMin)


She rejected both of them. A very short one-shot.

Romance / Other
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He sat down in the same seat since he started going to this University, one second later Yoongi sits down next to him. Jimin looks over for a second before saying.

Jimin: “I like your shoes”

Yoongi: “thanks” it was always like this, they would have the smallest of small talk. They both look up, their eyes immediately land on the girl that sits in front of them, they both have a crush on her, Lisa.

A few weeks later, they both were standing in front of her, both thinking the same thing, her possibly rejecting them.

Lisa: “I... am sorry, but I am seeing someone already” She says with a sad look as she really hopes she can be their friend. They would both talk to her and casually have a bit of small talk with each other.

Jimin: “can we know who you’re seeing?” Both Jimin and Yoongi wanted to know who stole this girl’s heart.

Lisa: “you know her, Jennie but don’t tell anyone, we want to keep it a secret until everyone figures it out”

It has been five days, both took it better than they thought. Jimin invited Yoongi to hang out with him and his friends. What he didn’t tell Yoongi was that it was a double date.

Jimin is pretty sure Yoongi figured it out, but since he has said nothing or tried to leave, Jimin didn’t worry about it.

After the date, nothing happened for three days. It turns out Yoongi was thinking of a way to ask him out.

Five Years Later

Jimin had been a teacher for three years, while Yoongi had started his own small company that is doing good. They are still just boyfriends, but both have marriage on their minds.

The End.

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