Bane of the Immortals: Effect of the Curse


The Prophecy A mistake made twice that was concealed The truth uncovered now revealed Order and Peace lost in the fight A secret to be found shall redeem first light In a place that lies beyond reality Will a war be won or lost for eternity Ever wonder what life for other demigods was like, after Trials of Apollo? Well then why don't you just read and find out for yourself. Whatever happened to Camp Half-Blood! Disclaimer: Most of the characters and their plots in this book are original and belong to mòi. And as it does take place after Trials of Apollo the other characters are rightfully owned by the one and only Rick Riordan. Cover was developed by.... Well the pictures I found them on the Internet but I designed it myself. Peace✌🏽

Jonah Miles
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Chapter 1: I Forget

How to breathe.

Because I blacked out. The last thing I saw was actually a face, it was mostly blurry but I could tell that it was a girl, she had dark and curly hair.

Out of the corner of my eye I could tell that she was wearing something that glowed with silver. She was kneeling over me.
After seeing the face, everything went

Let me guess, from the way this story has started you guys are probably wondering who is this guy and why does he start by saying I forget how to breathe. Well to clear up some of the air...

My name is Adrian Beck but my mom says that my dad would call me Bach. And until a month ago I hadn’t realized that part of my life wasn't real.

Anyway, back to what I was saying before.

After I blacked out, I had a dream.

Yeah anyone can have dreams, but this time it wasn’t a normal dream.

I was standing in a field of what was, strawberries? And further on in the distance I could see a big blue house, stables and what I think was a blacksmiths workshop.

Then dream shifted.

I found myself in a room. But room really isn’t the right word. The place was huge. Massive columns rose to a domed ceiling, which was gilded with moving constellations.

Whoever designed this really took the time to make sure that everything turned out right.

As I was marveling in the genius of the architecture, I was stopped in my thoughts by the sound of arguing. It was coming from the left side of the hall. I followed the shouting.

When I reached the end of the hall, the door was left ajar and so naturally I peeked in to see what was going on.

And I was in shock.

There in the middle of the gigantic room were Twelve thrones, built for beings the size of Giants. They were arranged in an inverted U. And sited in all of the thrones were some kind of beings.

I want to say they were people but they were too big to fit the description. The giant people each sat on their thrones, the thrones easily matched their personalities.

There was one who was standing, he had salt and pepper hair with rainy gray eyes that seemed stormier every second and his beard gray and black like a storm cloud was buzzing with electricity, … no wait lightning and he was shouting and threatening someone.

The guy he was threatening was the same size as the lightning guy but instead, he was seated down.

That guy also had a beard but his eyes were sea green like mine and he had this face that looked like the ocean: some days, it was calm, then other days, it was unpredictable, fierce. He had dark hair. He was wearing a shirt with Palm trees and coconuts on it with Khaki pocket filled shorts.

His hand was over his face and I figured his name was Poseidon cause that’s what the lightning guy called him.
And I could have been mistaken but I think I saw my aunt sited on one of the thrones.

“Really, again. I already despise that other one. Honestly, the real crime was assuring us that he was dead. Now you must pay” lightning guy said.

The lightning guy didn't look so much as angry but shifty as if there was more to that, but he didn't say.

“Zeus, let me clarify that i am not the only one in trouble here,..." Poseidon glared at Zeus who started shifting around nervously.

" must understand, she told me__”. Zeus cut in.

“There is nothing to understand, you will be punished for your actions…”

Then a woman with dark hair, grey eyes and armor over her robes holding a spear with a shield that had the most terrifying face I had ever seen stood up and spoke.

“My lord… as much as I don’t agree with Poseidon ever, like at all. What he speaks of is true… the Oracle of Delphi…”.

“Well it doesn’t matter if the Oracle of Delphi said it was true or not, I cannot allow such treachery, I will give Poseidon by the Summer Solstice to prove whether his assumptions are right and if not Poseidon will endure a grave punishment.”

Then my dream shifted, I was standing in a retirement home. And there were many old people but the ones that caught my eye were the three old ladies in a corner with a ball of yarn. One was rolling the yarn but the other was knitting it then the last one was cutting it.

I don't know but I could have sworn that when the third old lady cut the yarn I heard someone scream!!!!

I have never seen knitting look that creepy. One said

“The boy has been discovered and to claim his worth, he must save not himself but the others too.”

Their voices were scratchy like they hadn't talked in forever but the weird part was when I looked closer here mouths weren't moving. Was I hearing them in my mind? And why did it feel like they were looking into my soul?

Then another said.

“His fate has been decided, they can only hope that he remembers his past, unless their master…”
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